Benny Southstreet Trip Notes for the Late Pick 5 at Churchill Downs on 5-22-20

So…I just hung up the phone with Benny and he swears that he was related to Marie-Antoinette. I won’t lie – he was very convincing, reciting his family tree like the back of his hand. Who knew.

The point, you ask? No point. Let’s get to the notes. “Let them eat cake.”

Churchill Downs


Late P5 Trips

Race 6 (Misc. Note – only three older horses in this event)


Take down this important trip note when perusing the information below. Just one of the great differentiating features from our team at will be a section devoted to extensive weather research. Currently, tomorrow’s Churchill Downs card has multiple models that are all pointing towards a significant storm to arrive at approximately 1 pm EST. A disappointment for sure – but we can’t control the weather – we can only report it!

1 – Brother Martin


Misc. Note:  Was gelded prior to race on 2-15-20

Trip Note:  Broke ½ length slow and then bumped inward. Awful start and very costly. Back to a clear last.  Good run through late on the BS on through the turn, easing around several foes while 3-4-5W.  Flattened in lane but looked like he was going to run 2nd at the 1/8 pole. Excused.

Race Note:  Winner was 8-5* that went wire to wire easily.

Track Bias:  Slight late running & outside edge.


Trip Note:  Saved ground for most of the race and had a good run home from midway point of the far turn.  Pace was slow for these.  A zig-zag stretch.  Wasn’t that bad – just needs lesser.

Race Note:  1-1* for Godolphin wins for fun.

Track Bias:  N/A

2 – Autumn Jet

No applicable note.  Races against much better and different surface.

3 – Revenio


Trip Note: Saved ground throughout and nothing important to note.

Race Note:  8-5 second choice blew the start and almost won anyway.  Winner went wire to wire and actual 8-5* was a close third.

Track Bias:  Slight inside edge.

4 – He’s Reckless


Trip Note:  An even try at the rail. Nothing to see.

Race Note:  N/A

Track Bias:  N/A

5 – Changing Lanes

No applicable note.  Has race vs MSW from another circuit and long layoff.

6 – Tactician


Trip Note: No speed and allowed to settle at the back.  Eased outside down the BS and began moving in.  Big brush for the lead at the midway point of the FT. Was 4-5 throughout FT.  Understandably tired in the lane & never switched leads.  This one has an excuse and was BTL.

Race Note:  Pace was normal outside of the runoff leader that was clear 4ish down the backstretch. Pace analysis might show as fast b.c of that early leader, but the remaining horses were compact and just waited for him to quit, which he did.

Track Bias:  Strong late running.

7 – Battle of Ramadi


Misc. Note:  Was bet from 12-1 ML to 9-2.

Trip Note: Away just OK and some mild asking for speed from Paco.  Outquicked and near back.  Saved ground throughout.  Rider dropped anchor late on far turn and coasted in under a decent hold.  Not sure how much is here – but it’s a lot more than this.

Race Note:  Hooked duelers that were 3L clear caved and winner had perfect trip stalking these top two while having a 2-length advantage on the remaining runners.  Doesn’t get any better than that.

Track Bias:  N/A

8 – Zarmae

No applicable note.  Raced vs MSW, layoff and no routes.

9 – Fantastry (Brz)


Trip Note:  Was in a decent enough spot while 2W for the first half mile.  Began closing in on the leaders in the FT and eased 2-3-4+W late in turn. Was flat and disappointing in the lane, not getting to tired horses and outrun by a deeper closer.

Race Note:  Hooked leaders were 3L clear early in the BS and field was strung out.  Pace was faster than normal for these.  Place horse was best.  Deep closer a huge kick got up late for the win.

Track Bias:  N/A

10 – Seven and Seven


Trip Note:  Away fine.  Near a very fast pace early.  Pace got even hotter into the far turn when this one was near the lead and shuffled.  Pretty much toast by midway in the far turn.  Jock took care of him and he coasted in from the far turn home under wraps.

Race Note:  Closers dominated and ran 1-2-3-4.

Track Bias:  None.


Trip Note:  Fake fast pace by a 7L run off 99-1 shot early. Rest of field just waiting for him to back up – which he did. This one stuck around fine considering layoff and likely needed the race anyway.

Race Note:  Ugly conditions. Fractions were very likely incorrect.  Romans had two in here.  This one and another that was the winner at 3-1.  Likely a “no try” education for this one off the bench.

