Show 104: Garett Skiba

He’s been called the greatest live-bank player of all-time and with good reason. On the new show, PTF sits down with Garett Skiba to talk about his process, approach to tournaments, and his recent decision to back away almost entirely from horse racing. There is great stuff here for the experienced player and novice alike.


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  • Great show! I went to look at Garett Skiba’s Twitter feed after listening. He expresses a lot of valid opinions that people in horse racing don’t want to hear and that tend to get little play for that reason.

  • Awesome interview I enjoyed it for many reasons , Although I am not a tournament player , Garret is my twin brother on many of the topics he touched on. Strategy being one of them , when constructing horizontal wagers , I go against the upside down pyramid method and like to single in early legs . I to have gone down 80percent in my gross play throughout the years one reason being odd changes comming late in the starts of races , value is huge especially when horses are going from 3 and 4-1 down to 6/5 that is to big of a hit to take especially if you’re a big win bettor. Of course all this is being just touched on and not getting into the reasoning in detail : I was a huge pick 6 guy and they have ruined the wager making it a lotto type wager and and it evens the odds to players who just want to take all and spend the money vs good handicappers who would have to construct a ticket because all would be way to much for the average player . I also have the great win vs the agony of defeat stories one bing the biggest mistake of my life one night at Hollywood Park thanks for shaking many memories for me , Angman

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