Players’ Podcast — July 14, 2020 — Canterbury Turf Festival Special

PTF hosts a handicapping session covering all six stakes and the Late P5 (with its 10 percent takeout) for Canterbury’s Wednesday late-afternoon card, Guests include everyone’s favorite DG meteorologist Marshall Sterling and CBY’s sharp paddock analyst Brian Arrigoni.

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    • It’s not impossible but I have always been of the mind that if there isn’t video content that Youtube is a bit pointless with so many ways to listen. But maybe it would help if you can explain to me the benefits to the end user of audio-only on Youtube? We will soon be adding a lot more cool content on the Youtube channel that does have video elements. Anyway, pls let me know. Tx PTF

      • I know myself and many other people only listen to podcasts on YouTube. It’s just always what I’ve used. I don’t use those podcast apps but maybe I’ll start? Thanks

      • Btw thanks for covering Canterbury Park! My home track. I love turf racing!

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