Friday’s Golden Hour Pick 4

“I wish the races weren’t spaced 30 minutes apart.”  – Every race fan

“I wish the takeout percentages were lower.”  – Every race fan

“Low minimums water down the pools.  I wish someone would create a few wagers that raised the stakes and made it possible to cash bigger bets.”  – All race fans but one guy in him mom’s basement.

“We have you covered.”  – Nate Newby, SVP & Assistant GM at Santa Anita

And to help you along your way, the Trip Note Pros are offering you free trip analysis here!  Nobody – NOBODY – analyzes trips better than these guys.

Golden Gate

Race 8

1 – Foothill

N/A: Never raced on AW


2 – Ready for a Fight

Trip Note: Raced on the inside of the 2nd group of (2) into the FT. Caught an open seam in the 2-3path at the TOS. The bump at the 3/16th pole was caused by a rival tiring as he went through that seam. (6) rivals were fanned across the track and he prevailed in a determined driving finish. 

Race Note: 2×2 race shape into the FT turned in a 6-across stack inside the 1/8th pole. 

Bias: N/A

Summary: Game (+)


3 – Slam Dunk Sermon

9-18-2020 6F AW

Trip Note: Bet strong off the 8/1 ML. Raced in the 3-path while taking moderate pace pressure from his inside down the BS and around the FT. Inched away from that rival past the 1/8th pole and jock smartly went to the left handed stick inside the 16th pole to keep him in the middle of the track. 

Race Note: N/A

Bias: N/A


4 – Take Me for a Spin

8-20-2020 6F AW

Trip Note: PPs tell the story. Hustled from the gate and eventually made the front. Led a 3-horse stack into the FT. Came under pressure and was put away by both the winner and #2 Ready for a Fight. Note he is a first time gelding today!

Race Note: Winner was his stablemate from the Wong barn. Stalked 3W and narrowly held on in a driving photo finish. There were (2) next out winners from this race, which included #2 Ready for a Fight. The winner also returned to win with a 92 BSF for OC62,500n2x.

Bias: N/A


5 – Wine and Whisky

9-18-2020 6F AW

Trip Note: Raced a bit awkward early (head turned to the side) before finding his stride to move up and stalk from 3rd past the 5/8th pole. Hard asked on the FT while not responding. Kept to all out pressure in the lane and eventually grinded away to win the photo for 2nd.  

Race Note: See trip note for #3 Slam Dunk Sermon

Bias: N/A


6 – Night Gig

9-20-2020 6F AW

Trip Note: Off a half step slow. Inched his way up the rail down the BS. Forced to pause for most of the turn while looking to get off the rail and around one of the tired early pacesetters. Found success at the TOS by angling to the 3-path and won a driving photo finish to break his MDN. 

Race Note: Winner of the early duel snuck away around the FT, but got leg weary inside the 16th pole. Place finisher rallied from last up the rail.

Bias: N/A


7 – Little Cents

9-18-2020 6F AW

Trip Note: Sat a ground saving trip down the BS. Nibbled at with no response around the FT and weakened in the lane. 

Race Note: See trip note for #3 Slam Dunk Sermon

Bias: N/A


8 – Darnquick

9-26-2020 5.5F AW

Trip Note: Held a narrow advantage in the early eyeball duel while racing in the 4-path. Lost the lead around the FT. Drifted out while tiring at the TOS.

Race Note: Winner won the early eyeball duel and never looked back. 

Bias: N/A


9 – Eustace

9-18-2020 6F AW

Trip Note: Jock tapped on the brakes before the 5/8th pole and dropped back to last. Angled his mount to the 4-path for the approach into the FT. Asked and mildly rallied 4W to the TOS. Grinded away in the lane. 

Race Note: See trip note for #3 Slam Dunk Sermon

Bias: N/A

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