Players’ Podcast–1/ST Saturday Preview/Computer Player Dennis Montoro

We kick off the show with Peter Rotondo for a preview of this weekend’s special 1/ST Saturday including the Ultimate Betting Challenge and the two special new Pick 5 wagers (one all-dirt, one all-turf, both 12% takeout).

Next up, computer player Dennis Montoro is here to talk about his six-figure scores and decision to play horses professionally.

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  • I agree that there have to be modelers using linear regression models to predict Pk3 & pK4, etc from the DBL probables. It is too easy of a tool to create. The horizontals are not pools without computer players.

    • I agree, Patrick. You can see their footprints. Though MUCH less so in bets like the Coast-to-Coast and Cross Country P5s.

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