Show #33: Triple Crown Draft (Nick Tammaro, Benny Southstreet)

It’s that time of year again! The podcast Triple Crown draft. Last year, Pete swept up after trading for Justify with the first pick. Two years ago JK ruled the roost with his eponymous slam, a possibly even more impressive achievement. This year, special guests Nick Tammaro and Benny Southstreet are here and we’ll see who rules who comes out on top. Plus, does Elate still have it? How good is Midnight Bisou? Our panel decides.

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your listening to the, in the money players podcast.

Hello, and welcome to the end, the money players podcast. This is show 33, the Monday, April 15th, 2019 edition. What a weekend in sports that was, I was watching with interest from afar, hoping to see. Former champion. Regaine his glory, a man, we all kind of root for him. He’s half African American, half South Asian fallen on some hard times, but only a matter of time before he got back in the winter circle.

Talking of course about Jonathan Kenshin at the grade one gamble. Unfortunately, didn’t go too well for him. Some small constellation tiger woods won some golf tournament. Very special edition of the show. I’m your host, Peter Thomas foreign, a towel back with you. I think this is our fifth, the annual Derby draft on this podcast and we’ve got a great.

Team here to do it. And we are going to start off with the man who usually sits beside me metaphorically on this show. He is the people’s champion. Jonathan kitchen. What’s up JK? Yeah, what’s going on? I’m uh, um, I’m trying hard. I’m trying hard to, uh, Live with this after chemo in life, it’s a very tough life to live.

I’m sure that, uh, one of our guests is living it as well. It’s a tough place to leave. It happens, needs to be done from time to time. We’ve got some new talent on the show for this Derby draft, but this first man, I’m about to introduce. You have heard him on our air many times, not enough recently. And we’re very excited to change that.

Talking about a member of the buyer speed team, one of the most respected handicappers out there at N Tam, one, two, one five on Twitter, Nick tomorrow. What’s up. My man.

Things are good. Things are good, little crazy with all the travel, but happy to be back in the bunker and ready to do this Derby draft with you. The fourth member of our team, I should say this first, normally the last couple of years, our buddy Chris  has been part of this little enterprise for various reasons that didn’t work out for this year.

But I do want to say. Just to give him a shout out. He’s got a podcast of his own. Now the public handicapper podcast to hear from Chris, you can check that out. He’s also got some written content going to be appearing very soon on in the money So you can get lots of Chris there and we’re going to have him back on soon.

But this year, the fourth member of our team, I’m just going to say it this way. The man, the myth, the legend Benny South street on the, in the money airwaves. How are you? Benny? I’m doing great. It’s uh, it’s good to talk to you all. I can’t wait to get going on this. I don’t want to make a fool of myself with Jonathan because.

Quiet of mine. I wasn’t supposed to say that.

Well, Vinny Vinny done time out. Don’t don’t lie to these people. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t tank for your pics. I wouldn’t pay for there’s no way. That’s pretty, it’s pretty rough. It’s pretty rough. Before we do the draft earlier today, Mugsy, the handicapping Labrador did help me with the draft order and I have that here in front of me.

But before we get to that, I do want to talk a little bit about some other racing from the weekend and JK, I believe you had a question you wanted to throw out there regarding the big race at Oaklawn park on Sunday. Well, there’s two, there’s two guys on this call that I respect their opinion more than, than an, a opinions that are out there as, uh HorsePlayers and, and handicappers.

And so we had a conversation today at lunch. I was fortunate enough to have lunch with Duke Mattise and Sean Borman and the Prince of Cayman. And we had a conversation about a late, and, uh, it was an interesting conversation because Marshall Graham said something very interesting on last week’s show, where he mentioned the idea of running.

Uh, white against the boys and the Oaklawn handicap. Uh Futurely. It will be known as the, uh, the city of light. And, but, and he had mentioned that, that she just needs longer. And why not run her in some spots that are long or that will kind of play to her advantage. And I wanted to get your take on a late, I’ve heard a couple people say she is not that good.

She’s fooled us a little bit. I heard a couple people say including me that she wants a mile and a quarter. I wanted to get Nick and Benny’s opinion. On what they think about a light and then night B Sue who ran yesterday in the, uh, Apple blossom. Yeah. We should give props to the winner of the race, midnight BCU as well.

Nick, why don’t we start this one with you? What did you think of the race in general and where are you with the late these days? Oh boy, I feel like I’m, I’m ready to embrace, to abandoned the elate bandwagon. She, you know, it does not feel as this. She’s come back and probably quite the same level that she was definitely when she left us on Travers day, last year, where she ran, uh, an incredible race to take, uh, Abel Tasman rights to the wire.

We know what that took out of Abel Tasman. It doesn’t look like a late, has the positional speed that she wants did it doesn’t look like she quick invites she wants did. Um, perhaps it was her lack of affinity for Oaklawn. She is a horse that has been a little inconsistent in the past, but. If we’re talking by herself, I’m selling the lead right now.

I’m, I’m not, I’m not giving her any more excuses. This will probably be when she turns things around altogether. But I think that comes to the conclusion that I underrated midnight bees in quite a bit. I also know that that barn and particularly, it seems like this horse is a great fit at Oaklawn. Uh, we’ll see if she’s as good, maybe in a race like the odds and FIPSE, where she ran very well at the same, same distance and trip last year, but it just seems at this point, like midnight B2 is a better horse than a week.

