Show #16 – Friday, February 15 (McGoey Time)

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“Frank McGoey joins PTF and JK to go over all of the graded stakes races at Fair Grounds on Saturday. Plus, the “Inside” story of JK’s peacekeeping mission in Las Vegas.”

Unofficial show description:

“Worth it for the Musket Man story alone.”

OK, gotta run. Lots of cool things happening. Really looking forward to Monday’s show with special guest — and big podcast listener — NHC winner Scott Coles!

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Your listening to the, in the money players podcast. Hello. Hello, and welcome to the in the money players podcast. This is episode 16, the February 15th. Make that. Friday, February 15th edition. I’m your host, Peter Thomas foreign, a towel back with you in the Brooklyn bunker out of Las Vegas. Happy to be back home.

Boy, that was a weekend that I need at least a week to recover from. But we had a great time out there. Still happy to be home and back to some sense of normalcy blogging over at, in the money and talking to you all here on the, in the money players podcast, few notes to go over. But first I want to bring in the co-host of this program.

He is the demagogue of [00:01:00] degeneracy. He is the people’s champion back from the planet, Texas Jonathan kitchen, JK WhatsApp. PTF. What’s the word? Yeah. I’m, I’m still, I’m still struggling. I don’t care. What you go to Vegas for coming back from Vegas is, is challenging in its own. Right. And I think most of the reason it’s so challenging is like the smoke and the casinos and the dry air.

It feels like my like nose is like, like just like, just like raw inside from breathing and all that nonsense. But, uh, I’m, I’m, I’m in the, I’m in the recovery zone right now. It should be okay here in the next day or so try air smoke combo is a killer. I came back and got sick. I haven’t been sick hardly all winter and definitely been playing hurt for the last couple of days.

Not sure what can be done about that. I don’t think there are any smoke-free casinos and certainly wouldn’t be the ones we’d be hanging out for the NHC. Right. Um, I got a question though. We actually, this, this came up in one of the funny conversations you have in Vegas. Do you predict at any point in any time that Vegas will ever [00:02:00] become smoke-free?

I feel like it’s just antithetical to the very concept. I could see a high-end place. Say maybe trying it, but I don’t know, man. It just feels, it feels off-brand doesn’t it. Yeah, but didn’t you always probably mean didn’t 20 years ago. Like, you know, someone in your family say to you, like there’s no way that a bar in New York city will ever not allow smoking.

There’s thought that I don’t think I probably thought it too, but it’s not. Nobody goes to New York city to smoke. You go to Las Vegas to quote unquote sin. It’s in the damn name of the nickname of the city. So to put any limitations on, you know, uh, Liberty. It just doesn’t feel right to me. I, in a very different way than smoking bans elsewhere do and believe me, I love it.

It’d be the greatest thing for me personally. It just doesn’t feel like something I handicapped to happen. What do you obviously think it might. No, I don’t. I mean, I’ve wishful. It’d be nice if they did, but no, I don’t think they ever will. It’s like you said, it’s they want to [00:03:00] keep the freedoms alive there then again, um, the Disnification who knows maybe someplace we’ll step out and yeah.

The thing is I only ever go there for work low key. I don’t really like Las Vegas, you know? I mean, I love seeing my friends. I love being at a big tournament, but it’s just too much of a situation where not for one minute, you can, you pretend that everybody around you, isn’t trying to separate you from your money.

In a way that just make my city senses go off and look, I’m not going to cut off my nose to spite my face when I’m there, I’m going to enjoy it. And the restaurants are fun and I feel bad. I never have time to go see the shows like my man, Dan Hart does seeing all the cool old rockers out there. But for me, it’s just, it’s not a destination.

It’s a place I have to go for work. What? You like it more? Yeah. Yeah. Uh, I liked it more when I was young. I mean, it’s still fun. It’s exciting. I tweeted the other day, like the cab ride from the airport to your hotel has never not been exciting for me going to Vegas. It’s always like [00:04:00] a fun moment of excitement.

There’s nothing more fun than that first, you know, roulette on black bet that I do with my suitcase in my hand. Um, it’s just, uh, you know, and that part of it’s fun, but then like, It can get old pretty quick. Cause it is like kind of a non-stop feel and knowing how the rest of your weekend in Vegas went.

I could only assume this time when you did your, your black action bet that it came up red. No, I hit that’s it. That’s why it’s not supposed to happen like this because I have a good weekend. I hit it. Yeah. So, uh, it, it was fun. We had a good time though. I mean, I, I always like being there just the same as you and, and, uh, and just, you know, you just kinda moving around.

It’s, it’s a fun city, but I just, I don’t like it as much as I used to. To have fun at the hockey game though. I will say that that’s one of the coolest sporting events I’ve been to. Um, I’ve been to hockey games before, you know, obviously the stars here in Dallas and I was going to those games when they were really good and winning Stanley cups.

I’ve been to a lot of sporting events. Well, you know, Superbowls and all kinds of stuff. The hockey game, they do a really, really good job. Making it a show. [00:05:00] We are going to get to our very special guest, Frank McGaughey in a minute or two, but I did want to make one public service announcement. But actually even before that, let’s loop back to the hockey game, it looks like you had an interesting little encounter between periods with a man.

I thought you would have never exchanged pleasantries wit based on your previous social interactions on Twitter, our man inside the pylons. How did that come about? And how did that go? Are you guys boys now? Look, I’ve made a lot of comments about him on here. So I think it’s only fair to make this comment.

I reached out to a mutual friend and just said like, look either like, just either, like, don’t say my name anymore or meet me when I’m in Vegas and let’s talk like humans and to his credit, he met me and we talked one morning downstairs before everyone got there while I was getting ready, come the NHC.

That conversation didn’t go great. It was a lot of disagreements and, and like I said, in a tweet there’s, you know, I think we probably both said some things that were at least [00:06:00] semi insulting to one another, but it never got like weird and like, you know, and I was like a fight or anything. It was just know disagreements.

And then it just kind of ended there and, uh, walked by him at one point, he like, you know, said, hello. And it was not a big deal. Then at the hockey game, uh, he called my bluff. I was trying to be cute. And I said, I bet inside the pylons, won’t buy me a beer between the second and the third. And he said, meet me here.

So, you know, he called my bluff. I had to go. And then I went and we talked and he was nice. He was pleasant to me, to my girlfriend. He was, he was with Jason beam and, and, and dank. And so, and then I just kinda asked him, what’s the quickest way to get out of here when the game’s over. Cause he goes to a lot of the games.

He gave me some advice and then he messaged me during that and offered a ride and he gave us a ride back to the hotel. I thought it was very nice and generous and very. I don’t, I don’t want to say mature cause that’s kind of condescending, but like, just like, you know, like it was, I would struggle at times to do something as nice as that.

So you did just now and so, yeah. I don’t think we’re ever going to be best friends or agree about everything in the [00:07:00] world. I think there’s a sense of respect when th that, that happens when people get out from behind the keyboard, um, myself. Um, and so. Um, yeah, I think it’s a happy ending for what it’s worth.

