Show #18 – Thursday, February 21 (#AskItm)


“The listeners program the show with a series of questions about handicapping, betting, and contests for PTF and JK. Also, the guys look back quickly at last weekend’s Derby preps and talk about an excellent place to eat in Hot Springs (DeLuca’s).”


Long day at the office for me today, brainstorming about new ideas for articles and sponsorships, plus spending 2.5 hours on the phone booking my next England trip — a long, dull tale about trying to travel as a family with a six-year-old human when each parent is taking her one way.

And that’s my excuse for not writing more now. But do check out John Camardo’s excellent piece on the Santa Anita downhill and keep coming back for more cool handicapping and racing content.

May You Win All Your Photos,


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