Special Podcast Live from Lucky Baldwin’s

PTF and JK are here to talk you through the results at this year’s Breeders’ Cup.


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  • PTF,
    The piece you wrote about Breeders cup and post Breeders cup was more than special. ITM listeners should appreciate your want to address the itm fan base;stating you would want to have something to listen to post BC as well- So THANK YOU. Overall it was such great championship one of the best I can remember until the last stretch.If you didn’t shed a tear or come close to shedding a tear this Breeders cup then you don’t have passion for the sport.. Not just by the tragic loss of Mongolian Groom ,but all the hard work that goes into every(HORSE,owner, trainer, groomsman, Bloodstock, Breeders ,etc ) and the gratification of winning and the narrative behind it. You couldn’t of addressed this situation any better. Well done once again. This “muscle” podcast is one to remember 💪. Thanks PTF, Jk ,and the itm family. Sincerely- Spencer vandenDool

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