Talk Racing To Me with Naomi – Ep39 Jonathon Kinchen

Prepare to learn something new about JK + have a laugh!

Saratoga stories, tax lessons, his career before racing (!!), horse tattoos, special numbers you name it Naomi and Jonathon covered it.

The co-founder of the In The Money network like you’ve never heard before. This time it isn’t solely about his well founded opinion and insight, this show highlights Jonathon’s background story, family and career path. Grab a drink and sit back. This is a good one.

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  • Just catching up to the non-handicapping pods while the tracks I follow are all closed…

    A tremendous interview and it was even better than expected!

    I especially like JK’s suggestions for making track attendance more fun and trying to bring horse racing to the younger demographic. I have espoused these same ideas for years and had hopes tat someday Suffolk Downs, which could be reached by rapid transit in Boston, would market itself to the huge college crowd in the city just in the way JK described – cheap beer, party atmosphere and done by sundown, leaving plenty of time for more partying or at least the return trip home by subway car.

    Fair Grounds used to have “wallet day” once per year, where they gave out branded (cheap vinyl) wallets with a “mystery voucher” inside, worth anywhere from $2 to $500. It was an extremely popular promotion. A higher admission price coupled with an equal value voucher (and program and pp’s) is something I am firmly in favor of.

    Delta Downs used to have (maybe they still do?) free beer tickets with admission and at the teller windows, like in Vegas. Betting even nominal amounts would get you the voucher, for cheap keg beer. Another great idea.

    As far as shortening the time between races, I am against it. Do we not treasure our time in the Eddie Logan suite or the “Secret Spot” or just between the paddock and the rail to hobnob, drink beer and make new friends? If anything, I wish that the time between races were longer. But to address the lack of action, why not purposefully broadcast a sister track (like SA and GG) between races and encourage betting on both the live and sister track? Would that be like an increase in action?

  • JK is a breath of fresh air and I love him. I hope he has thawed out from Frozen Planet Texas. Good job Naomi, you are kicking ass on your show.

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