Players’ Podcast Sponsored by Keeneland Select: OP Late P4 on Sat

PTF and JK are here to talk about their new partnership with Keeneland Select and guide you through their thoughts on a great-looking p4 sequence at OP on Saturday. Plus thoughts on how new players to KEE Select can earn their $300 signup bonuses.


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  • Because final odds are so unpredictable, “dutching” is harder than it sounds. When I have done it, I have used odds projected from the DD betting to decide how much to bet. Even that, however, is far from infallible. My experience projecting odds at Aqueduct this winter was that horses would pay at least 10% less than projected about a quarter of the time. I don’t have much experience with Oaklawn, but if Taishan had won the Oaklawn Stakes last Saturday, he would have paid 24% less than I projected. I note that Take Charge Angel (#10) is scratched from Oaklawn’s 9th, but after race 8 has been run, I’ll post how dutching JK’s remaining horses (##1,5,6,8) to collect $100 might work as a reply to the tweet promoting this show in the @loomsboldy Twitter feed.

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