What kind of beer did he buy? You know, you didn’t buy me a beer. He still tells me that it was quick, but the lines were long and we kind of got there at the last second because he was somewhere where I thought he was different, you know, whatever it worked out. All right. The other thing I wanted to talk about.

Is this London half marathon that I’m doing for charity. It’s a great cause Make-A-Wish UK. I have set up a, just giving page, but we’re going to do this with a twist JK. When you donate money, you get the opportunity. To win what I’m calling simply a fabulous prize package, which I will cater to the individual who wins.

It’s not a raffle, what you have to do to win the fabulous prize package is guests my time in the London half, I’ve got in a blog post from earlier this week, which I’ll [00:08:00] send out again. Some relevant statistics. The time from the last time I did a half marathon, as well as my most recent 10 K time, you can sort of project out, take your guests of where I’m going to finish.

If you guess it right, you will win. And what might this package be? It depends if you’re somebody who’s a novice handicapper interested in getting involved, I will send you an amazing package of books about horse racing and handicapping. If you’re a booze person, I may send you an entire cocktail kit with a recipe bottles, et cetera.

If you’re somebody who’s up in Saratoga or down in the city, come over a Tony, uh, Tony, the pony made the comment at the NAC that I made the best ribs he’s ever had. Well, you know what. If you win and you’re in Saratoga, we’ll do a whole, a barbecue thing with the smoker out in the backyard at the little house on the back of the East side.

So whatever you want, basically we’ll work something out. That’s fun. Really the goal here is to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation, U K, [00:09:00] and you can get in on this. I will send around the link via Twitter. You can go to the blog post at, in the money Those are going to probably be the easiest ways.

JK, can I count on your support? Absolutely. I’m I’m, I’m Google I’m handicapping right now, trying to find out where I’m going to, where I’m going to, uh, where I’m going to be. I like it. No inside info for me. You get no special treatment just because you’re my pod. Co-host and I told Susan the same thing.

Have you done a marathon before? I’ve done a half before? Well, are you going to give us your time for the habits and the blog posts? Are you going to. Like aggravates and not give us

all kinds of trouble here at J K all kinds of editing, not, Oh, no, I’m not editing that out. I’ll leave it in. I’m going to leave it in. It’s a fair it’s fair comment. And I’ll also tell you this general racing industry comment. The times that I publish in the blog post, they will actually be correct.

[00:10:00] All right. That’s enough of that silliness, unless you’ve got anything else. I think it is time to bring in our man. You ready for this? J K here is our chat with Frank McGaughey and now I’d like to welcome to the end, the money players podcast for his debut visit Frank McGaughey Frank what’s up. Oh no.

The day at the racetrack, no place. I’d rather be just leaving the fairgrounds this morning. You were out watching the workouts this morning. I was come out probably a couple of days, at least a couple of days a week. I don’t, I’m not working with any spotters or any, uh, anybody at the gap. I just do it on my own.

Um, and, um, I’ll call if it’s really busy day, I try to concentrate on the gate works because there’s fewer, it’s easier to figure out who they were when the work tab comes out. But on the slow days, like Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, when they have a relatively small number of workers, Um, I could figure it out.

I know all the saddle pads and I can match up times and markings and, [00:11:00] uh, I always leave with some knowledge I didn’t have before I got here. So yeah, I like coming out in the morning. How do you keep track of your notes? I’m handwriting in a notebook. And then, uh, once the work tab gets published on Equibase, um, I’ll go through it.

And if I have to watch a replay or two, um, I’ll watch that just to make sure it was the horse. I thought it was, um, I got to do it. I have to do it the same day because I found it if I try to wait and. Do a couple of days at once. My recall isn’t as good as if I do it the same day. Um, I’ll just take some quick notes on them.

Get the times when, uh, I just keep my eyes on the half mile pole and the fight for a long call. And when somebody breaks off, I’ll get them to the wire and then check them on a Gallop out and the double Gallop out. And I record all that stuff that it’s been profitable this year. So it’s been good. You looking for, are you more concerned with the time or more how the horse is doing it and what are you looking for in terms of the ladder?

I’m much more concerned with how the horse is doing it. I mean, I really think [00:12:00] FaceTime works are unnecessary. It’s how they just, how they’re traveling, how they carry themselves, how they finished it, they finished, like they got something left. Um, how were they on a Gallop out Gallup? Out’s really important to me.

I want to see them like, they want to do more after the wire. Um, I don’t like backwards works where they start early in the, slowing down through the work. I’d much rather let them finish then and do it the right way. And they, you know, these horses tip themselves. They do, they really tell you when they’re sitting on it.

Where did you learn about horseflesh? Just years of coming out here, I started, uh, I started coming to the track. Um, I can tell you this. I know you can look this up. I want to say it’s in the early eighties. I had it, my best friend in high school’s uncle was the track superintendent here at the fairgrounds.

His name was Roy fabric and he was also, uh, in addition to be the track superintendent. He also split time as the stall super. The trainers you still like to be in as good favor because they get the barns that they want. Of [00:13:00] course, and the number of stalls. And he had an office right off the paddock and the old fairgrounds, and he had a bar in there.

Me and my buddy would hang out in there and run bets for these guys. You know, the trainers would come in and say, Hey, Roy, you know, you really need to make a bet on this horse. And he had, he had set it up. They had this one teller. That we were like 14, 15 years old. We could go to the teller and they, she knew we were battling for Roy and he’d usually give us a 110 bucks, a hundred for himself and 10 for us.

And we’d go run that. And I can, I do remember. So I remember in 1983 or 80 it’s I think it’s 83. You can look it up Balbo and native one, the Louisiana Derby. And I think that was the first time Lucas came in new Orleans with a horse for the Derby. And Lucas, somehow he knew Roy Farrell. He told him to bet on that horse and he set us in there with 120 that day.

We got there about 20 on. Then we got to go take down the temporary rails with the maintenance, grew his maintenance crew, so they could [00:14:00] bring the horse in the infield for the, they used to do the winners circle in the hedges, in the infield, at the factory in the old days. So going back to your original question, I kind of got off on you there, I guess just years and years of being around horses more.

Um, I’ve owned a couple and just the more you’re around them, you get to see them and you get to kind of know what looks good and what doesn’t look good. The way a horse moves away carries himself, stuff like that. Just experience like, again, just like anybody you’ve met in this game, that’s a good handicapper.

They usually started or had a relative that started them young because it’s just layer after layer of experience. And it’s just the same way with looking at horse flushing, in my opinion, that seems like a good segue to asking you about this year’s NHC, where we saw so many players without the benefit of experience that we’re used to seeing at the final table doing well, including our overall winner, Scott Coles.

Who’s going to be a guest on this podcast next week. What do [00:15:00] you think when you see these young guys having success? I, you know, I think it’s great. Uh, it’s the game is definitely changing. Um, I’m not sure what tools they use. And I do think there are a lot more analytical and using a lot different stuff than I use.