Benny, where do you stand on this? I know you spend a lot of your time looking at the bread and butter racing, but you certainly have opinions when it comes to the stakes races as well.

Well, for me, she’s going to get a pass. And the reason being is I’m married. And women turning too. Yeah. I don’t want to be unkind to my wife, but let’s, let’s be honest. They bounce around from time to time. If she was a heat, I would probably, I would probably pass with Nick, but you gotta re you gotta run on a few bad ones in a row for me.

And I agree with, uh, with Jane K, I do think she needs longer. And, and for me, she was going to get a pass and test. She gets that distance. You know, she’s just completely lost it, but the girls for me, I tend to give more passes than the boys. So. I’m going to take a little weight. Yeah. In all seriousness, there are certain reasons why Phillies do tend to throw in the odd clunker more than the boys.

You’ll hear from time to time about, uh, Philly being in season as a legitimate excuse for a bad performance. So this isn’t just a, this is not a gag. You’re you? You actually. They have reason to believe what you’re saying about I’m being honest. It’s kind of a funny gag, but

they tend to do this from time to time. So I didn’t see her on the track before the race, but every once in a while you can identify when you’re talking about season, that they’re constantly swishing a tale about for me, and that’s a telltale sign, but, uh, I had had a few too many. That’s all beverages at that point.

So wasn’t, wasn’t in tune with the, uh, with the, uh, the post parade. K, we got to throw this one back to you. Where did you land on this issue? I just think for the sake of time, I’ll be brief. I think that she just needs even longer. Um, she has two races that I think that really fit in her wheelhouse the mile and a quarter, which would be the Delaware handicap.

And then also the personal incident. I’d like to see her, maybe try a mile and an eighth race against the boys. I’m not really sure. Because, you know, the launch party is a mile and a 16th. If I’m not mistaken, it’s at Churchill. And I don’t really know the next opportunity for her to run a mile on eighth and a great one.

I’m going to defer to Nick, not to put them on the spot, but if you need an encyclopedia question, uh, when it comes to horse racing, Nick’s the guy to ask Nick, what’s her next mile and an eighth opportunity afraid one. Well, that’d be the personal ends and all the way until Travers day. So there’s not a lot of.

Of my eliminate option prior to this, to that really at all. Now that the F literally is a myeloma, not even a green lawn, um, for Florida leaves in my own 16th and Delaware handicaps mile, and a quarter of the shoe V is the prepping Saratoga for the personal lens and which is also at a mile and an eight.

So it’s going to be, there’ll be a little bit of time before she can get that kind of trip. JK was that the bat phone in the background what’s going on over there? That’s about me. That was, that’s probably the boss thing, but we call them Nikki, the boss for a reason. It’s not because it sounds good. And it’s got a nice little Sopranos vibe to it.

It’s actually, because Nick is a literal boss. And so it’s probably one of his, uh, one of his patrons calling in. I like the word patron since the masters was the last weekend. Well, I’ll say that with me. I apologize for not hitting the mute button, but it’s silent too quickly. We don’t give our guests a hard time.

If J K had done that. Nick, I’d be talking about it on this show. The over-under would be three months when you do it. I, if I’d known that I wouldn’t have even mentioned it, so don’t, don’t feel bad at all. Uh, anybody else have a quick thought from the weekend, JK, any updates on the Keeneland contest or anything?

Before we dive into this Derby draft? Well, I’ll let Nick talk a little bit about good friend of ours and a good guy in racing and a good guy in Andy capping that had a very good show into the grade one gamble. But outside of that, I, I, you know, I was right a whole bunch yesterday, but I was wrong once and I was wrong when it mattered.

The most that happens. No big deal. Um, I will say this, I want to say it quickly and I don’t have a whole lot to say about it, but giant expectations finally broken, still didn’t run. Well, I’m not really sure how good he might be, but I, I wanted to address that because I had kind of picked on him for not breaking from the gate and he actually broke well, uh, last weekend at Oklahoma, Nick, who’s the player that JK is referring to.

Well, that was the one and only Kevin Kirsty, that Churchill downs publicity thing that’s worked at Churchill for years. First contest ever looked over at me after the six or eight yesterday and said, I think I hit everything. And he has been of about 9,000 on that race. Uh, Where it came in four or five, eight, and then poked around a little bit.

And it was about 15 minutes to post in the labs, told me that he liked the eight, 10 and the nightcap, and ended up hitting the exact data. I think for a hundred somewhere in that vicinity, maybe 150, and that’s finished with a little over 13,000. So it gets a. BCBC and an NHC spot. It will be both his first BCBC and his first NHC and probably his second tournament ever when he plays in the BCBC later this year.

Congrats again to Kevin, great stuff. Might have to bother him to come on. Maybe the Keeneland show might be appropriate for him or have him on, you know, we’re also have a little bit of a partnership going with the Kentucky Derby bedding challenge. So he might be an appropriate person to talk a little bit about that Kentucky Derby bedding challenge.

Folks can qualify for that. Tournament’s over at twin spires, or just put up the money on Kentucky Derby day can play online or you can be in house. Let me ask you three, three accomplished. Uh HorsePlayers. And all of you have been known to play in a tournament from time to time. For the three of you, anybody have any interest in playing in the Kentucky Derby contest this year?

