Breeders’ Cup Monster Pod #2: Saturday


Here we go!

In our second and final MONSTER Pod for Breeders’ Cup 2020, we have another great cast of characters to talk about the final seven races on Saturday. I compared the first show’s lineup to the ’27 Yankees. This one makes me think of the ’03-’04 Arsenal squad. We have:

Sean Tugel on the Dirt Mile

Rick Hammerle on the FM Turf

Britney Eurton on the Sprint

Scott Hazelton on the Mile

Nick Tammaro on the Distaff

Candice Hare on the Turf

Jonathon Kinchen on the Classic

Oh man, I just realize in my recent analogies I’ve put JK on the ’27 Yankees and ’03-’04 Arsenal. His ego is big enough as it is 🙂




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