Welcome to the 2023 Kentucky Derby Monster Pod, annually of our most popular pieces of content. In this episode you’ll find:

1:17 – Steve Crist on Forte

8:23 – Chris Andrews on Mage

18:55 – Michelle Yu on Practical Move

29:10 – Richie Migliore on Hit Show

33:25 – Maggie Morley on Raise Cain

43:44 – Dale Romans on Cyclone Mischief

47:54 – Jay Privman on Tapit Trice

57:26 – Sean Boarman on Verifying

1:02:39 – Frank McGoey on Two Phil’s

1:09:36 – Michael Adolphson on Continuar

1:18:12 – Tyler Whisman on Sun Thunder

1:30:07 – Naomi Tukker on Reincarnate

1:36:06 – Duke Matties on Skinner

1:41:33 – Randy Moss on Derma

1:50:19 – Brad Cox on Angel Of Empire

1:57:40 – Gabby Gaudet on Kingsbarns

2:02:44 – Marshall Gramm on Confidence Game

2:11:03 – Travis Stone on Disarm

2:18:09 – Eric DeCoster on Jace’s Road

2:23:12 – Sara Elbadwi on Rocket Can

2:28:30 – Jackson Muniz on Major Dude

You can also watch the video versions of this Monster Pod on YouTube, which has been split into three separate episodes.


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