Benny’s trips for 2YO MSW on 8-28-19 at Saratoga


Race 6

Sir Ludlow


Race Note:  Was 12-11 ML. Winner came back to run a good second in the 200K Funny Cide Stakes on 8-23.

Trip Note:  Outrun throughout. No notable excuses.

Macho Boy


Race Note:  Was 4-1 ML.  Winner came back to run a good second in the 200K Funny Cide Stakes on 8-23.

Trip Note:  Away well.  Clean.  Good speed early. Pace was honest. Could have made lead but rider opted to cede and was on hold waiting for the outside foe to get lead so he could switch to that one’s outside.  Problem was that another outside runner took that spot, so instead of moving back around 1 horse he had to wait on the second outside foe and was now trying to move around 2 foes while 3W in the turn.  Even stretch.  Feel like this one has much more speed to offer if he wants it.  Worth following.


Race Note:  Was 6-1 ML.  Decent action on debut.  No track bias this day.  Stalkers ran 1-2 and deeper closer 3rd. Winner was 5-2 for Servis.  Favorite was a Mott FTS that was hammered at the windows and nowhere at finish.  Only one horse had run in here and the rest were FTS.

Trip Note: Slightest of brushes away from gate but otherwise broke fine.  Reserved.  Made a nice split in the turn and was rallying.  Eased for a wider run late in the turn and now a clear shot in the lane.  Even from there….but this trainer’s horses usually improve with racing. 

Papa King


Race Note:  Was 5-2 ML.  Two other scratches in this race – one of those being the 9-5 ML favorite – wasn’t bet as hard as it looks.

Trip Note:  Away fine. Clean. Hard ridden from the bell but outquicked by entire field.  Never made an impact, plodding past a couple of speeds in the lane that had dueled early.  Eh.  Will need big improvement.

Blame the Cake


Race Note:  Was 5-1 ML but this trainer almost always an overlay first time out so not a big deal.

Trip Note:  Away average.  Clean.  Good speed early watching a 4 horse contest with plenty of open air in front of this one.  Very good spot early.  Moved up through the turn while in the 2-3 path, moving past the 1st dueler to back out.  Nice run late in the turn and up to claim lead.  Good run through the lane but run over late by FTS for Servis.  These top two galloped out well.  Good run for a barn that doesn’t typically fire like with FTS. 

Forever Wicked


Race Note:  Was 20-1 ML.  Was fractious in the gate pre-start.  Rider was off this one two times while in the gate before the start of race.

Trip Note:  Broke slowly and hard left. Brushed with gate and ducked in at gap.  Eliminated.

Race 7

Quick View – most of the runners with experience in here have speed.

Morality Clause


Race Note:  Was 7-2 ML.  Winner was Wesley Ward FTS that was bet from 3-1 ML to 9-5 and won in a jog.

Trip Note:  Away very well.  Clean and quick.  Straight to lead and cleared everyone to her inside pretty easily.  Maintained lead and rail until late turn when the eventual winner cruised past this one.  Hung around well enough but this one had a great start with no contest for quite a while and offered no resistance to the winner.  Will be a pass for me.


Race Note:  Field shows as 7 on paper. It finished with 5.

Trip Note:  Away fine.  To rail.  Some nonsense in front of her with a foe bolting and taking another with her – slight steady but in the end this one earned a GREAT spot at the rail while talking leaders.  Saved every inch.  Hunting for a spot to shoot at the top of the stretch.  Stalker on the outside lugged just a touch and gave this one a clear shot.  Earned place money but the filly that won was on cruise control and this one had a dream trip.  Not for me – especially at 7-2 ML.



Race Note:  Was 7-2 ML.  Chad Brown FTS wins at 5-2.  Place horse was only horse with experience & show finisher was clear early and held for 3rd

Trip Note:  Broke inward from start.  Was behind at 1 path early with some open air, but after the 1st 100 yards or so she began to get hit with throwback.  Absolutely hated it.  Immediately started to lose significant ground while consistent hard shoulder asks.  Moved to outside to get away from heavy dirt.  Moved fine through the turn while wide and entered the top of the stretch very wide.  Jock gave up through the lane while drifting even wider.  Like this one a bit.  Was bet right into Chad Brown firster and expecting huge improvement. Love these “Skittles” on grass.

Hai Bobby


Race Note:  Was 4-1 ML.  Race against boys.  Second time starter and 1-1* for Casse wears down early leader for win.

Trip Note:  Was away quick with a mild bump from outside foe – no big deal.  Quickly clear.  Fractions made easily and ears forward through the turn.  Breather late in turn and then a spurt to go with oncoming foe to her outside.  Nice fight through the lane.  Impressed.

Mom’s Pass


Race Note:  FTS for Wesley Ward backs into field late.    

Trip Note:  Away OK and then slight pause shortly after start. Big recovery down backstretch. Heading into far turn was in a box and slightly steadied. A few going by this one in turn.  Gets a pass from this race as didn’t get to show her speed and is definitely not the passing type.


Race Note:  Was 3-1 ML.  Tough to get a read on the action with the full field.

Trip Note:  Broke like a rocket and immediately clear easy.  To the rail. Nibbled at early to maintain lead entering far turn. Held rail spot through turn and cut corner well into the stretch. Switched leads right of the turn and good kick for home.  Ran well but believe Fly So Pretty has more upside and maybe even ran better.

Giggle Factory


Race Note:  Was 15-1 ML.  FTS for Wesley Ward backs into field late.

Trip Note:  Away pretty well. Clean.  Clear shot backstretch and earned clear stalk entering far turn. Running well enough late in turn and asked to pick up leader.  Looked like she stalled but only b.c leader spurted away.  She ran evenly in lane while not switching leads.

Boston Beauties


Race Note:  Was 6-1 ML.  Chad had two in here, one winning (second time starter) at 3-1 and another that was a FTS that finished 3rd.

Trip Note:  Away very well.  Clean.  Big speed to earn a clear stalk.  On hold down backstretch and then an early contest into the far turn.  Up for lead by midway in the turn.  Rider looking confident late in turn and big ask at top of stretch.  Ran well through the lane but no match for winner.  Switched leads a bit later than I’d like but did it athletically with no hiccup.  Ran well enough to split the Chad runners.

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