Breeders’ Cup Premium Package Review

Before we turn the page on Breeders’ Cup 2020, we wanted to provide a quick review of our first time offering a premium package.

For the uninitiated, we tried something new for Breeders’ Cup.  In addition to our free content – which amounted to nearly 20 hours of podcasts and videos – we offered a premium package with over 10 unique pieces of content.

As always, our fans and listeners supported us beyond our expectations.

Any time you try something new there are bound to be hiccups, and we had our fair share.  Admittedly, the technology we used to help deliver the premium content had a few glitches.  We tried our best to respond to every issue, most of the time within an hour. Most of you were incredibly understanding (thank you and no real surprise!) but it became evident that there are several keyboard warriors are among us.

In terms of the actual content, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  Unfortunately, we didn’t do much to identify Order of Australia.  But this surprised everyone including the barn – apparently they considered leaving him at home to make room for another stable pony!  Regardless, we are proud of what we produced as all of our contributors delivered solid material. We have now unlocked the content, so you’re free to take a look at what we put together – It’s organized on this page.

As for where we go from here, we will debrief as a team and share that with you all very soon.  Rest assured, we won’t use the same technology and will continue to elevate our game and serve our listeners and partners.

Thanks again for your support!

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  • @ptf i was directed your way by Doogy and the content did not disappoint. The Euro stuff was on point and more than enough to get to solid opinions. Thanks for all the great product lines and i very much look fwd to these offerings in future.

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