Pro Player Diary: Maiden Voyage

Sean Boarman joins PTF to talk about his horseplaying journey, his decision to ply his trade in Hong Kong, some recent close calls, and a brilliant analogy about this year’s Super Bowl and Ric Flair. Woo.

The idea of this new series of shows will be to follow along with Sean’s bets in Hong Kong and domestically to gain insight into his approach and methods and also (hopefully) be therapeutic and helpful for him.

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  • Outstanding interview with Sean. His candor is refreshing in an age when often we get BS. Hopefully we can hear more in the coming months.

  • Been a long time listener of the show (and a big Betting With an Edge fan) and after listening to Sean talk about how great HK was over the past few years I decided in September to focus all of my attention there. This podcast couldn’t be more perfect, and I am looking forward to all of the future episodes!

  • Thanks, Pete. As a player looking to do more, I’ve been searching for info like this beyond reading the classics on the subject that are out there. Appreciate Sean for sharing and you for driving the ship!

  • Hi, Pete. I am enjoying these podcasts with guests talking about how the game has changed in regards to betting, computers and pools. I need to learn how to do something different to take advantage of nuances or stop beating my head against the wall. Very educational.

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