photo: Susie Raisher/NYRA

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the 2020 Kentucky Derby Monster Pod!!

PTF is joined by a series of guests to discuss every runner in this year’s Derby.

We start with a general overview with Jonathon Kinchen.

Then we have:

Matt Bernier on Thousand Words

Britney Eurton on Storm the Court

Benny Southstreet on Finnick the Fierce

Maggie Wolfendale on Tiz the Law

Mike McCarthy on Rushie

Frank McGoey on NY Traffic

Ashley Mailloux on Max Player

Frank Mirahmadi on Authentic

Naomi Tukker on Caracaro

Chris Fallica on King Guillermo

Nicole Neulist on Enforceable

Ed DeRosa on Art Collector

Nicole Schiveley on Major Fed

Duke Matties on Honor A.P.

Spencer Luginbuhl on Necker Island

Randy Moss on Dr. Post

Andie Biancone on Sole Volante

John Pinder on Winning Impression

Paul Matties on Attachment Rate

Jason Portuondo on Shirl’s Speight

This is the good stuff, folks.

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