NYRA Bets Podcast: Sean Boarman with GP, OP thoughts

On today’s show, Sean Boarman and I assess the chances of Our Ninja JK and many others at GP, and Sean gives out a few horses he’s excited to bet on at Oaklawn.


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  • can we call this the anti play hit???? so I made a p5 at oaklawn playing what i heard on the show. then, I see JK on tv and in the first leg he includes the 6, I see on my ticket i dont have the 6, so i cancel my p4 and make a p5 which included the 6. next i bet the remaining money from the p4 on the longer shots in the p5 to return enough to make the origional p4. during this im totally lit. after the first leg, i realize in the last leg of the p5 i picked 136 instead of 146. total screw up, thinking its fate i include the 3 in all my p4s, so i end up hitting the p5 and 2 p4s because jk mentionmed the 6 (would have hit the p5 regarless). but this is one thing i have thought. You guys ever think about doing a show or shows where you get in touch with degen locals at different track around the country???? im totally a toga boy but have lived in fl last 10 years. you want free beers at toga??? go to the gate on travers day because you cant bring glass in the track, ive gotten thrown out of the club house playing beer pong back in the day, the point of this drunk ramble is, what if you had an episode where you connected with locals at diff tracks to learn their secrets, like back in the day at toga, next to the carousel, there is a little spot with a couple trees where you can put a cooler and walk away to grab beers from all day so you dont have to buy any, im not talking any high end stuff, im talking the grinder degen type, id love to know that if i was visiting an out of town track, if interest get at me 518 428 4841 jedcroissant@yahoo.com

    • Good stuff, that could be a fun idea. I am approving your comment but seeing your info in there maybe you meant this to be a private message? If so I’ll delete this and you can reach out again through the contact function. Let me know!

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