Um, um, mostly site and trip notes in line figures, stuff like that. Um, I know these guys are looking at a lot of stats and stuff like that, but I’m not on the whole other end of the spectrum is what makes us game so great. I rode the elevator with Chris. Littlemore the guy that won it last year and finished, uh, you know, in the top 10 again this year.

And he shows up with a racing form and a pen. I mean, I told him, I said, this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen that you’re back to back at the final table. It’s incredible. So. There’s more than one way to skin. A cat is all approved and then you sprinkle on some luck and the sky’s the limit.

That’s right. That’s right. Fantastic game. It really is [00:16:00] JK. I know you’ve got some questions for Frank. Yeah, I just need to know what, what game’s code is. I, you know, a reference to the world, horse players to our pilot at one point, uh, the teller, Jimmy asked you if you’re going all in and you say, absolutely  yeah.

What does that mean? You know, I that’s some old racetrack this guy that, uh, he was actually my little league coach. He used to say that all the time, he was like, he was down to his last book, you know? So that was, that was my last play. It was the last button on games code. I don’t know. I swear to God, I stole it.

I totally stole it from him. This guy was a character, his name’s Frank Mowbray and uh, and Paul Mateus is actually, but you’ve met him. Jonathan. You met him at Saratoga. I think he’s an old guy. He was my, he was my little league baseball coach and I saw him in the parking lot. He actually, he wound up marrying somebody.

Who was, who was my age? So like [00:17:00] 25 years younger than him. Anyway, I see him in the parking lot. The fairgrounds, this is 30 years ago. He says, I didn’t know you liked the horses. I said, yeah, yeah. I liked the horses because we used to watch the last in the parking lot. So we could beat the traffic out of here.

It was back in the days when people actually went to the racetrack and it was packed. So he says, listen, I’m going out of town. Uh, the, the Orleans handicaps this weekend, make sure you bet on a horse called intrusion. And it was Larry Milan. So I rode the horse and I said, all right, great. I said, well, since you gave me one, I’ll give you one, a friend of mine is running the first time started called pocket drop.

Well, I don’t have to tell you that intrusion one in new Orleans handicap that year at nine Oh one and pocket drop focus and Baden paid 36 bucks. And he, I don’t know how he got my phone number, but he tracked me down when he got back from out of town and he was going skiing or something, he got back for ski and he said, we need to start going to the races together.

No horses together for 30 years. Oh, that’s fantastic. I wanted to ask you about your experience on the world. HorsePlayers tour pilot. Did that, [00:18:00] uh, did that get you any extra attention? Did you, did you have people coming up to you talking about that? Or how was your experience and what was the reaction to it?

Yeah, it was fantastic. It was fun. Um, I think it’s a great format and I hope it catches on, uh, I did have a lot of people that watched it and said, you know, they thought I had done a good job and then, uh, They liked everything about it. I mean, granted, I only hang around racing guys, so they should like it.

I mean, anything involving race and they’re going to like, but, but, uh, they all did. And I guess, you know, if that’s the audience you got to hit. That’s great. I know a lot of the old school players who watched, found themselves nothing against, uh, the young guys at the table, but found themselves gravitating towards you.

What is it about this racetrack life, the racetrack culture that’s so appealing to you personally for well as a number of things. Uh, I like a lot of the. Kind of shady part of it, to be honest with you, you got a chance to make a score. [00:19:00] Well, you know, there’s always some shenanigans at the track going on.

I mean, uh, this, it says there’s somebody working an angle, even if it’s dropping, claiming horses and trying to hide works and all that kind of stuff. I love all that. I think it’s fantastic. And then, uh, every race every day, I’m so filled with optimism. Um, I’m serious when I tell you, I mean, I can get buried three days in a row and I will wake up on the fourth day and I’m like, I’ve got three bad backs.

I’m going to kill him today. You know what I mean? Every day I’m excited to dive in and see if there’s an opportunity. My friend William Murray, the late great racing writer had an expression he’d used, and it didn’t matter how bad the day was at the end of the day. He could say there’s always fresh. And that, that seems to me to be what you’re describing, that attitude that there’s always fresh.

There’s always more to come. The eternal promise a losing day. Isn’t a losing day. So much as our inevitable victory has simply been deleted. I need another day. I really [00:20:00] believe in that. Uh, see guys. At the track who feel like they gotta catch back to get even for the day. And, and I try to tell them, you got to change your way of thinking.

I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s a marathon. It’s not a sprint. I mean, they run so many days. There’s so many opportunities to bet you just got to show a profit at the end of the year or the end of the month or whatever it is. I mean, there’s no, there’s no sense in chasing he waited for the right opportunity and then take advantage of it.

The poker expression comes to mind. When you say that, the idea that it’s all one long game, it is. Yeah, no doubt about it. No doubt about it. Right? I know you focus mostly on, uh, on Louisiana. How are you? Are you playing Delta at night? Are you, are you Louisiana and, and fairgrounds, like, what’s kind of your schedule when it comes to juggling the Louisiana tracks, there’s usually two running at one single time.

So how do you usually handle that? Correct. So, so I do, um, I spend more time on [00:21:00] fairgrounds than I do Delta, but I do do the replays for both watching them take trip notes on both and just the nature of Delta. It being in a bull ring. It’s tougher to predict in my opinion. So I spot play there, but I I’m definitely always juggling two tracks.

And in the summer, it’s Louisiana down and evangelists and Louisiana is during the day evangelists at night. I’m. Honestly wish that the state would get away from that and divide the racing days equally amongst the four tracks, it would make for better racing, everywhere, full of fields and better wager on opportunities.

And, and I’m not so sure that any of these tracks would have a problem with it too. I just don’t know why they, nobody suggested it. You know, it would just make a better practice in general. You’ve been around the game a minute. Frank, how has your handicapping process evolved over time and how important is it to keep growing as a horseplayer?

I think it’s, it’s crucial to keep growing. Um, you got to keep working. Uh, Jonathan knows [00:22:00] this from, from being a tour champion. I mean, to be successful in this game, you have got to work your butt off. And you can’t stop it. It’s it’s every day you gotta keep up with things. Um, when I’m away for any extended period of time.

Uh, a couple of years ago, I went to Europe for two weeks with the wife. And when I got back, I was like lost in as far as handicapping, I’m going to, I just had to. Get back in the groove. It took me a good month and a half before. I felt like I was in my routine. I stick to a routine with my handicap and I’m an early riser.

I like to do it when I’m have no interruptions. And I’m usually handicap in one or two days in advance. I mean like today I got up this morning, I’m up at four, from four to five. I’m looking at fairgrounds for Sunday, skimming, uh, Oaklawn for Sunday. And then at five 30, I headed out to the track to, they started trending at five 45.

