Players’ Podcast: Saratoga Lifestyle Show 2022

It’s one of our most anticipated shows of the year, the annual Saratoga Lifestyle Show. Presented by Adelphi Racing.

Hosted by PTF.

We kick off with JK giving us his favorite eating and drinking spots as well as advice on where to get a haircut and the best Saratoga ice cream spot.

Then Matt Cutair of Adelphi is here to talk about the Adelphi ownership experience at Saratoga and give his advice about watching horses work and going to the sales.

Last but not least, Kim Weir is here to give us the lowdown on several unmissable events happening this summer, including Gumbo with Kendrick, Bagels on the Backstretch with PTF, the Sunday ITM livestreams at the Brentwood, and the BBQ at the Barn. Listen for details and check out the events tab at

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  • Hi! Just wanted to mention a few places, and activities, I’ve had good experiences at in Saratoga!

    Triangle Diner – Great for that big hangover breakfast!

    Walt & Whitman – in addition to the brewery, has an excellent morning cafe upstairs for coffee and really good
    breakfast sandwiches. They have beers to go at the cafe as well.

    9 Maple Ave. – A massive whiskey menu and jazz music in the evening.

    James & Sons Tobacconists – the downtown store has a fantastic humidor, and is less expensive than their
    booth at the track.

    Horse Racing Hall of Fame – The Tom Durkin tour was great! Not great for little kids.

    Mornings at the track – Free stable tour, and then breakfast trackside. Had a great time! Would recommend not
    to bring younger kids, like under 10, on the tour even though it sounds like a good idea.
    Just going down in the mornings to watch the workouts is very tranquil

  • Very informative and I enjoyed listening to Matt’s comments. The highlight of my last visit was the horse museum tour with Tom Durkin. Signed up when we arrived at HM. If you do get to meet Tom or take the tour make sure you ask him about the meaning of this message, which was broadcast daily, on racing days while he was working–> “Anthony Cantore–Please call your office”.

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