Players’ Podcast Special Evergreen Show — More with Mark Cramer

Mark Cramer is the author of Old Man on a Green Bike and several excellent handicapping books. He joined us last week to talk about the new book and on today’s episode he talks about his time as a professional horseplayer, reveals some of his most profitable angles over the years, and delves into the form factor.

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  • Really enjoyed listening to Mark’s story and let him know that I was born in Bolivia and my 1st nickname was Joe Bolivia. I probably met him at Laurel or the old Crack Claw. My favorite angle is maiden claimers on the Turf😉🏇

  • For Smokin Joe McKay: no doubt we saw each other at both Laurel and the Cracked Claw, where I was a regular. Those were good days. Love your specialty. Forgot to mention in podcast: my drinking bouts with horseplaying Panamanian ambassador in Bolivia, who lamented that his government had banished him to Bolivia so he could not play the horses. (Which prompted me to write a novel about some mean people who started a racetrack in Bolivia to launder money.)

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