The Matt Bernier Show | Ep. 170 | August 30, 2023

On this week’s show, Matt discusses the opening of the 2023 Kentucky Downs meeting. Also, Matt goes over a couple of runners that Adelphi Racing will send out at Saratoga on Friday. As a reminder, you can sign up for the FREE Players’ Newsletter at – This weekly newsletter, sent on Friday, is a hub for horse racing content from the ITM Team and our partners. If you want even more premium handicapping analysis, including exclusive podcasts, detailed written analysis, and show notes from the free podcasts, please check out ITM Plus –

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  • I enjoy listening to you because you provide useful information in an easy to digest manner. I’d love to chat offline sometime. I’m going to put your quote “The modern-day game is about a score” on my board. I get it. That’s a conclusion I have come to this year. If you knew how many I’ve hit that I should have hammered, you’d be depressed. Best of luck at KD!

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