And I’ll just stay in that routine. I usually try to take two days off a week, but five days a week, I’m doing it [00:23:00] as far as adding things to your game over time. Speak to that for a minute. Part of what I’m doing these days, like coming out to the track, um, especially when the fairgrounds is running. I like seeing the horses in person, uh, you know, in, in live and, and training and they don’t even have to be working.

I like to see them so attract like the fairgrounds where they enter a week in advance. It’s really an advantage. I can take a look at an overnight and see who entered and know that the next day, seven days out, they’re probably gonna work or at least blow out in the next couple of days, getting ready for that race.

So when I get to see that. I mean, if I have an opinion and I get to see the horses doing well, I could bet with confidence and you know, one thing about this game, you’re not right a lot, but when you are right, you got a score, the NAC, uh, this past weekend, uh, what percentage do you think, uh, were, were plays made at fairgrounds considering that’s kind of your home track?

And, you know, we all kind of identify a track as [00:24:00] our home track that gives us the most comfort, but sometimes it doesn’t always lead to us playing most of our stuff there cause the. You, you understand what the real value of a race might be because of your, uh, of your, um, understanding? How much do you think you played at fairgrounds?

Over the last year? I was definitely weighted with my, uh, with the, the plays where I got to select, you know, my free selections. I was wedded to a fairgrounds because they had some races. That I had interest in horses that were going to be the right price the last day on Friday, that 40 to one shot at the fairgrounds.

Uh, that was one of the races I needed a 41 shot at that point, but that was one of the races that was a horse I had pre-identified there’s always, whenever I do good in, in these and PR I mean, not pick and pray, but when it plays tournaments, it seems that there’s a formula for me. Um, you know, the mandatories, I approach a lot different than the other races, uh, but there’s always a formula.

I’m going to, you know, I hear some people say I’m not taking a horse on the eight to one. Uh, and I, I, I, I, that never works for [00:25:00] me. It’s always a mix of a couple of favorites, some mid-price horses and a couple of bombs that are pre identified by me. Before I go in that, I think have a chance that I know I’m going to take a swing at, I never seem to be able to stab at 20 to one shots when you need it and have them win.

It just doesn’t seem to work for me. So. The fairgrounds card this past weekend at NAC fit, the kind of horses I wanted, I was looking for. They had some favorites that I thought, you know, okay, this is a good, good spot for this horse. He’s going to win. I can bet you might be five to two. I can bank 10 points or something like that.

And then they had something like the last race on Friday. Well, I never dreamed that horse was going to be 40 to one. I thought he might be 15, but she was 15 and GL Dawn. And so it all worked. I mean, I was definitely weighted. I’d say. 60% of my, my free selections came at fairgrounds this past weekend. How did you get into contest, Frank?

And how important [00:26:00] are they these days to your business model as it were? That’s a good question. How, again, I know the first handicapping contest I ever went to was out at the Orleans. I had a friend, a bookmaker friend from Baton Rouge who went out to Vegas. I think he had gotten in some trouble in, in, goes out to Vegas and meets all these guys like the Mattise brothers.

And Aldo Pena, these guys from New York and New Jersey who moved out there, basically because of the rebates that the Orland was offering. And, uh, yeah, he sets each calling back home. He said, man, y’all got to come out here. They got this handicap and tournament and he’s telling us all about it. So we went out there that was 2007 and I had started taking notes, uh, trip notes on fairgrounds tracks on my own and keep them like in a notebook.

And, uh, I mean, that was a lot of work and tedious, but I knew it was necessary to be successful. And I met those guys out there. Um, I wanna meet in [00:27:00] Aldo and, and Paul and Duke, and they didn’t have anybody that was doing anything at the Louisiana tracks. And, uh, I kind of mashed with what they were doing and, uh, I joined up with those guys and been doing that and playing contest ever since now that I don’t play a whole lot of the winter place contest, uh, the cash contest.

I mean, a lot of my years built around the, well now the Pegasus, the BCBC and the KTBC. I mean, those are great opportunities to make money. Your brother of course has one of the great achievements in handicapping contest history. He’s really the only person to have won two majors with his back-to-back BC wins, any element of sibling rivalry that somebody like me say has spilled.

So many more words on your brother than on you. When you’ve been doing this so much longer. No, not at all. I’ve ruined, I’ve ruined Patrick when it comes to gambling. I mean, now horse racing is his first love. He he’s, he always tells me, I mean, he [00:28:00] was a very good golfer in college and, and, uh, you know, throughout his whole adult life.

And, uh, but he says, you know, now he stands over a putt and he’s like, bored. It’s like, I wonder if I’m blabbing the pic floor, but no, I don’t. I, I mean, I want him to be greatly successful. He’s very generous. He always takes care of me every, the, so Patrick and I, I’ve got, I’ve got three of three brothers, but Patrick and I, um, We talk every day and that’s because of the horses.

I mean, I, I send them a rundown every day of anything I like. And then they’ll call me if he has time in between, you know, billable hours that he’s going to be playing, they go over stuff. I’ve got another brother. My older brother is a lawyer. Patrick’s the only other brother that’s got gambling. I’m like me too.

Uh, my oldest brother’s a lawyer. He, he, if he was at the track with me and I told him I fixed the race, he might bet 20 bucks. I mean, he’s just not gonna, he’s not firing. And then my youngest brother, Paul he’s, you know, it’s a bunch of restaurants [00:29:00] and, uh, he’s just doesn’t seem to be interested in him when he went to the, we all, we had all the McGaughey boys at one Derby, um, together.

And that was the mind that bird year and believe it or not, we went up scored in that race. It’s a long, it’s a, it’s an hour story as to how all these pieces fell in place, but it just happened. And, but, uh, the group of us, we probably made 200,000 like 10 guys. It was great. And, uh, and I told my other, my.

My civilian brothers, Patrick, I mean Tommy and Paul, you know, a lot, not, they’re not in the war every day. Like me and Patrick, I said, y’all, don’t even think about coming back to the Derby. I said it doesn’t get any better than that. You know? I mean, you’ll, you’ll only ruin your experience. Remember this, you got a memory.

Hold on to it. I know they haven’t been back yet. I know you said it was an hour story and I won’t make you do that, but is there any way we can get the cliff notes of how you landed on that horse? Mine, that bird. Yes. Oh, okay. Yeah. Yeah. So, Oh, another [00:30:00] friend of mine, John Holmes, he’s got a memory, like an elephant.

He forgets nothing when it comes to horses. And I had told him, uh, early on the year Birdstone was a three-year-old that I thought Birdstone was a nice horse. Well, he winds up betting on Birdstone in the Belmont. Right. Was it, when did the Belmont Birdstone one or was it the Travis? Can’t remember he went both.

Okay. Well what did Denny bet on twice? How’s that? So he scores. So we’re at dinner, uh, the Thursday night before the Derby in Louisville. And he says, what about this mind? That bird. And I said, you’ve got a better chance of seeing God, you’ve got no chance. I’m telling you, I’m not kidding you and my horse that you was tired near the Nile.

