NON-RACING CONTENT–PTF’s Woodstock Special


It’s a musical interlude from the better-late-than-never department. PTF reflects on Woodstock on the occasion of its 52nd anniversary (plus a week-and-a-half). Guests include Thomas E. Harkins (Woodstock FAQ), Mick Richards (Creating Woodstock), and Gary Adamson (Back to the Garden 1969).

Freedom—Richie Havens

PTF intro

Coming Into Los Angeles—Arlo Guthrie

PTF chats with Thomas E. Harkins

Boys in the Barroom—Canny Brothers Band

Soul Sacrifice—Santana

PTF chats with Mick Richards

Medley: Higher/Music Lover—Sly & The Family Stone

Woodstock—Gary Adamson

PTF chats with Gary Adamson

Star-Spangled Banner—Jimi Hendrix

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