PTF Pegasus G1 Writeups / Quick Pappy Story

You’ll find the links to the Pegasus stories over at At the Races below — I know — but I wanted to share a quick story from the other night.

I was recently lucky enough to procure a bottle of the Pappy Van Winkle 15-year-old at MSRP. It’s impossible for any spirit to live up to the hype this whiskey has received in recent years. I’ve long been a fan, ever since my brother and I attended the Kentucky Bourbon Festival in Bardstown circa 1999 and met Julian Van Winkle himself. Obviously the Van Winkle brand already had a ton of mystique back then but it’s astounding what’s happened with it in the ensuing decades.

I decided to save the bottle for special occasions. And this Wednesday was one of them. Let’s put all politics aside for a minute and examine this from a betting perspective. The 2020 Election was one of the great wagering sweats of all time — the uncertainty on the night (ask C. J. Johnsen about my mood on Election Night the next time you see him), the various bet takers (not to be confused with Betmakers) changing their rules, the bizarre lack of acceptance of reality by the market itself in the weeks thereafter. I have never experienced anything like it. Yes, they FINALLY paid out a few weeks ago, but the finality of the inauguration felt like the moment to have a sip of victory — and what says victory like Pappy 15?

The whiskey itself was unreal, with these interesting summer fruit notes and just a perfect integration of the nose, the different stages of the sip, and finish. I’m not going to recommend mortgaging anything to get a bottle but if you can find it for any reasonable price, you will not be disappointed.

Anyway, that’s the story with that tweet.

On to the Pegasus Previews:’s-pegasus-world-cup-turf-preview’s-pegasus-world-cup-invitational-preview

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