Jake, I’ll start with you cause I’m pretty sure I know the answer. I have to revenge avenge, not revenge avenge. Well, the Avengers coming out of business for coming up soon, they should sponsor the podcast, but they have enough money. Um, no, I have to avenge my, I have to have into my DQ from last year, you know, and maybe Charlie Davis will take another picture of me from behind and we’ll see what happens there.

But yeah, I’m not sure what going to play. I’m looking forward to it. Oh, my goodness. Yeah. For folks who don’t know J K I mean, not, not your finest hour, you would have run second. Had it not been for not making enough bets. Was that the situation? Um, it’s such, it seems hot. I thought maybe it was third. Uh, you know, the McGaughey brothers got after me a little bit.

I think Patrick had a big hit that day as well, but, uh, yeah, no, I was, I was definitely drawing lines to the big horse and, and, and we hit it and we took a lot of money out of there in a pizza box. Yeah. $800,000 in a pizza box. I should pick the picture out, but, uh, but we, we forgot. We forgot the prize money.

All right, well, JK will try to redeem himself. Benny. I know you play tournaments from time to time, any chance we’ll see you in the big one in Louisville, you will not a good friend of mine, uh, was lucky enough to win the Santa Anita contest recently. And he’ll be hosting a Kentucky Derby party at his house this year.

He goes all out. They cater food and hire help, and, you know, mint juleps, abound. He loads up his twin Squire’s account brings cash and people play through accounts a good time. So I will, I will be in attendance the year and probably playing online. So, but good luck to you too. I’m sure Nick’s going to play as well.

Yes. Uh, probably not, actually not, not certain as of yet. She’ll figuring a few things out, but there’s so there’s a chance, but less than 50 50. All right. All right. We handicap.

There you go. That might be the boss, man boss, man, who is Travis? Could a high five. If you’re not going to be there after the call of his foot, is this his third or fourth? Kentucky Derby? Oh, I’m still planning to be there. Yeah. Just have a few little details to work out. This will be Travis and fifth Derby already.

Uh, 14 was the I’m sorry. 15 was the first. So time, time flies. Undoubtedly. We’ll see if Bob Baffert gets his third during Travis and a little stretch. Amazing stuff. He’s had some pretty interesting derbies to call and we’ll have to see, I can’t wait to get your guys’ thoughts, which will happen sort of organically as we go ahead and do this Derby draft.

We did have another year that looked like this. I feel like a few weeks out the Nyquist year. I think we came on here and did our Derby draft. And talked about how open it was and this and that. And you know, the favorite Trump run one, two, three. So we will see if it’s not something similar this year, but certainly from afar.

My, my first gut is, wow. There’s a lot of different horses who can win this. All right. Draft order chosen by mugs the handicapping laboratory door and you’ll know this was not rigged because the person I would have put forth had I rigged it is first that’s J K. Uh, second, we have Benny third is Nick and I will bring up the rear back cleanup as it were in fourth JK.

We’re going to start with you the first pick in this year’s Derby draft. Who’s it going to be? Are you sure it makes sense as the guy who did the kitchen crown get the draft. I guess I should never be able to dress first because I’ve gone through this process. Hey, how about last year when I had all, I got max points in, well, I guess they weren’t technically max points.

Cause somebody could have done more in the Faro year, you know, running seconds and thirds and whatnot. But I mean, for me, I would say the guy who just swept all three, it’s kind of appropriate that I’m last. I don’t know about this deferring to you. I should also point out the rules a little bit more for listeners who are listening for the first time.

This is points for all three. We call it the Derby draft, but it’s a triple crown draft. Okay. So it’s points for the Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont. And we’re going to go. 20 for a win 10 for a place and five for a show just to make the rules completely clear to everybody before we go any further.

All right. J K for reels. Now, who is your number one selection. So I’m deciding between two horses, but I want to, double-check all, we’re going to get four.

You can definitely have some side action. Are you thinking Benny that he’s going to be busting out the silver wig for this?

Of course

now you asked JK, this is another excellent example of JK tries math fails because there are 20 horses and there are four of us and you’re asking how many horses we pick. So we’ll, we’ll, we’ll go there. And by the way, I’m going to be, I’m going to pick Pete, I’m going to timeout. I’m going to pick a couple of horses that aren’t on the top 20 lists.

Ooh. Okay. I like it. I like it. And I will say this, even though I am probably improve my all-time record last weekend and head to heads with you to something like two and 115. I was much prouder of the fact that I wiped the floor with you in our, uh, in our math bet on what the price should have been.

That to Chad Brown’s ran in the money, um, at the Jenny Wiley confirmed by actual economists. Should’ve been a lot closer to my one to two than your two to one. But anyway, now for, for reels reels, give us your pick. I’m going to take Omaha beach. Um, mostly because I was decided he took me to Omaha beach and game winter Vinnie, South street.

Accused me of picking a silver wig. I went ahead and made that the reason why I went with Omaha beach, because I appreciate it. When Vinny runs second to me, I don’t ever want him to be in anything. So I walked with Omaha beach. Look, his last two races were impressive. I tried to stay on him the day that he won going seven, eight in the slot.

It was a mandatory payout day at Santa Anita. He had been an, a minus workout horse who just kind of seemed to keep coming up short. Maybe he was a morning glory. He showed up. He ran well, he’s run well in three straight races. The conditions won’t be a problem for him. I just, and the only part that makes me nervous is that just for this part of the show for, for picking the horse for the, for the three races, is that if he does not win the Derby.