Right. And so, um, anyway, so he’s, now I tell him that, but he’s still gonna use them anyway. Cause he’s just like, feels [00:31:00] obligated. Right? So we’re staying at the crown Plaza and uh, I’m down in the. Computer room one morning, like five in the morning print and forms is doing something. And this guy walks in, uh, he’s an older guy and he’s got, uh, uh, a younger guy with him and this smoking hot Asian girl.

That’s what, uh, and, and, uh, he says, Hey, you, look, you look like, you know what you’re doing? I was reading the form of something. And he says, I said, okay. He said, does my horse ever shot in the Derby? I said, who’s your horse? He says, musket, man. I said, you know what I said? I think you can get a slice with the right ride.

I mean, you drew, well, I think you did. We definitely have a chance. So he introduces himself, his name is Vic Carlson and, uh, and he introduces this girl as his girlfriend. He tells me proceeds to tell me the story of how he named muskets musket, man, which is that when they first met, he had to [00:32:00] slow it down and explain to her.

That he was a musket man. You could only fill them up and he was going to fight. Once you said he couldn’t keep up with it. I swear to God. I swear to God. So

for a few hours, fast forward a few hours and I’m reading the, I guess it was Oaks Friday, and this was like on Thursday of their B week. And I dunno, it was Friday. Um, I, I S I got warriors reward is jumping off the page at me. Ian Wilkes was, and I’m like in love. I think it was the unwelcome, whereas Warren, I love him.

And why? Like, this is the best bet I’ve ever seen. He’s cutting back. I mean, this is going to hit him right in the eyes. I love it. So I’m telling all these guys, all the guys on our trip that we’re going to make the score we’re betting on Warrior’s reward. And then I’ve also told them the story about musket, man, they’re laughing just like each other were.

And so here comes. Vic Carlson and the smoking girlfriend [00:33:00] back from the track after watching the horse work, you know, Gallup a train that morning. I said he has a guy here, so I bring Vicky over to my group and we introduce him and we’re all laughing and joking. And he says, he goes, listen, I got a horse for you guys.

You’re not going to believe this. He said I was leaving a track and this guy, isn’t a Cadillac. He backs up my car, my rental car and the guy’s all apologizing. And his name’s Jerry Hissom he’s Calvin Burrell’s ages. And he told us whatever we do, make sure we better warriors reward. The next day. I said, this is unbelievable.

You can’t make this stuff up. Well, Nico is say the next day when warriors ward went from last to first at hit the lead at the eighth pole, literally. Not the box we were at outside was shaking. We, we was screaming so much. There’s no telling how much money we won with that deal. So then the Vick Carlson guy, he got my number some kind of way.

He’s [00:34:00] calling me. Did you bet? Did you bet? I’m like, yeah. We’d bet. Thank you. Yeah, I’m going crazy. This guy, he was such a nice guy on the Derby walkover. You know, w when they walk over with the horses, he’s walking over with musket man, and my cell phone’s ringing with this number and I looked down and it’s Vic cross, and he’s calling while he’s walking over to the horse.

Hey, do you see us? We’re on a track and I’m going, what are you doing? I mean, you just met me three days ago. You’re walking always for only Derby walk in your life, get off the phone. It, it was insane. So anyway, that’s how the story went down, that we wound up on my horse was pioneer. The Nile. Vic Carlson gift wrap musket, man.

And Birdstone gave us my dad bird and. The really sad part of the whole deal was that if musket man who got bumped by pioneer the now right at the wire, if he gets second that year, we would have hit the super. And it, it, it would have paid a million bucks. I mean, I think it did pay a million bucks, but we would’ve had it.

It might’ve [00:35:00] paid more. You were Mo you mostly hit picks in there or how did it, uh, how did it go down? We keep, uh, so people just kept buying tickets in the thing. And coming back with, I had a, these are a bunch of first time starters on the strip and these guys had a lot of money and they were all stacked up from warriors ward.

So they weren’t afraid to fire. They were making, uh, they kept making tries. One of them was key in mine. That bird first, second, and third with everybody. Then the other one was. Key and pioneer the now first and second would musket man. And I’m up and down. It was all Tris. It was huge Tris. Everybody cares.

I think the tribe pay 20,000. Yeah, I think we hit it like 12 times Warrior’s reward was he was on the undercard there. Right. I’m trying to remember. Yeah, he was on the undercard. Yes. And it wasn’t even that day. It was the day before I think it was Oak stack. Gotcha. I’m surprised you didn’t talk yourself out of that.

You know, you could see that you’re with the first time starters and you’re you go in them on some bats, but you’re like, [00:36:00] am I that bird? I think I’ll skip those. Were you surprised yourself that you went with the flow and got a piece of that score? Yeah, well, yeah, I got it. No, I didn’t get that much of the score, but this was before the tax laws would change and they let me sign all tickets.

So it was a score in its own. Right. How’s that none of these guys wanted their wives to know much money. Yeah.

Give me those. Oh, that’s great. That’s great. It was a jackpot. Yeah. Okay. All right. I hope I can say I was not listening, but of course we probably passed the statute of limitations. I think you’re okay. I think you’re okay. You’ve done a phenomenal job on this portion of the show, Frank and you’ve you’ve no good deed goes on punished.

We’ll have you back soon to talk more about your life and times. At the track. I may even just give up the host job and give it to you. Your story, just so entertaining. I’m sorry if I hijack there. It’s great. There’s no runoff like a Frank McGaughey run off. I, I love it. Um, I can edit and I’m leaving it all out.

[00:37:00] So by talking to Mike maker, huh? Iconic little iconic Mike, big fan of his, but not the same thing in terms of the verbosity, but let’s move on and talk about, we’ll talk about this loaded card from Frere grounds on Saturday. And we’ll start off with the mind shaft with you as our guests, getting the first stub bite at this Apple.

Frank, what do you think of this race? This race is tough. Uh, you know, quips not coming, right. He’s scratching out of here. I don’t have a strong opinion in the race. Harlin punch. I’m a big fan. When, when somebody new takes over a horse or a new jockey gets on and the horse performs, uh, um, big fan of it’s going to repeat, because obviously the horse liked whatever they did different or the way he was written.

So I see no reason to think that Harlem punch won’t show back up silver dust performed well. When the Calhoun barn wasn’t hitting on all cylinders and they are now, I mean, breadth that is 3000 [00:38:00] wins this past weekend. And they went in a lot of races right now. Um, I think he has an outside chance. Lone sailor looks great training in the mornings.

I’m sure that that Amos is going to have him ready. He’s not going to embarrass Mrs. Benson. Um, if she’s here because Tom is just way too smart for that. And then flame away has been trained and good here also. I think those are the main contenders. I don’t have a real strong opinion on this race. It’s not one of the races I’ll be betting individually, but if I’m, if I’m, you know, Rowan pick threes or pick four is for me, it’s two, four, five, and nine Harlin punch, silver, dusk, lone sailor, and flame away.

