Show 64: Whitney Weekend Recap

PTF and JK deconstruct a long, fun weekend of stakes racing from Saratoga. Plus, some special bonus content of Boston broadcasting legend Bernie Corbett interviewing PTF live from The Brentwood in Saratoga.


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  • Please do not cast aside JK’s thought that Category 1 rules could be supplemented by post-race purse redistribution. This is already done for medication violations. The current system primarily benefits the wrong horse. A horse that has already finished second rather than third because the foul occurred gets promoted to first upon the DQ. What other judicial system does that? Also, if the fouled horse has lost more than one position as a result of the foul, the current system does not put its owner or jockey back in the position they would have achieved absent the foul. As JK suggested, by adding redistribution of the purse to the Category 1 rules, the financial impact on the fouling jockey could be the same as under the current rules, and the fouled jockey could be restored to his or her rightful compensation.

    Who are the defenders of the current system? Let’s have one on the podcast.

    Loved the Wally Pipp reference.

  • Went to school upstate for two years. The Genesee Cream All references had me laughing out loud. You make a great guest on your own Podcast lol.

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