He probably won’t show up in the other two. It’s just not a Richard Mandela thing, in my opinion, if you’re on second or third to wheel them back. And so that’s my biggest concern. Now. I wish we could go around the table and talk about each one of these horses. We don’t have the time for that. We’ve only got just over 25 minutes left.

So I’ll just ask a few pointed questions and this one. I’m going to send to Nick, just curious what you think about this development of Omaha beach and if he would have been your first pick. Yes, I think so. Um, especially if it was a situation where the Derby was worth more points. Um, but I do also agree with JK sentiment very much.

So, which is that if, if he misses, if he does not win the Derby, I think you will not see him in another triple crown race. So, and I think, I guess that’s part of the strategy that goes into this, me being a newbie and having to not embarrass myself too terribly. I have to think about that. A little bit as well.

So, uh, yeah, I, I would say, uh, he’s clearly that, I mean, I think he’s the cream of the crop right now. I’m expecting him to be favored and he certainly has earned it. And he’s a horse that won’t be hurt if the track comes up wet. So all signs pointed to being a pretty tough customer. I love the Mandela quote about how someday they’re going to ask me how I got this horse beat so many times, uh, he’s ever, ever modest, such a great horseman, easy guy to root for Benny picked number two in this year’s triple crown draft, man.

I just I’m so happy with myself because I got drunk. Hey, we’ll talk a little bit. Let him exactly where I wanted them to go, which was away from the horse that I wanted to pick. Which is getting work now, I think I would drink it on the podcast a time or two, then Mandela is always firing and I just don’t believe that to be the case.

I don’t think he tried in his last race of all. I think he pushed the pace a little bit and helped out his partner in crime. Uh, the eventual winner. And I think he’s going to be cranked up. And I think that, that Baffert also realizes he doesn’t have a triple crown winner this year. And I think his number one goal is Derby.

And I think that’s why he’s going to crank this thing up and try and just get that to be, I don’t see anyone winning the triple crown this year. All right, Nick, we’ll go to you for pick number three. Who’s it going to be? I’m going to take Roadster and then I’m going to hope to Roadster runs back potentially with a good effort in the Derby.

Obviously I hope he wins the Derby, but a runs back with a good effort. I need them for the Preakness or the Belmont and get a couple of starts out of them. Fair enough. What’s your thought on the way that Roadster and game winner have sort of flipped roles in the, in the barn at this point, from when Roadster first came on the scene, it was a game winner.

First came on the scene. It was Roadster. Who was the odds on favorite? That dynamic flipping last time in general, I mean, would you have taken game winner if he’d been available ahead of Roadster or are you feeling real good about this? Um, I probably would have taken game winter. I still like game winter a little bit more, but I think it’s undeniable that the word that we heard going all the way back to last summer about Roadsters quality is obviously that’s all starting to come to fruition a bit so happy to have them, but I’m not going to be surprised at all with the game winner, reverses that San Anita Derby decision in a couple of weeks.

With my fourth with the fourth pick my first pick. I’m going to go ahead and take tackiness, who I thought ran really well last time and just feels like one. Who’s going to continue to improve for racing and for distance, a few different ways you could go in this spot, I suppose, but it’s going to be tackled as for me, bill Mott.

Uh, wants every inch of the ground. And that’s the way I’m going to go. JK, let’s go back. Oh, I guess we should snake this. Shouldn’t we, I didn’t think about that before, but that, that makes a lot more sense. Doesn’t it? We can, we all agree with that on the fly. Yes, Jake, the snake Roberts wrestlers of all time.

He was great. Great gimmick. Great movie about him too, for those who are, who were interested in this kind of big, the snake plumber. No doubt about it. Uh, true story. One of the inspirations for the Mickey Rourke character in the wrestler as well. Another little known fact, actually, it’s not that little known, but if you’re not a big wrestling fan little known fact about.

Jake, the snake Roberts, I’m going with code of honor with my second pick. This would be the other place. I would go. Another horse who I do expect to keep improving has had, um, certainly had an excellent trip to back, but I do believe, you know, despite JK, uh, Implying that he thinks he’s a sucker horse. I thought he ran pretty well last time in a situation where conditions just didn’t favor him at all.

And is another one who feels like one who they could have used that more as a petition, a traditional prep, and could come on for the run and make some real noise in the Kentucky Derby. I’m going to. Go with code of honor to start off the second round and we’ll go back in order here. And Nick will land on you for this pick.

Yeah, it’s interesting. I was going to take code of honor and, um, felt like he was the type that would probably run twice and at least to think no more than twice. Uh, so I will then take, this is a tricky one. I’ll take maximum security. I’m not a particularly big fan, but I’m going to, I’m going to at least figure out, I guess, how to not be frustrated if he somehow runs well in the Derby, you know, the next point this horse is probably going to run in all three, right?

I mean, you would just think that like Jason service and Gary and Mary West having gained winter also, they might just did horse running all three, but that’s an interesting of work. So running the Preakness. Yeah, he he’s. I mean, if he sets a decent pace and somehow hangs on for second or third, he, Steve lightly raced and seems to be physically the type that can run back in two weeks.

So I could see him in the Derby Preakness, for sure. So I had a really interesting conversation about Maxim security the other day with Sean Borman, who made the always dreaming comparison about this horse, who. Had an advantage of setup to say the least in the last prep, but still kind of did what he was supposed to do in terms of how we finished up the race.