I’m a big lone sailor fan and think he’ll be right for his return to the races. I thought he had some reasons to run better for sure. He looks great in the flesh. He’s doing well. No doubt about it. Okay. Where are you with this one? Parlin punch for me as well. I thought the horse ran really good last few times for Brad Cox, [00:39:00] since since 10 strike and the other guys got involved with him, I think he’s just going in the right direction.

I think he’s improving. Um, I think the added distance, you know, not the, at a distance they’re running the same distance, actually the mom 60. It’s not going to be a problem for him at all. Drawn inside should get a good trip. I guess the goofy horse for me. That I could, that I could point to is one that, um, that doesn’t make a ton of sense on paper, but, but it is one that I think could run well as imperative and he’ll be a huge, right.

So the horse kinda, you know, he hasn’t really been running his best recently. Um, you know, he had an excuse last time. Right? Right. I mean, the surface wasn’t ideal. Um, he was running against a monster is 196 to one that day anyway. So it’s not like anyone thought he was going to run well, he’s going to be ignored in this race.

On the board. It’ll be 30 to one or more, and he could be something. Trying to hook up underneath he’s a game, little horse, and he could help you out with a urine pit. You feel like he’s more of a vertical underneath player. Would you use even use him on top JK? No. I mean, I probably wouldn’t [00:40:00] use them on top in a, in a, you know, in a serious, you know, pick for play or whatever, but.

Now look, if you’re playing in a contest and you’re behind, he’s a great 30 to one shot to get you back into it. Uh, if you’re planning two inches in a contest, he’s the type of horse you can use on your other entry, just in case at a big price. Uh, I need the type of horse I’d want second, third, and fourth.

And my exotics, I, I don’t really see them winning. I think all the horses that Frank mentioned have a much better chance of winning. So that’s going to put him fifth on that list. If I was going to use them, it’d be just for a penny. I got to say it. So when the 30 to one like that, uh, I got to say in that if you think they’ve got somewhat of a look at 30 to one pay to see them lose, just include them.

That’s great. Yeah. That’s terrific. This is a horse that I loved last time, a great wide open. I thought he was going to be Lucy wasn’t Lucy. I mean, he had to kind of work for it. They went pretty quick. Um, I think the added distance. Uh, and being drawn outside now is going to kind of get them that softer trip.

He won’t have to go ask quick, early, and I kinda liked [00:41:00] him to turn the tables, a great wide open for me and affordably place trip. Uh, sit in second or third as they, as they go around there. I was a little interested in first. Primeo curious to get Frank’s take on this race. So, so the first premium, great wide open the day that they ran was the last, uh, it was the 19th.

Um, we had a funny weather situation down here. A cold front came through about the fourth race that day. And when I tell you that these horses were running into 35 mile an hour winds up the back stretch, it, it was definitely an advantage to be tucked in like, First premium was interesting. Yeah. So I, I would, uh, out of those two, I prefer great wide open, but I think synchrony is way too much horse for both of them, myself.

He is trained in lights out and he was training unbelievable before the race of Del Mar. And I stepped out that day and I’m [00:42:00] guessing that the instructions to Bravo, that they must’ve been. See how much trouble you can get them in from the start to the eighth pole and then get them in the clear when the lead has got like a nine lane lead and run the last quarter.

It’s 21. Just so everybody that bet on him knows they would assess it. Just took it right in the, you know what, because that’s how it unfolded. Not much, not much pace to close into either there. I mean, either it was just excuse after, excuse for synchrony the last day. He’s a freak. He looks fantastic training.

I don’t see any way they’re going to hold him off at, on this with this stretch here at the fairgrounds. I mean, I think he’s sitting on an explosion the way the turf course was playing last week, we were in Vegas with the rails all the way out. It was the wider, the better, but yesterday, I don’t know if you guys saw the races here yesterday.

They got the rails. It’s set at zero again for the big weekend. And, uh, the turf race has said much more of an inside flow. Which I [00:43:00] think definitely could help Jonathan’s pick great wide open because Graham’s riding them out of there. There’s no doubt about that. And he’s going to try to be forwardly placed towards the inside.

I actually think synchrony is the standout. I threw some numbers of one, two, five, six, and 10 TIS. This lamb, sir, deadly digs, big chances, first premium and great wide open underneath. Um, not knowing who may get the better inside trip. I think synchrony is going to be a single for me. And you made that point about the wind.

I love that. Thank you for pointing that out. Maybe going to save me some money, that would be a disadvantage to horses on the lead and a big advantage to horses with cover. We see wind angles a lot in the UK races. When you have straight away, it’s a lot easier to tell how the wind affects horses, an oval where they’re running in both directions.

Sometimes it can be misleading, but typically I assume that wind was down the backstretch. So that whole way. The majority, it [00:44:00] was, yes. The majority of the bag, the majority of the day, that’s the way the wind was blowing. Uh, it shifted every now and then, but that’s for the most part, that’s where it was. So anybody on a lead was, was taking it for the rest of the field.

Yeah, that’s fascinating. That’s a great angle and something that people in this country could probably do well to pay a lot more attention to generally. And I know my friends in the UK will get their wind and. Oh, and again, it’s more straightforward over there because of the straight courses, but they’ll just get it from like a weather service.

I’m taking a wild guess. Frank, you’re doing that when, cause you’re standing out there in the wind and feeling which way it’s blowing or do you well, don’t look at any data. Well, it was that day. You could, I knew it because I don’t live far from the track and I could tell how the wind was blowing. You can see it in the, in the replace.

I mean the guy couldn’t hold the camera still. That’s amazing. I mean, it was, if you watch the replay of the lockup, You can see the camera shake and you can see a check, a number of the races that day. I mean, it was blowing. It was hard. Next we’re going to move on to the grade two, Rachel [00:45:00] Alexandra erase that has had major Kentucky Oaks implications in many of the last years.

This is another one where one of the favorites in this case, the morning line, favorite chasing yesterday, I hear did not get on the plane. Frank, do you think we still might have one in here who will be live com Kentucky Oaks day? And what do you think of the race as a whole. Uh, I do, and I wish Jason yesterday was on a plane.

Cause I was, I was pretty much against her. I was very impressed with positive spirits, race in New York. And after seeing her in the flesh, I’m impressed even more. She is one good-looking Philly and a needs supervision was really good on the 19th. And, but I’m not quite as certain she’s doing as well. But she, she won’t be an easy out and I don’t think she drew well, I think he got some speed in here.

Sarah, Gary efforts is going to show speed. I think multiple Bella will be forwardly placed. I like the cut back on positive spirit, one a mile and an eighth last time it’s cutting back the amount of [00:46:00] 16th. And I think she sitting on another big effort. She impressed me. J K how do you see this one? Yeah, I agree with, with positive spirit.

Um, I, you know, after the race, I remember talking to someone, I don’t remember who it was, but just about how. Positive spirit just kind of looked like that type of Philly, who she was ready to go a mile and an eighth when the other ones weren’t really ready to go a mile and an eighth. And why her demos?

