Show 114: NHC Recap + Nick County Interview

A varied show this week! We kick off with a length discussion about the National Horseplayers’ Championship. PTF and JK give five things they love about the event and five things that could be improved.

At 45:25, they change gears and chat about this weekend’s Derby preps, focusing on Sole Volante, Independence Hall, and Nadal.

At 56:10, Pete’s old pal Nick County patches in via his home studio in Florida — he’s the guy who sings the popular “Racetrack” soon featured at the end of the shows recently. Nick talks about meeting PTF, lessons he’s learned from gambling (he plays poker professionally in addition to his music career), and he plays a couple of songs as well.


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  • I was surprised that you talked a lot about encouraging “playing what you like” at the NHC without any mention of Tony Zhou’s post.

    Also, as someone who does not play contests, but likes to follow along with the online leaderboard and the broadcast that you and Steve Byk do, my own suggestion for improving the NHC would be to increase the frequency of leaderboard updates.

    An unrelated suggestion for another show: I would like to hear David Aragona talk about his process for making the NYRA morning line (which he does exceptionally well) and the kinds of things that he gets surprised by.

    • Play what you like us still what I’d advise — I’m a horseplayer not a mathematician. But it’s still interesting and relevant to see what the math says. Also, Tony wrote that post yesterday, after the nhc, so it would have been hard to reference. Good suggestion about David. He’s great.

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