I thought it was still too slow over all, but I kind of did think I had similar concerns anyway, when it came to always dreaming. I’m just curious. It sounds to me like this is more of a default pick Nick, but I mean, it is possible. He’s just improving and getting good at the right time and it’s going to be certainly a fairly large price.

I would think on the day. Yeah, no question about it. I think, uh, yeah, I think he could be, could be one that still had some improvement in him. I’m not the biggest fan, but if we can get a couple of starts out of him, then put us in the mix. All right. Back to you, Benny, who is going to be number two on your team, alongside game winner.

about that spin off. Going off his race at Tampa was so freakishly good. And you know, the fairgrounds race, he looked like, you looked a little tired and he ran and went to short, worse, but he gelled out real big and you know, he’s going to be forward. I think he’s got a lot of talent and I’m going to take a stab because if he wins.

A little while.

All right. We’re back to the first person in the draft order. That’s J K of course. Who will it be for you in round number two? I’m going to go with him probable here. Um, and, um, I don’t know if it was like, as the writer had been announced for who improbable is, is that like public knowledge? Have you heard that Windstar today?

And I found it was. Okay. And it was IRA. I didn’t want to say it out loud. Sean Google shared it with us on a drive around Windstar today, starting to will always takes care of us. And it’s so much fun to see the facilities that they have at WinStar. But, uh, I think I wrapped in a fitness horse, you know, I, I think that he’s going to, um, the draw’s going to be important for him probable and I know that we’ll see him probably in at least two of the races, right.

Either, either he’ll run second or third or win, obviously. The Derby, but we’ll also get him back to the Preakness. I think, no matter what, as long as he shows up, he runs, you know, fifth on no issues. He’ll show back up, uh, for the Preakness and, and he’s the type of horse we might see in all three. So he was a, a horse that I couldn’t leave while standing on the, you know, it’s still sitting on the board, uh, with IRN riding as well.

So I’m excited about improbable with my second choice. And you get another pick right here too, as well. J K I don’t know. Hopefully you were thinking of that and have one at the ready. Have one of the ready. I’ve always got one of the readies. As I, as I scroll up and down with my, with my two fingers in that, you know what?

I can’t leave Acoma out. I, I have some cheeky pics, but there’s no reason to get them. Now. We’ve all been in fantasy football drafts where you want to pick the rookie who got drafted, uh, you know, for the giants. But you feel like you need to wait a little bit longer, but if you’re smart like me, Oh my goodness, who does this guy think he is?

I’m smoking our house joke. I got defeated so badly in fantasy football. That was the smartest thing I did all year. The coma. I think it’s fun. I just think he’s fun. I think George Weaver is a phenomenal trainer. I think he and, uh, Michael McCarthy are the two guys that, that, uh, that might not get the attention that a Chad, uh, Todd or a Bob get.

But two guys that when we play that game, Pete, where I asked you, where would you send a million dollar a year link? Those are two guys that would fall into the conversation for me. I just think they do a great job. And they, they overachieve with horses and yes, McComb was a little bit funny acting in the front when he, when he runs, but I’d rather have.

A horse that wins big races at Keeneland grade twos. Like the bluegrass that looks a little funny in the front versus a horse who looks beautiful, that can’t break their mates. That’s the coma, the bluegrass winner for JK in spot. Number three, Benny, back to you for your third selection. We’ve got about 17 minutes left, by the way, just to give you guys an idea at the time.

Um, I’m gonna take the winter. Yeah. I hated home press this year. I thought they were all meltdowns for the most part, except for the Florida Derby. Those two ran off from the field. So I think both of them get the distancing and, uh, he leads with a shell. Who’s the selection again? Benny by my standards.

Excellent. By my standards for Benny and round three, Nick, that brings us back to you. I’m going to take tax who I think could run in both the Derby and the Belmont and have some positional speed. So. I would’ve taken him. If you didn’t, you know, this is a horse who from the beginning on pedigree and on word on the streets has been meant to be better on the turf, but the horse just keeps running well on the dirt.

So I really don’t see any reason. I feel like it seems kind of unsexy in that way that I like if it ends up being an open year, too, as a horse to a. To, to hit the board as well. So I, I, I would have gone there. Had you not gone there that’s one that I definitely, uh, I definitely am picking up what you’re laying down and that brings it back to me.

And I am going to go with win-win win in this spot as a horse who I just thought was kind of against the flow of the race. Last time. Didn’t didn’t have a great. Her first part of the race and was running pretty well late now, the time wasn’t all I was hoping it would be, I suppose, but I still think the horse has a chance and of the ones who are, who are left on the board is one who I definitely am envisioning being on my spreading kind of tickets, Nick, real quick.

Just curious to get your thoughts as the, as the bluegrass in general, as a prep. Now that we’ve got the top two off the board. You know, I was, uh, I felt like it was run over a track that was reduce it to front running types. I don’t want to call it an all out speed bias, but I think there was a big advantage on that afternoon to be, as to being forwardly placed.

And he certainly took it. McComas certainly took advantage of that. When, when, when is a tough read for me, I feel like you divorced that, uh, if he surfaces on Belmont day, there’s probably a race at seven for a launch that suits them a little bit better than 12. Yeah, I think he probably wants to be cut back eventually.

So he’s probably a great candidate for that. If he makes the, the run in the Derby that I’m expecting, which is probably a middle move somewhere between the five eight and the three eight pole before flattening out, depending on, of course on how the race on. Fold. So I thought it was, uh, you know, it was consistent in terms of bluegrass’s that we’ve seen recently.

