Show #14 – NHC Preview Show

I’m keeping it short today, running around like a lunatic trying to finish up three articles and get on a bird to take me to the desert, so let’s cut right to the quick with today’s official description:

“Another day, another edition of the In The Money Players’ Podcast. This is the National Horseplayers’ Championship Preview Show and we wanted to get it released early so players could listen on their way to Vegas. There are short interviews with Scott Carson, Michele Ravencraft, Karen Carey, Tommy Massis, Eliot Honaker, Paul Shurman, Shona Rosenblum, Mike Beychok, Nate Newby, and Dave Gutfreund. We hear predictions for this year’s event and learn about their NHC strategies, data preferences, dining inclinations, and caffeination preferences.”

Enjoy the show — and may you win all your NHC photos!




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