Talk Racing To Me with Naomi – Ep20 Maggie Wolfendale

Show 20 is quite the anniversary episode! The one and only Maggie Wolfendale, the Queen of NYRA, joins Naomi this week.

When Maggie talks, everyone listens. Her sharp eye and extensive knowledge of all the runners have made her a popular and unique member of the broadcasting team. Aside from paddock analysis, she’s a host, a handicapper and she conducts horse back interviews to boot. The national Fox Sports shows such as Saratoga Live and America’s Day at the Races wouldn’t be the same without her.

Naomi and Maggie go over the Forego and Sword Dancer fields, reflect on the most impressive 2YO performances at Saratoga, dive into Maggie’s equine and professional history, her role as on air talent in combination with being an assistant and exercise rider to her husband Tom Morley and so much more.

What are you waiting for? Check it out.

Photocredit: Adam Coglianese/NYRA

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  • It looked like you were using a dressage saddle when you were on the track recently…my daughter used to ride at what was once a fairly “posh” arena in Buffalo and a rat appeared in a nearby stall and the neighboring lady screamed. My daughter said its only a rat that lives in that stall all the time. The lady answered “we (that is a royal we) always scream when we see a rat…

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