Track Bias:  N/A

11 – Big Biz


Trip Note:  Showed very good speed to get into a stalking position. Made a move for the lead midway in the FT and looked like he had a big say in the outcome.  Tired lane.  Outdueled in the lane by another speed horse that didn’t give up.  This one was very tired late.

Race Note:  Pace was hot – which is strange given that 7 horses were within 3.5L of the lead into the far turn. Back markers were very bad animals.  This looks like a bad race and could be one that the speed horses get too much credit for hanging around.

Track Bias:  None.

12 – Whiskey Chaser

No applicable note. Layoff, never routed & most recent starts over a synthetic surface.

Race 7

2 – Pyron


Trip Note:  Stalked a bomb throughout on a slow pace.  This was a very good trip.

Race Note:  Pace was a dawdle. Early leader was only one to cave and he was 41-1.  Second, third and fourth into the far turn finished 1-2-3.

Track Bias:  N/A

3 – American Heritage

No applicable note. Layoff and never sprinted on turf.

Trip Note:

Race Note:

Track Bias:  N/A

4 – Riverboat Gambler

No applicable note.  Only turf sprint was 21 months ago and with a different trainer.

5 – Chewing Gum


Trip Note:  Was fidgety when the gate opened. Bad break and clearly last. To the rail down the BS. Was spying through the turn for a gap to make his run but on hold for quite a while. When a gap arrived, this one easily powered through & began flying home.  If he used the inside part of the track early, he was definitely against it late, easing out late in turn.  Moved 3-4-5-6W entering lane and big stretch.  Was likely best.

Race Note:  19-1 upset winner goes wire to wire after riding the bias to a victory.

Track Bias:  Strong front running and dominant inside bias.


Trip Note:  Horse was cocking his head to the right when the gate opened and starter had a good grip on him.  Badly hesitated and was hopelessly left at the gate.  Huge run to reach the field and then moved around 4-5-6-7+W entering the stretch.  Never switched leads but ran well in lane. Easily was best.

Race Note: Pace was uncontested and field was compact.  Speed dominated this heat.  1-2-3-4 early finished 1-2-OUT-3. 

Track Bias:  N/A

6 – Telekinesis


Trip Note:  3W early and through 1st turn.  A touch keen.  Relaxed better down the BS. Remained 3W throughout, finally earning a clear spot in third with open air and a clean shot at the leaders last ¼ mile.  Overall this was a good trip.

Race Note:  9-5* for Pletcher was layoff horse and ran a BTL 3rd.  1-2-3-4 early finished 2-1-4-OUT.

Track Bias:  N/A

7 – Frosted Ice

No applicable note. Never raced on grass.

Misc. Note:  Was gelded prior to his race on 1-25-20

8 – Real Money

Misc. Note:  Was gelded prior to his race on 4-16-20


Trip Note:  Perfect trip.  Spied a 4-horse duel into far turn from rail. Saved ground throughout turn, eased out at TOS and over the top late. 

Race Note:  Place horse was absolutely the best after steadying hard out of duel and then re-rallying to almost get the money while wide throughout.

Track Bias:  N/A

9 – Tut’s Revenge

No applicable note. Never raced on turf.

10 – Capture the Glory


Trip Note:  Looking to make one run. This one was stuck 3-4W through the FT and moved wider and wider through the lane.

Race Note:  Ground definitely had some “cut” to it.  Top 4 finishers were the ones that saved the most ground in the race. Pace was very fast.

Track Bias:  N/A

11 – Fig Jelly


Misc. Note:  Interested to see what happens to this runner as a former Servis trainee.

Trip Note:  Stalked the top two while under a snug hold until it came time to run.  3W throughout – not ideal for a 5F turf sprint. Ran very well and almost got to W2W winner.

Race Note:  Jason Servis had two in here; the 3-5* that was off board and the place horse who was debatably best at 11-1.

Track Bias:  N/A

Race 8

1 – Four Grands


Trip Note:  Was taken to the middle of the track early.  This is not a winning move at GP.  Was parked 5-6W on the BS and brush into a fast half going into the turn.  Stuck wide in the turn and stalling.  Rider gave up from late in the turn to the 1/8 pole and then started riding again.  Was strange.  Today is a tough group, but I’ll have my eyes on her today and hereafter.

