Players’ Podcast: Baseball Opening Day Special 2022

It’s our second annual In the Money Media Baseball Opening Day Special.

PTF kicks off the show with his friend, legendary baseball scribe Rob Neyer as they discuss his new book written with Dale Scott, The Umpire Is Out, his SABRCast, and a few interesting over-under totals for the upcoming season.

Then VSIN’s Gill Alexander, one of PTF’s broadcasting heroes, is here to talk about several interesting baseball prop bets and his Beating the Book podcast

Last but not least, Daniel Butterfield returns to tell the story of “Biff Pocoroba,” and help pick a fun set of music to close out the show. Learn more about him at

And for more still:

“Biff Pocoroba” on YouTube:


MP3 purchase:




Music included:

“Van Lingle Mungo,” by Dave Frishberg

“Biff Pocoroba,” by Daniel Butterfield


“Take me Out to the Ballgame,” by Steve Goodman (feat. Jethro Burns)

“The Shot Heard ‘Round the World,” play call by Russ Hodges

“Centerfield,” by John Fogerty

“Jackie’s Blast,” play call by Bob Wolff

“Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?,” by Natalie Cole

“Second Marriage,” by Woody Allen from Standup Comic

“Baseball,” by Michael Franks

“Johan does it,” play call by Howie Rose

“Talkin’ Baseball,” by Terry Cashman

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