Benny Southstreet’s Trip Notes for the late P5 at Churchill Downs on 5-21-20

More excellent stuff from @bsouthstreet here as he continues to set the bar high when it comes to not only trip note taking, but also keeping his promises to share the information! I’ve never said this before, but we appreciate you Benny. So by all means, keep getting arrested! I’ll keep bailing you out and you’ll be forever indebted to the In The Money team!

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To the notes!

Churchill Downs

Late P5 Trips


Race 6

1 – Hooray for Harvey


Trip Note: Broke clean and earned a perfect stalking trip throughout.

Race Note:  Pace was slow. 1-2-3-4 early finished 2-1-3-4. Favorite was 3-2* for Maker.

Track Bias: N/A

2 – Mineyerownmalone


Trip Note:  Slight leap at the start and then bumped inward shortly thereafter. Not a good start for a horse that likes to be forward. Never really comfortable; BTW in spots throughout. Draw a line through this one. Excused.

Race Note:  Winner was ultra-consistent horse that has won or place in 9 consecutive races.

Track Bias:  None.

3 – Frist Or Frippery

Trip Note: Broke best & clean. To rail & saved every inch 1st turn.  Eased 3W BS.  Clear shot from here all the way to the wire. This was a great trip. No traffic issued at any point.

Race Note:  Winner was ultra-consistent horse that has won or place in 9 consecutive races.

Track Bias:  None.

4 – Calculated Risker


Trip Note:  Popped gate and tried to rate. Was pretty much in a bad spot for the next 6F, always in BTW with no way out. Finally room midway in turn and spurted to be clear 2nd. Tired late to cough up place money.  Excused.  Was just in a bad spot for way to long.

Race Note:  1-2* goes wire to wire and wins by a pole. 

Track Bias:  Strong front running and strong inside bias.

5 – United Stand


Trip Note:  Was in a decent spot down the BS, albeit against the flow and started to lose ground. In BTW for a bit.  Lugged on turn while being outrun.  Eh.

Race Note:  Pace was slow. 1-2-3-4 early finished 2-1-3-4. Favorite was 3-2* for Maker.

Track Bias:  N/A

6 – Overzealous


Trip Note:  Decent spot early. Picked up down the BS and this one fell into the best spot by far, tracking a 3 across eye ball duel. Plenty of open air. Saved ground through turn. Looked to come up rail in lane but shifted outward and good drive for win. The was a very good trip overall.

Race Note:  Pace began slower than normal and then picked up down the BS.

Track Bias:  N/A

7 – El Rubio


Trip Note: Broke below average and slight brush from gate.  Fell into a pretty good spot down the BS with plenty of open air. Was a grinder, nibbled at and hard asked early in the far turn.  Lugged in while getting by tired foes in the lane.  Was visually impressive.

Race Note:  Three prong duel throughout gave big advantage to closers.

Track Bias:  N/A

8 – Valycove


Trip Note:  Perfect trip.  Ended up following a 3 pronged hooked duel from 4 lengths back down the BS.  Unimpressive.

Race Note:  Winner went wire to wire despite engaging leaders very early.  Show horse had a perfect trip and no excuses.

Track Bias:  N/A

9 – Curlin Grey


Trip Note:  Gathered in to settle at the back early. Had a wide go of it for a very long time.  In the last turn this one made a visually impressive wide run.  Tried all the way.  

Race Note:  1-2-3 early finished OUT-1-2.  Speed did well in this one and field was relatively compact.

Track Bias:  Routes – slight front running bias.

10 – High Risk Strategy


Trip Note:  Broke ½ length slow and steadied back to last. To rail and saved ground through 1st turn. At the back of the main pack into far turn and going well enough.  Eased around.  Very good, grinding move around field from midway point of the far turn.  Outrun late by favorite that had a very fortunate split late in the far turn.

Race Note:  9-5* for Hollendorfer wins after getting crushed at the windows.

Track Bias:  Slight late running and slight outside.

11 – Italian Charm


Misc. Note:  Was a VET scratch on 4-25 at Oaklawn.

Trip Note:  Seemed to be going just fine until this one left the rail to begin trying to go around foes late on the BS.  Didn’t work.  Began stalling after looking like he had some gas to burn.  Strange.  Could have been the bias or the slop or the combination of the two.  Coasted in from 3/16 pole. Excused.

