Show 121: Jorge Navarro, Jason Servis and Others Indicted

PTF and JK convene an unscheduled podcast to talk about the news about the indictments of Jorge Navarro, Jason Servis and others that came down today.


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  • Baseball cheating was MUCH WORSE! The whole team conspired to steal, translate, & transmit the pitches. Here, two knuckleheads got greedy & showed their TRUE SELFES!!!
    If a whole farm or breeder & all trainers, horses, etc were involved, the yes it would be much worse. Imho

    • That wasn’t the baseball cheating I was referring to. I don’t agree that it’s worse. The Astros actions didn’t cause living things to die out of greed. Not that I’m approving of what they did, but I think this is worse by a lot of measures

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