It was not overly fast. It was not. But it was a, it was a Workman like winter of a coma. Who’s a quality horse that is clearly moving forward for a barn it’s easy to root for. So I’m a Tacoma fan, but, uh, I, I don’t really think that the Kentucky Derby winner was in that. All right. Let’s hit you now for, Oh no, it’s me again.

I keep forgetting the rules of my own game. How silly is that? Uh, I am going to use my next pick on country house. I’m just going to go ahead and take a shot here that this is another one who still might have some forward moves, left in him and hopefully can put aside the weird gait issues. And just in the hands he’s in, I expect sort of stair-step improvement along the way.

He’s going to need it, but he’s a horse I’m happy to have on my team, country house for me in spot number four. And now Nick, we will go to you. Yeah. I’m going to take a cutting humor and I’m going to hope that it makes it a couple of other appearances as well. What is it you like about the horse in general?

That’s all he was made to get a forward moving type that has gotten a little bit better lately, but he’s clearly going to have to improve by leaps and bounds. No doubt about it. He felt like maybe a pokey, one running kites that could end up in a race like the Belmont Benny. We are back your way. What do you think here?

Well, big podcast. I thought what Frank had to say about the smarts and the workout was part of it. Part of the race. It was very interesting, even if he’s no good of the Derby, maybe we’ll come back in the blow on and you show up every month because it seemed like it went all day.

Right. We are picking five. You for your fourth, went with war of will. Frank McGaughey talked about how well he looked going into that race. I haven’t heard, uh, Nick JK, has anybody heard what the stated excuse was last time he had a, um, a release, a muscle pole coming out of the gate. Right. And so that was the, that was the big issue, but all the word at Keeneland on Saturday was that his workout went very well, uh, at five out of the gate on a Saturday morning.

So yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s the, I think the thing that he has going for him in terms of, of this particular setting is let’s be honest. Mark Kasey likes to run this horses. So I mean more of what was a horse that, that you could see. He’s probably, you know, there is no Dewayne in the mix. Uh, there’s no Dale Romans in the mix.

So in all likelihood, the next trainer on the list of, of guys that are, that are really likely to run in three consecutive races is Mark chassis. So I know the money, not even, but you know, you’ll have action. Yeah, all good. All good reasons to look in that direction. It did seem, yeah. Sometimes that those pushing off type problems do portend negative trends in form, but if it really was just like a more random physical issue that has been resolved and I might not be a bad pick in the fourth round there for Benny JK, we’re going to bring it back to you for your next two picks you’ll you’ll.

Uh, You’ll you’ll close us out here. Right? I’m gonna go back to back purple on you. And we come with silks. The first one I’m going to take is a horse. I think it’s going to be extremely live in the Belmont and that’s a horse called Intrepid heart. Our friend Jacob West bought the horse and the lows, a horse that ran at Cayman Oaklawn.

Um, the maiden came back, ran and Keelan ran a very fast figure that day with John Velasquez and Todd Fletcher. Those two guys, obviously. Can, can you get you home, uh, when it comes to Belmont park? Um, I think both of them, uh, like where the horse is going. Yeah. I think the horse is going to show up there.

Where’s the half the commissioner. Um, I’m sure that Nick or a couple other people on this on the show could probably tell you some bad stories of getting snapped, uh, with, or without commissioners, uh, in the Belmont. So I think that, you know, I just think that this horse makes a ton of sense and my next selection is going to be a non Derby selection as well, but I like Intrepid heart.

All right. Well, who are you going with to close out your team? I’m going to go with a 10 strike. And in this situation, I’m going to go with a horse that I hope I have no idea. I honestly have not talked to Marshall or clay about the situation is I’m going to act as if I don’t even know those two guys.

And I’m going to hope that this horse finds his way to the starting gate and the Preakness. Yeah. And maybe he doesn’t, or maybe he shows up in the last week and an Oaklawn, and then I can see him in the Belmont, but I’m looking forward to warriors, charge a horse for 10 strikes that they have, uh, they, they got as a two year old and I’m looking forward to where he’s going.

He’s traveling in the right direction in the last two wins. I think we’re by six lengths. And so I’m looking forward to where he’s going to go next terrific warriors charge. And in fact, I was informed since Marshall Graham had been on the podcast the day before each of those races, JK. W he now has asked us a favor if we’ll have him on the show before each of warriors charges, races.

And of course, you know, as great a friend, his 10 strike have been to us over the years. I, I immediately said, yes, it’s not like, it’s not like he isn’t doing us a favor. Anytime he comes on our airways. Love the horse. I will say this though. JK, maybe you didn’t know this and I’m not going to get there’s no givebacks here, so you don’t get to make another pick, not triple crown nominated.

So very unlikely that they would supplement the 200,000 needed at this point. I think you’re more likely to see him. Down the line. Have you ever, as you have you met our friend Marshall brands and our friend place vendors to tell you, right? And then they have another Bevan. They have another partner on the horse, a guy by the name of Saul Cuban.

If the horse wins the race at Oaklawn, like six again, and we have some sloppy mess going into the Belmont. I think those guys will get out there. All right. Fair enough. So you knew that and made the pick anyway. No, I didn’t know.

You really had me convinced that I was like, damn, he says bold. All right, good stuff. Benny. Who’s the last member of your team over the war bourbon war. Interesting. Evelyn, good authority that this one lost some weight and was not doing well going into his last race. I’m hoping that the study it’s that way I can improve.

