NYRA Bets Late Pick 5 Podcast: Show #1 (Paul Matties)

Hello and welcome to our latest venture, the NYRA Bets Late Pick 5 Podcast. As the name suggests, this show will feature the extended In the Money Media family going over the races in the NYRA Bets Late Pick 5. Our first show will look at the NYRA Bets exclusive wager on Saturday, April 20.

Joining host Peter Thomas Fornatale (that’s me) for this maiden voyage will be ITM stalwart Jonathon Kinchen as well as professional horseplayer — and NHC Champion — Paul Matties. We’ll also cover the right way to approach this unique bet strategically, and even give a few thoughts on runners who might be a little sneaky in the upcoming Kentucky Derby.

Join NYRA Bets today to take advantage of our $200 bonus offer when you use the promo code MONEY at NYRABets.com.

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