Show #15 — February 12, 2019 (NHC in Review)


“It’s the NHC review show. PTF and JK reflect back on a fun weekend in Las Vegas and talk about racing from Florida. Plus, a new hashtag for listeners to ask questions, #askitm and a few of JK’s greatest hits.”

I’m back in BK and I’m scrambling to get my head right. Just a lot going on. A few quick links related to the NHC.

Here’s a fun and frank chat with me in the hot seat on Jason Beem’s BARN podcast.

Cool recap from semifinalist Justin Dew.

Great snippet of our winner — a fellow podcast listener! — from our friends at ABR.

One last piece of housekeeping: Going forward, the best way to submit questions to the show will be via Twitter, using the hashtag #askitm. Please use it to make my life easier. And if you’ve asked a question recently that hasn’t been answered, please re-submit it there. TX!

May you win all your photos,


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