Show 93: The Degenerate’s Gift Giving Guide

We’re so excited about this one, we’re dropping it early. Initially scheduled for Black Friday, this Degenerate’s Gift Giving Guide will give you ideas for yourself and your DG loved ones this holiday season. From bourbon to books to binoculars, we’ve got you covered. Hosted by PTF with scads of guests, including a special appearance by JK.


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  • Although this was more “lifestyle” oriented than I personally would have preferred, I appreciated the variety of choices and loved the Chris Andrews and JK segments.

    You can put me in the “book guy” category. Towards the end of the podcast, you mentioned having some books available. I’m especially interested in Mike Maloney’s book, and possibly others. I’d love to know more.

    • Hey Tom, your comment got buried unfortunately. If you’re still interested in books, holler at me through the “contact” link on the site.

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