Belmont Stakes Pro Players’ Roundtable

Sean Boarman and Paul Matties join PTF for a free flowing conversation about Belmont Stakes Saturday.

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  • With regards to the discussion on pool efficiency, you guys are missing the big picture. It’s harder for the serious players to make money now because most of the “square” money has left the pools. The very nature of pari-mutuel wagering is that a dollar you win is a dollar someone else loses. So the only way for serious players to increase earnings is to get more squares to bet. The problem is that with an 18% or so takeout, betting on horses for the recreational (square) player is an awful bet. Additionally, serious players like Boarman and Matties get large rebates on their bets. They effectively get better odds than recreational players on every bet they make. With the proliferation of legalized sports betting you can expect even more to leave the game as players can get much bettor odds (-110) on football side. In short, don’t expect that continuing to screw over recreational bettors will somehow get you more of them.

    The rant aside, I do appreciate Boarman and Matties’ insight on the races. The largest problem horseracing faces today is that each constituency is trying to maximize their own financials and no one is looking at the larger picture on how to create a viable industry.

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