Race Note: Looks like live enough heat with place horse and 4th place finisher both coming back to score at similar levels.

Track Bias:  N/A

2 – Roadrunner’s Honor


Trip Note:  Stumbled from the start and to last.  Showed nothing after that.

Race Note:  Top two are stakes horses.  Tough group for the level.

Track Bias:  None.

3 – Recoded


Trip Note:  Received a great ride.  Rider was able to get off the fence early and stalk the quicker foes from a 4-5W path early.  Was hard ridden from the midway point of the FT.  Looked in trouble.  Good finish through the lane to pull away late. 

Race Note:  N/A

Track Bias:  N/A

4 – Ancient Brown


Trip Note:  Off 1L slow. Wasn’t terrible.  Had a clear go down the BS.  To rail entering far turn.  Passed two stoppers early on FT and then stalled while all by herself.  Was visually impressive in the lane, looking tired and not switching leads.  Very likely needed the race.

Race Note:  Field was very compact entering the far turn.

Track Bias:  None.

5 – Center Aisle


Trip Note:  Bumped away from the gate, but it did nothing to her.  Quick.   Top few were stung out and the pace was fast.  Pushed into the race early b.c of a strong move from a closer and she quickened and held her spot.  Kicked on very gamely, holding that late runner outside and easily claiming the front runners.  Impressive.

Race Note:  2nd, 6th & 9th place finishers all came back to win MSW races in their next out.  Was hammered at the windows from 5-2 ML to 3-5*.

Track Bias:  N/A

6 – Casual


Trip Note: Popped.  Allowed to settle mid-pack. Had some in BTW down the BS and easily avoided any issues by a forward move with very little ask. To rail in FT.  On hold. Waiting. A gap arrived at the TOS and ran on through.  Dueled from the rail spot down the stretch with an outside closer that had a lot of momentum.  Very impressive win, not switching leads until inside the 1/16 pole.  Huge gallop out.  Should relish more ground.

Race Note:

Track Bias:  Strong outside bias.

7 – Nayibeth


Trip Note:  Tracked her stablemate all the way around the track.  Pace was slow and turned into a sprint for home.

Race Note:  Ward runs 1-2, winning with the 5-2 second choice.

Track Bias:  N/A

8 – Persian Queen

No applicable note.  Hasn’t run in 5 months and new trainer.

9 – She Can’t Sing


Trip Note:  Held a pocket trip throughout.  Was a touch too keen early. Had a clear shot on the midway point of the FT.  This was a good trip overall.

Race Note:  Cox had 2 in here.  Field was loaded with strong conditioners.

Track Bias:  N/A

10 – I Was Looking Up


Misc. Note:  Was a vet SCR on 2-1-20 at LRL.

Trip Note:  Slight scramble from gate meant nothing.  Had perfect run early while at rail at 3L of open air.  Eased off rail easily and aim on top two. Easy win.  Dream trip. Eh.

Race Note:  3-5* was a bad third.

Track Bias:  None.

11 – Shadilee

No applicable note. Long layoff.

Misc. Note:

12 – West Bank Baby


Trip Note:  Allowed to settle near the back.  Big advance while wide down the BS, passing several. Earned place spot into far turn and took aim at leader.  This was a good trip overall – just wasn’t going to catch a leader that had it her own way throughout.

Race Note:  3-2* went wire to wire after being clear and uncontested throughout.

Bias Note:  N/A

Race 9

1 – Summering


Trip Note:  Stalked a run-off 5-6L leader down the BS.  Accordion flow late into FT.  This one easily moved in and right on by leader.  No resistance from early leader who hung on well enough.  Was a good trip, but also won very, very easily.  Jock never asked this one for her best.  More here if she can avoid bouncing.

Race Note:  Pace was “fake fast.”

Track Bias:  N/A

2 – Frond


Trip Note:  Decent trip while mostly 2-3W throughout.  Never had traffic issues but never covered up.  Was asked intermittently from the midway point on BS all the way to wire.  Hard urged by the midway point of the FT and spun 3-4-5W into the lane.  Never looked threatening, barely holding on for show money.

Race Note:  N/A

Track Bias:  N/A

3 – Complicit

No applicable note.  Only turf racing was a long layoff with different trainer.

