Players’ Podcast – February 26, 2021

On the new show, JK is here to talk about the late Pick 5 at Santa Anita on Saturday as well as the two races from Golden Gate that make up the Golden Hour Pick 4

Then guest Anthony Mattera, aka ATM, drops by to give his own inimitable take on the nine stakes races at Gulfstream Park.
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  • No offense but when’s the last or first time u guys hit Stronach five? Also, what happened to playing c’s in your wagers? Only b’s?

    • Naomi and I hit on the last show we did for $2, like 2 weeks ago! And they canceled last week . So we literally hit the last show we did before this one. How soon they forget . . .We’ve been a little unlucky and I’ve made a couple of blunders in ticket construction over the year we’ve been doing this. We’ve hit 4-5 overall, only one that was a significant payer (more than 1k). We are down overall (guessing right around the takeout) but definitely have given out some nice horses, including today when I had 4 on top winners.

      As we’ve discussed many times on the show, I’m not a big believer in the C lines, esp w the dollar minimum. That, combined with the ease of graphics when just doing mains and backups, led us down this path. Of course we encourage people to use Ticketmaker and play any way that suits them.

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