Yeah, I think it’ll run all day and easily with the sweat, in my opinion. So we’ll pick something that can go a long way and hopefully, uh, that’s something that maybe down in the morning, if not here in the, in the Beaumont, strange sound trouble as crept up on your end, Benny, you don’t worry about it. I think we got the gist of it for those who need the recap bourbon war.

The selection, not crazy is Benny about the ones down that end of the, uh, the table, but a horse who he thinks has a chance to improve and come back and do some good things. Nick, how are you going to close this one out? I’m going to take another twist of fate who I’m going to give one more shot to and hope that maybe he gets in the, in the second and third legs of this triple crown.

I didn’t think he ran that poorly on Saturday. I’m still holding out a little bit of hope, being that I’m a government golden gate figure maker, and he’s probably one of the faster ones that comes from golden gate. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna continue to ride that sinking ship and hope that he, uh, gets a chance to stretch that stuff.

Even if things don’t work out for him on the dirt. I mean, you gotta put in your mind that this horse there is just so, so there’s a lot of money for this horse to run from through the year. If you were to pick a future books, spot Nick, to bet this horse, it probably wouldn’t be the Derby, which, which, which turf race would it be?

Oh, it probably would be something like the, uh, one of these Niara racist potentially, or the Del Mar Derby, maybe, maybe the Hollywood Derby long range goal. Uh, something like that. He definitely feels like a horse whose future could end up being on the turf. And, uh, I could see them maybe going, maybe the Ontario Derby will be there since their side, given that it’s on the, on the poly track up of Woodbine, another possibility I’m going to close things out, and this is good because we’ll have a couple minutes to talk.

Uh, uh, another generic thing or two, I’m going to close out my team with long range Tati. I haven’t really seen the reports yet coming out of the last race, but I’d seen enough beforehand to, uh, admitting I hadn’t fully done my research. On every runner here, hopefully the horse isn’t a out again. No, no.

Backsies if, if there’s some negative news, I’ll just have to take my medicine, but this is horse who’d shown enough that I think he’s worthy of taking in this spot currently sits at number 13 on the leaderboard and I’ll go. Yes, sir. Didn’t mean to interrupt you. I just didn’t know where you’re going with this.

Sweet. There’s a couple of horses. We probably need to address that weren’t picked. Yeah, we can do that. If you want to come back to that. Well, I’ll let you lead the discussion. Who do you, you know, ask Benny or Nick? What they think about either one of them? Well, we have the Dubai area with the Dubai Derby or the UAE Derby.

Plus K or K parfait. Uh, Benny, Benny before talked about his, how impressed he is with Frank McGaughey in general. And this was the other horse that he had mentioned at one point and said, good things about leading JK to pick blue K parfait as a massive long shot on. Uh, UAE, Dubai world cup night. So Benny I’ll ask you does, does Frank’s endorsement of that one at one point, put him on your radar, even in the least a little bit.

Uh, I would, I need to even tell you this, but you know, I didn’t watch one race over there, but

I think it’s brilliant. Um, Yeah, not too many people that I respect too much as him. So if he gives him the phone, I have nothing bad to say, Frank will be out Derby week now playing in that contest. I’m not going to, I’m going to give, make it very, very easy for him to say no. When I ask him to come on and share some of what he’s seen.

Derby week. And we can ask him about PLU K parfait and war of will. Then again, wouldn’t, I’m going to make it very easy for him to say no, because it’s a big ask when he’s playing in that contest and doing all those other things. But that is a good idea. Certainly the more Frank McGaughey the better. Who else did you want to hear about JK?

Maybe you can ask Nick. Yeah, well, the boss, man, he, he, uh, we have Jake on from time to time, we call him the Prince of chemo. I don’t think anyone deserves a title better than Nick to be the King of, of New York. When it comes back at us and Saratoga and Belmont with all the work that he did for so many times, ruined a lot at dinner with Nick at the table, with his laptop out, uh, carrying on typing up his, uh, his handicap.

And Nick, what do you think about this, uh, this Karen piece? I can’t say his name either to, uh, to our buddy taco for the high call or we’re calling them. Yeah, he’s, uh, he’s a tough breed. I think, uh, I mean, my opinion personally, is that what you saw from high call in the gossip is about what. Best case scenario you’re ever going to get for voice like high call.

And I know Richard Mirage was putting on Twitter that he was spending a lot of time looking up the Giacomo Derby and trying to get some, some pointers on maybe how to ride a deep one, run closer in the Kentucky Derby. But I just, I, I think it’s, first of all, it’s very tough to envision a meltdown scenario.

And second of all, if there was just one high call race, Around two turns that you could point to and say, Oh, if he runs that he’s in the mix, he just doesn’t have it. So I think it’s, he’s the kind of horse that you’re probably supposed to be critical of. And, and it’s funny, we’ve seen here in bring good horses to the Derby in the past.

That have underperformed. And some of them have, have gone on later in the year to do decent things like alpha back in 2012 enticed last year came in off a second place finish and then with Memorial and underperformed. And it’s actually not been seen since then. And it feels like high call is probably going that type of direction.

Ultimately he feels like yet another that we could see on Belmont day, probably more so in the Woody Stevens and the Belmont stakes. Gentlemen, we are out of time. I want to thank you all very much for coming on here tonight, helping us out in our triple crown draft. We will have you back on soon, both of you.