4 – Hard Legacy


Trip Note:  Clear for the first ½ mile with mild pressure late on BS.  Fully engaged by the midway point of the far turn and fought hard throughout.  Should get extra credit for sticking around after being clearly defeated by the 1/16 pole. 

Race Note:  Chad Brown had two in here.  This one and the 2-1* that ran out.  Closers ran 1-2-3.

Track Bias:  N/A

5 – Molto Bella

No applicable note.  Never turfed.

6 – Rogue Too


Misc. Note:  This one is a TP freakshow, winning 8 of 9 starts there.

Trip Note:  Ridden very hard for lead. Dueled 4-5L clear down the BS with a horse that had broken slow. That one understandably quit early and ran last.  Continued to hold big margin throughout.  Sharp at this track.

Race Note:  Pace was fast.  Place horse was Wesley Ward runner that was clear 2nd choice and came from last without trouble.

Track Bias:  N/A

7 – English Affair


Misc. Note:  Winner of this race is a well-bred filly from IRE that received Lasix upon arrival and rattled off two good wins, one of them a G3.  Then came back to run a good 3rd vs. ultra-sharp Mean Mary.  Show finisher was next out winner of Sand Springs Stakes (100k).

Trip Note:  Tracked W2W winner throughout. Pace seemed measured.  Deep closer made huge brush early in the FT and the pace went from cozy to an all-out sprint for home.  Quickened to meet the change in flow, this one got slightly outrun by outside foe and had to slightly steady at the TOS.  Jock packed it in from there and she coasted in the 1/8.

Race Note:  Winner was W2W.

Track Bias:  N/A

8 – Silver Kitten


Trip Note:  Broke well and straight to the lead. Great lone speed trip throughout.

Race Note:  Race was run exactly like it looked on paper.  No pace and speed holding a big advantage.  9-5 second choice couldn’t reach winner.

Track Bias:  N/A

9 – Malakeh (GB)


Trip Note:  Had a great trip at the rail, saving ground throughout and a perfect slingshot into the stretch.  Place horse was likely best.

Race Note:  Pace was fast.  Winner didn’t seem to be bet correctly and won anyway.

Track Bias:  None.

10 – Strike My Fancy


Trip Note:   Was leaning forward into gate and then recoiled backwards right when the gate opened.  Broke last.  Start was not good but saved nearly every inch of ground throughout.                                         

Race Note:  Mid-runners ran 1-2-3.  ‘Fancy’ was dead on the board.  Was 12-1 ML and went off at 67-1.

Track Bias:  Rails were at 0 feet. N/A

Race 10

1 – Readyformycloseup


Trip Note:  Broke well and good speed to eyeball duel with rail filly.  Ridden confidently.  Always had the other speed measured.  Asked and kicked well through the lane.  This was a very good trip considering the track bias.

Race Note:  Was bet well from 7-2 ML.  Trainer started meet cold and is firing on all cylinders now.

Track Bias: Strong running and strong inside bias.

2 – Spitefulness

No applicable note.  Layoff and has never run well on dirt.

3 – Little Red Frog


Trip Note:  Rider took back a touch and to an inside path early.  Began to make up ground well down BS.  Was running great and ran into a stopper.  Paused and steadied.  Wasn’t good.  Total loss of momentum.  Athletic recovery.  Good run through the turn and eased 3-4-5W nearing TOS.  No match for winner but was clearly BTL.

Race Note:  Field compact and pace seemed to be quick with one foe after another dropping out of the forward group.  Winner had nice go of it, saving ground through turn and easing around remaining speed nearing the TOS. 

Track Bias:  None.

4 – Henny Fly


Trip Note:  1-2-3-4 early finished 3-2-4-1.  A three across duel emerged into the far turn.  Winner fell into a perfect trip just off lead.  The other three all stuck around for 2-3-4 money.  I’m sure the track bias helped their cause.

Race Note:  Normally I would say this horse is an automatic toss b.c she had a great spot throughout, but the this was clearly a case of the track bias giving her no shot.  Excused effort off the bench.

Track Bias:  Strong front running and strong inside.

5 – Kay Bee Gee


Trip Note:  Was well held throughout, looking loaded at the back of the leading pack.  Had a wide trip and simply rolled around everyone while 4-5-6W in turn.  Big effort.  Dirt sprinting is definitely her game.

Race Note:  Pace seemed normal and field was compact.

Track Bias:  N/A

6 – