Players’ Podcast — June 8, 2020 — Honor A.P., Code of Honor, Vekoma and More

PTF and JK are here to look back at a strong weekend of racing across the country with memorable performances from the likes of Honor A.P., Improbable, Code of Honor, Vekoma, Newspaperofrecord and many more. Plus, the guys express their discontent with stewards in New York and California. Lastly, if you like what NYRA Bets are doing with this 5 percent rebate extension, let us know. Tweet with the hashtag #Belmont5.


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  • Note that the NY stewards did not say there was no foul. They said that “the point in the race where the interference occurred did not affect the final order of the race.” It is hard to tell where the bump occurred. It would be nice if they could sync the pan and head-on shots and show them on a split screen. Maybe Fox could do that?

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