And, uh, but I’m going to let those get, let you guess can go. And I will wrap up with the rest of the listeners because I know we’ve got a lot of appointments to, uh, to get to, but just want to say one more time before you do. Thank you so much, Nick. Thank you guys enjoyed it. Yeah. Look forward to talking to you soon and thank you very much, Benny.

All right. We will be talking. Absolutely. We’ll get your, we’ll get your sound worked out and we’re going to have you back on soon to Benny Jake. Harry, can you hang for 30 seconds? Are you out of here too? Great. I just want to talk a little bit about some of the stuff we’ve got going on. You heard the bumper at the beginning of the show, you’ll hear one at the end special charity game for TRF and that is happening, uh, on Saturday.

We’re going to want to be involved in that. Are you around to join me on a live broadcast for that production meeting in the middle of the show? Uh, depends on the time, depending on it would be like last four at Keeneland and last for at aqueduct that can probably work. We’re not talking EPO, we’re talking.

New Braunfels so you can make it from the house. Gotcha. That will be a lot of fun. We’ve got some other fun stuff coming up. Debut of the first ever Niara bets late pick five podcast. That’s going to be happening later this week as well. He is a confirmed guest for number one, Paul Matisse. Going to be joining us first time in a while that we’ll have had the chance to talk to Paul on our own airwaves.

That’s going to be fun, going to be also hearing some good messages from our partners at lone star park, and very excited to help Woodbine kick off their season as well. So a lot of really good stuff is going to be happening later this week, stay tuned and you’ll be able to enjoy it all. J K, do you have a closing thought for the listeners before we wrap this one?

How about that game of Thrones last night? No spoilers, but we can talk about it generally. I feel like it’s still too early in the week. I thought it was good, you know, mostly set up, mostly set up, but there was some very cinematic, exciting scenes and some fun moments of, uh, again, no spoilers, some fun moments of awkwardness.

I’ll just leave it at that. You have anything you can say spoiler free about the episode. Lots of reunions. I’m excited about that. I tell you one thing I am a little bit bummed out about is that, uh, I had someone that got to me and took care of me very well and got me some, uh, the game of Thrones, Oreos.

My screen, I fell asleep on the couch, watching halfway through the episode. I had to watch the rest of it this morning. Oh my God, you fell asleep. How did you fall asleep? It was so exciting. Have you ever hung out with, uh, Vinnie South street before Kaitlin’s he was outing. I heard, I heard the drinking. I heard the drinking started at 10 30.

D did he have a dirty Shirley temple or was he, was he in screwdriver mode? He didn’t know, had it. He had a dirty orange juice and, uh, shout out to the dinner. Last night was very fun. It was, it was me, Sean Borman, uh, uh, also Duke Matisse. And then I, uh, knew a young player that, that sat with us this weekend.

His first live money contest he’s ever played. Uh, especially the big dollar one. He might’ve played a little one before, uh, Hudson Bay, miss a lot of fun. Very exciting young man getting involved in the games that college student, Utah, so fun hanging out with him last night. I like Hudson. We’ve had some interactions on social media.

He’s the only one that left the table with money, but we’ve allowed him to chip. We allowed him to chip in. On the, uh, on the final deck, you’re not supposed to do that with the college kids, but in that, that, that might just be an exception while we’re talking about other things we’ve got going on and Kingwood also, of course, we’ll be back this week with two more keen Lynn select podcasts.

That’s going to be certainly fun as well. Maybe we’ll get. A little bit more into your adventures, and I’m hoping for one of those shows JK to have Caitlin contest winner Faron, McKibben’s joining us. We’ll do some contest coverage as well. All right. That is going to do it for this episode. I want to thank Jonathan kitchen.

I want to thank. Benny South street. And I want to thank our old friend, Nick Tamra. We’re going to have to have him back for a more normal appearance soon. Hey, he’d be a pretty good one to have as a guest at some point. I wonder those Niara bets late pick five shows as well. Maybe we’ll rope him into that if he believes in our theory that no good deed should go unpunished.

I want to also thank our friends at 10 strike racing, thoroughbred retirement foundation. Most of all, I want to thank you. The listeners for making the show so much fun to do, and for supporting our new ventures too, the numbers are great out of the gate and that we thank you very much for this podcast has been a production of in the money media in the money media’s business manager is drew Kotani.

I’m Peter Thomas foreign Italian. May you win all your photos.

Hey, everybody. I want to remind you one more time. This super exciting project we’ve got cooking. It’s a $5,000 cash game with thoroughbred retirement foundation sponsors of this program and our friends at Derby Wars. We’ve got a charity game on Saturday, April 20th. It’s going to be accompanied by a broadcast.

It’s going to be a ton of fun. The game is going to cost $125 to play. And the entirety of the takeout is going to be donated to charity. That money is going to go straight to the thoroughbred retirement foundation. No house cut whatsoever. Then you can play along. I’ll be hosting a video broadcast on Saturday.

Live while these races are going on, it’s going to be an absolute hoot. So I want you to make sure to check that out, go to Derby As soon as that game is up, you can sign up for it. There’s also going to be feeders Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 25 per entry. No takeout on the feeder. You can check out the website.

And of course, as far as thoroughbred retirement foundation goes, you don’t just have to donate via. The Derby Wars, charity game, you could also give to them directly through our custom link that helps us out a lot. That one is T R F Inc. Org slash players. Check it out folks.

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