Weekend Preview for Hambletonian, Monmouth, and Woodbine

PTF hosts a varied show, kicking off with the Adelphi Racing Club performance of the week — one with special relevance for him.

Then, Mike Pribozie and Ray Cotolo are here to tell you all you need to know about the two harness legs of Saturday’s cross country bet — it’s Hambletonian Day!

Eric Solomon is here with thoughts on Monmouth.

And Drew Coatney closes us out with thoughts on Woodbine.

NOTE: Saratoga Saturday is covered on two other shows, one with Steven Crist, the other a Final Answers show with JK, Vanessa Ryle, and Philip Shelton. Look for those elseweher on your feed or the ITM website.

ALSO NOTE: You can find Del Mar coverage via In the Money Plus.

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