JK on Diversity in Today’s TDN

With apologies, I’m about to commit a faux pas. I got you to click on this link, and I’m pretty much just asking you to click on another link. . .

Though I will offer that I am very impressed with this piece JK wrote for the TDN for their diversity series. This series has been excellent and Sue Finley deserves a great job for putting it together but JK’s piece really resonated with me as he goes beyond talking about his own experiences — which he did so eloquently on a recent podcast, the best received show we’ve ever done. Herein he zooms out and looks at the big picture, making a lot of suggestions that I hope the powers that be take seriously.

It’s not that JK isn’t angry about the state of things — but knowing him as I do I believe he wants to channel that anger into solutions. He’s not interested in engaging in displays of his feelings about these sensitive, nuanced issues. He’s rather use his platform, on our shows and through outlets like the TDN to speak his mind.

Today more than usual — I am proud to call him my friend.

But who cares what some old white dude (me) has to say, read all about JK’s views on the TDN website:


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