Show #9 — Tuesday, January 22 (Plums on the Table)

There’s a lot going on on the latest ITM pod. Have we seen the Oaks winner? Has JK changed his mind about the roulette bet? Should “Too Hot for DRF” become a regular pod segment? The answers to these questions plus Eddie Olczyk stops by to talk racing and deliver advice that could save your life. . .literally.

That’s the description I wrote for today’s show. Please ck it out. Also, as promised, here’s a link to the article I wrote about Eddie O after he won the Pegasus contest last year.


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May You Win All Your Photos,


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  • I’m think I’m a somewhat knowable handicapper. I’d say novice+ level. With so many books out there can you recommmend books to get started with (like a beginners handbook) and once proficient books you would recommend for more advanced strategies?

    I enjoy the sport very much, but want to cash more tickets!!

    • I think the Mike Maloney book I cowrote would be perfect. I might even have one lying around here to sell you directly if you’re interested. Private message me if so.

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