Talk Racing To Me with Naomi – Ep27 Euro Breeders’ Cup – Vanessa Binnie Ryle

Tune in to the ultimate Breeders’ Cup European point of view!

Vanessa Binnie Ryle, Sky Sports Racing Presenter and producer in the United Kingdom, gives us behind the scenes insight into the Euros going over this year.
Naomi chimes in with her point of view, whilst admitting she’ll always be a Euro at heart.

The show includes a head to head side bet between Vanessa and Naomi…
BC Juvenile Turf:
Vanessa – New Mandate
Naomi – Cadillac
BC Turf:
Vanessa – Mogul
Naomi – Magical

Naomi is off to the Breeders’ Cup as of this Monday, catch her, PTF, JK, Nick Luck and Matt Bernier on site throughout the week.

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