Breeders Cup Premium Package Welcome Message

Hello and welcome to the Breeders’ Cup Premium Package!

I really appreciate you subscribing. This is an experiment but one that I’m confident will work. It’s a chance for writers and broadcasters in the ITM family to go deeper into some of the topics we touch on during the shows.

There is a dedicated page that is accessible only by those that have purchased the Premium Package.  Keep THIS PAGE handy and check back as the content is released.

The idea is that we’ll release content throughout the week, starting today. We kick off with more general information, and as the week goes on we’ll start laying out deeper dives into the handicapping, betting strategies, even a picks grid to help with your exotics construction.

We start out with STATS courtesy of John Camardo and Matt Vagvolgyi. John is using data he’s collected himself that fuels his computer model, and Matt will be doing his thing via STATS Race Lens.

We’re also going to experiment with a different type of written content, and if people like it, I could see doing this regularly. My friend Steven Bonnick, a UK-based real racing aficionado I’ve been friends with for nearly 15 years now, has done a write-up based on my chat with Nick Luck the other day, highlighting many of the most salient bits of info. After the draw, Steven will also present his own runner-by-runner analysis of all the Euros running at this year’s Cup.

Don’t forget about all of the free content as well.  Here on the ITM site and some of the work I’ve done for attheraces.



Nick Luck Chat

ATR – Trial Races by PTF

ATR – Runner Profiles by PTF

Check back to the site daily for more content – I don’t have an exact schedule as I want to make sure everything is ready and don’t want to rush the contributors with artificial deadlines. But over the next few days you’ll also have:

  • JK’s horizontal tickets
  • Wagering analysis from Sean Boarman and Nick Tammaro
  • Matt V’s pace analysis and power ratings
  • Detailed analysis from John Pinder
  • Reports from the grounds by Naomi Tukker.
  • Steven Bonnick’s Euro analysis
  • STATS piece from Spencer Luginbuhl.
  • StableDuel Value Horses from Tyler Whisman
  • Euro vs. USA Trends Analysis from Tyler Whisman
  • ITM Picks Grid

That’s going to do it for this introductory message.



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