Live at the Brentwood Season Finale — Kentucky Derby Recap

PTF is live at the Brentwood talking all things Derby with people from around the world. First up, pro horseplayer Mike Maloney, author of Betting With An Edge is here to talk about how he bet the race, what he thought of Paco Lopez’s riding, and who he thinks will win the rematch.

Then Emmet Kennedy of the Final Furlong Podcast drops by to give an international perspective and talk about the controversy surrounding this year’s race.

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  • Great insight from Mike Maloney. Redboarding is helping me improve my game. Discouraged like many as I singled Tiz but did play a small exacta for place with Authentic to recoup a portion of my overall bets. I learn more every week from the podcast. Fantastic show again as always.

  • hello ptf i did have 2 angles on this years derby 1 the jk angle if tiz looses than so do i the 2nd angle was the human angle let me explain a few months back johnny v split from his agent because of what johnny may or may not have said to the owners of tiz the law a 30 year friendship was broken and last i heard johnny v has not spoken to his ex agent since that time so i made a mental note that who ever johnny v ends up riding in the derby put a few $ on johnny v s horse i call that the human angle

  • On the Churchill feed, the changes for the Derby included front glue-on shoes for Tiz the Law. I have not heard or seen anything indicating whether that was indeed a change or, if so, what was behind it. Have you seen anything?

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