Well, um, performance was as impressive as it was nothing to take away from her. I think she’s nice. I think she’ll continue to progress on, and hopefully she’ll have a bunch of seconds get into the Oaks and then I can play her there when she’s back at that mile and an eighth distance. But, you know, I thought Oxy lady was a little bit interesting, you know, we’ve, we’ve, I’ve, I’ve talked about Duke teas.

And how he kind of coached me up a long time ago on finding these two year olds that run these figures and then they come back and you can expect that, you know, a 10 to 12 point improve from two to three, just, just based on maturity at age. And, uh, if you look at Oxy lady, her, her race at aqueduct, she had a one Oh five time from us figure [00:47:00] that day.

And that was back in November 2nd, that numbers, I think, is the best that any of these horses have running the field period. So if she can improve off of that performance, Uh, they thought enough of her to put her on the plane to try her in the grade ones, uh, starlet at LaSalle. I, I, you know, obviously Calumets game and they’ll put them on a plane and go anywhere.

I think she could improve be a little bit sneaky at a price. Some of the obvious ones getting impersonal impersonal obviously takes some money, positive spirit, uh, need supervision. I’m gonna try to fly under the radar a little bit with Oxy Ladia at, I think six to one, if not better than six to one. I was a little intrigued by Eris to the number eight to maybe get a piece thinking Frank was right about the pace heating up.

Not sure if it will be enough to get her all the way to the winner’s circle, but seemed like an interesting one for the underneath slots in verticals. Any thoughts on her or any piggybacks onto what JK was saying? Frank? I definitely think Oxy lady has a look Eris true and needs supervision. I th I think the number in that race came back kind of slow.

I think the wind effected that [00:48:00] number that day. Uh, it didn’t come back real high compared to need supervisions, uh, one turned mile at Churchill before that, especially not on the stuff I’m using. I’m just not sure about the overall quality of that field that day. I mean, the supervision was good, but I just think that they’re facing a lot better today in Oxy lady.

And positive spirit. Let’s move on to the risen star, the featured race of the day. I’m sure you have some entertaining stories about risen stars of, of years past Frank, uh, wa those are the two characters. Leon is arisen stuff, literally resell it. And Ronnie Lamar’s story in itself. Did you, do you know those characters?

I don’t know him personally, but I mean, Ronnie Lamarque is a car dealer here. And he’s on TV, uh, constantly. What does commercials? Uh, he’s funny. He does some funny stuff on TV and, uh, and he just, you know, Louie’s been around the racetrack a long time. Uh, I don’t know if you know this, but a friend of ours, [00:49:00] John Nichols, his uncle was risen stars, exercise rider, Jimmy Nichols, Jackie that’s right.

Yeah. And that story in itself was great. The risen star story didn’t he run for a charity. That was always, he had, I’m not joking like a traveling group of nuns as his cheering section. Is that correct? Ronnie donated a portion of the winnings. Ronnie, Lamarque donated a push of the winnings to some group of nuns and, uh, they would have them on TV, all hooping.

Yeah. Yeah. It was great publicity for the, uh, for the, uh, car dealership. He didn’t miss any angle and Ronnie’s this Ronnie things too. I don’t know if you’re a member and the winners circle, the Belmonte son. Like New York, New York, the word he had changed the words to some risen star song find the video.

They just don’t register was a really good [00:50:00] horse though. I mean, I remember seeing them in person. Yeah. Impressed. They’re very impressive. Definitely. One who gets lost in the conversation of horses who won two of the three triple crown races. You don’t often hear people suggest that risen star might’ve been the best of those, but I, without.

The benefit of having speed figures in front of me. It sure it doesn’t sound crazy when you just look back at the PPS, right? Yeah, no, he was really good. No doubt about it. Who is going to win the race named after him, Frank? Well, I’m not sure who’s going to win. So I think the scratch of the Baffin horse Kingsley Kingsley is gonna have an outcome on this race.

Believe it or not. I didn’t like kingly, but depending on how in my mind, van Dyke rode him. Was gonna kind of depend on the kind of trip that we’re of will got world world was ultra impressive, winning that day. Yeah. Uh, in the cops and I, yeah, I liked him that day. I didn’t think we were getting anywhere near six to one and we didn’t.

But when I tell you [00:51:00] that that is a horrible post going to Mount a 16th at the fairgrounds. I mean, it’s just not good. He’s going to be in the 13 hole. Now he, in my mind, I just don’t see any way that he’s not going to have to. Use them somewhat cut position or maybe call on them early, then he wants to in this race and will it surprise me if he wins?

No, but I’m not betting on him in that spot. And I’m gonna take a shot against with Pliska parfait who had no trip last time he stumbled coming out of there. And I, I don’t think Brendan Welsh really had him fully cranked for that race. Um, he hadn’t trained them that Miami world will. It had some serious works before they will comp and, and Renick wash.

Didn’t lean on police with buffet. And I just don’t see how leparoux, doesn’t show up out of, out of the gate and secure his position, a good position early, and we’ll have a shot when they turn from home at these sources. [00:52:00] And I’m guessing I don’t think that price is ready. The ten one. I think it it’d be more like six.

So I put paluska parfait on top. What surprised me, like I said, if we’re welcome, work out a trip and beat him, but those would be my top two. After that, to fill in underneath these horses, I think, and hit the board. And in the only one I maybe could win in my mind would be limonite, who’s been training really good, but I’m thinking he might need one.

Um, the two Dallas Stewart horses, I think both got better with distance. They have a chance and adults see how many, why doesn’t take them a long way because. It seems like every big race at chanting Hills one. The last couple of years he’s been on the front end. And so I see them going again and he might carry them a long way.

It’s stuff. I wrote about this race for my friends at, at the races in the UK. And they’re with the benefit of the fixed odds betting, I thought the five to two on war of will was okay. I assume he’ll be shorter here based on the seeming advantages. Frank makes a [00:53:00] great point about the things that should give pause, especially in a market where he might get bet down.

I’ll stick with war of will, because I already wrote about it, but. Part of my enthusiasm. Was that idea that you could lock in the five to two, do you think he’ll be shorter than five to, to Frank? I do. I think it’d be in the eight to five range. Yeah. Seven to five, eight to five JK. What are your thoughts on the risen star?

It’s tricky. I feel like it feels like this race is always tricky. I don’t feel like it’s ever straightforward. I agree where we all was was fantastic. Last time. Uh, the post obviously is a concern and it’s even more of a concern coming from someone who watches fairgrounds races every day. You know, a lot of people will say, Oh, that post isn’t great, but yeah.

They’re just speaking without really knowing when Frank talks about fairgrounds, I listened. So that’s an important point. I’m really interested in the nine. I thought someone was gonna at least mention the horse for a little bit of a piece it’s country house, um, country house ran second in the maiden to Kentucky Wildcat.

