Players’ Podcast — Tuesday, August 4 — Mike Maloney, Pat Cummings


PTF was thrilled to be joined by Mike Maloney for another visit this week where they look back at Vexatious/Midnight Bisou, Improbable/Tom’s d’Etat, and talk about whether of not Echo Town is a serious contender for the Breeders’ Cup Sprint. Plus, in a new edition of Mike Maloney FAQ, Mike explains The Tuck Rule (sorry, Jon Gruden).

Next up, Pat Cummings is here to talk about these wild Pick 6 developments in California and what they mean for you as well as to give a preview of the new TIF paper, “Racing Not Only for (the) Elite.”

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  • All inthemoney podcasts are great but this one is the best of all. Mike and Pat were outstanding on the most important issue in today’s market. More and more of us shake our heads at the game we enjoy. Great work PTF

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