MONSTER POD: Del Mar’s Pacific Classic Day

PHOTO CREDIT: Del Mar Thoroughbred Club

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the Del Mar Pacific Classic Day MONSTER POD. Co-hosted by PTF and genuine Californian Frank Scatoni (2:55), we go through the entire, loaded Pac Classic card in its entirety with the help of special guests Michelle Yu (24:15), Tyler Hoffman (36:40), Benny Southstreet (45:45), Megan Devine (57:30), Jonathon Kinchen (69:45), Sean Alvarez (78:00) and Gary Fenton (85:50). Fun will be had and winners will be picked. This is a show you don’t want to miss.


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  • Can’t ever hear the word “periodically” without thinking of one of the best lyrics in RnR, from the truly inimitable Garland Jeffreys in his song “True Confessions”: “I think of you, periodically”. Don’t know if you’re old enough to know about “True Confessions”, but it was a famous magazine in its day. Classic GJ.

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