Players’ Podcast — April 28, 2021 — Kim Weir, Chris Lush, Mark Cramer


This is an episode you’ll likely want to return to more than once as 1) it’s long and 2) the second two segments are evergreen.

We kick off with PTF chatting with Kim Weir about a bunch of things the TRF has going on — including two cool new opportunities to support TRF. One is by attending our VIP Thurby brunch next week outside of Louisville at the new sanctuary farm. The second is by donating enough to receive a gift of the new Players’ Podcast whiskey which is about to come straight out of the barrel. For details, go to

Next up it’s the launch of our Innovation in Racing Series, presented by LTN Global. Our first guest for the series is Chris Lush of Wooodbine (starts at 19:19), who describes in detail how Woodbine’s Dark Horse app puts computer wagering tools in the hands of everyday players and looks to try to level the playing field. He also talks about how lessons he learned working on the Toronto Stock Exchange have helped him see the business of horse racing in a different light.

Last but not least it’s a pleasure to have legendary handicapping author Mark Cramer (starts at 52:52) on the ITM airwaves for the first time. He talks about his new book, Old Man on a Green Bike, and gives us insight into his mentality when playing the horses. We’ll loop back with Mark to finish the conversation in a bonus episode over the weekend.

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