Race Note:  1-2-3-4 early finished 1-2-OUT-3.  Winner was bet hard.

Track Bias:  Strong inside bias.

12 – Blue Steel


Trip Note:  Was 3W in 1st turn and tugging a bit.  Resented rating a bit.  Allowed to let run some on BS and pace quickened.  Ridden confidently while on the outside of 1 other in the turn. Good stretch run considering this one was softened up some on the BS.  Was debatably best.

Race Note:  Pace began slower than normal and then picked up down the BS.

Track Bias:  N/A

Race 7

1 – V J’s Bet


Trip Note:  Nothing to see here.  Was shortening up in the slop and had no shot.  Outquicked by good sprinters and outrun.  Draw a line through.

Race Note:  Winner was favorite that is very sharp right now and went wire to wire easily.

Track Bias:  None.


Trip Note:  Away fine & nibbled early for speed. Stalked a fast pace.  Had a clear go of it and considering pace she wasn’t terrible. Was still trying at the finish despite being tired.

Race Note:  Pace was fast and winners validated pace by running 1-2-3-4.

Track Bias:  N/A

2 – Reenie D


Trip Note:  This was a dream trip.  Broke and clean. To lead. Ceded lead to outside foe and moved towards rail.  Stalked the leader until late in the turn when that one lugged out some and this one followed Moses up the rail.

Race Note:  Pace was normal and 1-2-3 early finished 2-1-3.

Track Bias: N/A

3 – Dalika (GER)

No applicable note. Long layoff and no sprints to note.

4 – Mentality


Trip Note:  Was in a good spot spying an eye ball duel

Race Note:

Track Bias:


Trip Note:  Was 3W through the turn on a 3-across 1 length stack.  Grinded through the turn and in lane.  Was clearly best and a good run.

Race Note:  Pace seemed fast and closers ran 1-2-3-4.  Course did not look yielding at all.

Track Bias:  N/A

5 – Winandyourin Gin


Trip Note: In BTW early and earned a good stalking spot entering the far turn.  Had some difficulty taking this turn. Was subtle but it was there.  Engaged leader late in turn and was beaten in the stretch.  Might want the lead.  Excused given issue with turn – likely a “need the lead” type.

Race Note:  2-1* had a perfect trip at rail and backed up in lane for no reason.

Track Bias:  N/A

6 – Devant (Fr)


Trip Note:  Moved to rail and saved ground throughout near the back throughout. Began easing out late in FT and loaded.  A very, very good kick in the lane, zig zagging in and out, passing several.  This was a BTL effort and might be a late running sprinter.

Race Note:  Both speed horses missing the start by many.  1-1* left by 3-4 lengths and still runs 2nd.  Was clearly best.  Pletcher very hot – 3rd win in a row on card.

Track Bias: N/A

7 – Harmless

No applicable note.  No recent turf sprints.

8 – Stylishly


Trip Note:  Broke last.  Good speed to pass a few and into a chasing position. Turn arrived and soon thereafter this one resented slop, carrying her head high and losing ground.  Draw a line through.

Race Note:  Winner was favorite that is very sharp right now and went wire to wire easily.

Track Bias:  None.


Trip Note:  In BTW and steadied back to joint last on outside.  2-3W in turn. Terrible trip.  Rider gave up in lane.  Rider had already conceded defeat when mild bump happened.  Excused.

Race Note:  Winner makes lead, goes slowly and easily wires field for Doug O’Neill who seems to fire in every turf sprint and wins his 3rd race in a row.  6-5* barely 2nd after in a box in turn.

Track Bias:  Strong front running and strong inside bias.  This turf course is a moving sidewalk right now and almost impossible to pass.

9 – More


Trip Note:  Broke well.  Stalked a 25-1 leader throughout. Clear shot and kicked clear late. Great trip.  Not with my money.

Race Note:  Pace was a dawdle and entire field separated by 5 lengths.  One horse blew the turn.

Track Bias:  Strong front running bias.

10 – Devils Dance


Trip Note:  Dueled on the outside throughout. Looked beaten at the 1/16 pole but the other dueler backed up late, allowing this one to claim 2nd and a stretch runner from last to get up.  Overall, I hate dueling on the outside when it comes to turf sprinting, so chalk this one up to not the best of trips.

Race Note:  Winner from last and entire field was within 3 lengths at the wire.

Track Bias: Slight front running.

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