He came back and ran well, uh, last weekend and the Sam F Davis. Uh, the other thing that I like to do is, is I pulled, um, the, the chart from the last race, the maiden race at [00:54:00] Gulf stream with a horse, one missed the break. And one, the horse that ran third in that race has come back and proved his time form U S figure 20 points back to back you in an 82, the first time that he came one-on-one one-on-one.

So I like to think, well of country house has the same 20 point improvement. Where does he fit here? Uh, and based on the way that he broke last time, the fact that it’s, that it’s mot coming off of, uh, off of a, you know, second off of a break. We, we know that he’s not cranking a Mach putting them on the plane.

I think country house is going to run well. Louis Sai has comes over, uh, from, uh, from a very strong colony and at gold stream. And I think the country house is going to be very interesting at 20 to one. He’ll probably come down a little bit off of that with name recognition, but I think he’s a, he’s definitely an interesting alternative.

I got a chance to see him in the flesh this week. He’s a good luck. He’s put Gatherwell. He is not physically imposing. There’ll be no mistake in him and hidden scroll. If they’re standing next to one another, I can’t knock anything. Jonathan said, I don’t know if he’s ready for this in this bigger field, but.

[00:55:00] It’s not, nobody’s better than getting ready for a certain day. That bill Belmont bill Mott with a target, one of the angles we talk about all this time on the show. Frank, we’re going to take advantage of the fact that we have you here and ask you if there’s a race or two on the undercard that you think our listeners should be taking a look at.

Well, you have a couple of really good and Baden races. The third came up well. Um, I was interested in new frontier. Who was the athletes and horse that took a, had been training really good, took a lot of money. First time he ran that day was sloppy that he, he debuted and he wound up chasing outside kind of against the flow of the race.

I think he’s going to run a lot better and bourbon calling. He closed? Well that his last effort, I don’t think he’ll be as far back and he’s trained well. So those two horses would be my top two, the Bentley comms horse, the eight, keeping it classy. He didn’t run bad. He was a big number. I actually used them that day.

That was, I was at Gulf stream that they watch it from the OTB at Gulf stream. That was a [00:56:00] turf race that came off and he really went and left that in a 33, one, one 33 to one. He was that day. I don’t think he will be that price on Saturday, but those are the three I give the biggest look. Two in there that’s a good eat.

And then the fifth race is another really good heat. I was embarrassed. I went from my majestic Rose pretty good the other day, stretching out thinking that was the thing. And she stumped, but I see your teas is getting them out. I’m not looking to jump on to bet on her, but I’m curious to see how she runs.

I can’t believe I was at wrong horse at a price that I think will run good JDS girl. They could run a lot better. Then her first effort at Churchill, that horse is trained really good here. Um, Roman ice, the Calhoun horse is trained good. And the other Calhoun that’s on the list. I don’t know if she gets in blinkers, that horse is owned by Brett’s wife.

And, uh, Shantelle Salone has worked that horse twice. I’ve seen the work of a gate and that horse can fly she’s fast. So that’s one, even if they eat lists, doesn’t happen here, maybe one to pop in the [00:57:00] horses to watch for a future appearance. Potential. Yeah. Yeah. No doubt about it. Excellent. Well, Frank, we want to thank you so much for your time.

We took nearly an hour today, and again, we’re going to be calling you again soon. You don’t realize that’s the problem. When you do such a good job, we’re going to want you back sooner rather than later. So he has a deal. I’ll probably be doing the same thing. Thing, but I’ll be in a bar later. So what’s the difference.

I’ll do it later. Right? That’s great. And we appreciate that you pick up that’s our vibe, you know, we always want to be the show where it sounds like you’re sitting around with your buddies, the guys, the girls, whomever, and just talking race and telling old stories and hopefully finding a couple of winners.

Listen, I’m glad to help in any way that we can turn people on to be as passionate about the sport. As I know, the three of us are, um, the more, the better, because it really is the greatest game out there. Thank you, Frank. Bye. Okay. There you have it from Frank. McGaughey great stuff from him. J K and just such a pleasure to [00:58:00] get somebody so old school and so sharp to talk to us in the listeners for a while.

Absolutely. Uh, it’s a, it’s always fun for us. I think when we get to have these conversations personally and out in the world and at the race track, and then we get to kind of duplicate them and let, let the listeners hear that. The fun, interesting story that we get to, we get to hear out there at the right, any other races from the weekend.

You wanted to talk about anything else going on before we sign off this edition of the, in the money players podcast. You said those DVR’d, your boys is back on Monday on, on Fox, Saturday at the races. It’s actually going to be a Monday, but same, same show title. Um, so I’m heading to Oaklawn for the, for the second or third, second time in my life.

Be hanging out there on Monday. So check, uh, check out the, the Fox sports, uh, broadcast. Will you be seeing our friends from 10th strike? I have messaged a few of them. I believe that clay might be around. And then Marshall was, was thinking about coming. So he might, I might’ve influenced his decision there.

Have you looked at the Southwest stakes yet? Is that the [00:59:00] feature on Monday or is that Sunday? I believe it’s on Monday. I think that’s why we’re doing the show on Monday, but I’m not sure if it’s drawn yet. I don’t think, I think they draw it today. Okay, well, maybe you’ll well, no, make people watch the show.

I was going to say you could tweet, but you gotta tune in. If you want to hear what JK has to say about the Southwest and the rest of that card, I’ll be in transit heading down to a Napa naturalists, Maryland this weekend to see the in-laws should be fun. Might try to check out a Navy basketball game and always just find to spend time with family.

And I’m sure there will be some checking of phones and wagering going on at the same time. I hope so. I hope so. It makes sure you said that in DVR PTA. No doubt about it. I will be there.  it is Fox Saturday at the races. You will be on approximately four Eastern on Monday. Check your local listings as they say, and that’s going to do it for this episode of the, in the money players podcast.

I want to thank Jay. Kay. I want to thank Frank McGaughey. I want to thank [01:00:00] our sponsors the first two to come on board. Thoroughbred retirement foundation. And of course our friends at 10 strike, I’m going to send you one more time to my just giving page for the London landmarks, half marathon already donations pouring in.

I appreciate it very much. You can find that link. Pinned to my Twitter at looms boldly. I’ll also put it in our blog page, in the money Most of all, I want to thank all of you. The listeners been so great to get to know more of you over the last few weeks, whether it’s via the great notes we’ve been receiving on Twitter and by the blog or the in-person conversations at the various bars at treasure Island in Las Vegas, as part of our ongoing and HC coverage throughout the past weekend.

That’s it, we will be back on Monday or Tuesday. Not sure when I’m going to post the next episode, that will be a full interview with NHC winner. Scott [01:01:00] Coles. I’m Peter Thomas foreign, a towel. May you win all your photos.

how phenomenal is that guy? By the way?

He’s like, he’s like the degenerate uncle. I want to have. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. I may have to put that at the end of the show. Actually, the fans will enjoy that, that version of the, of the pod.

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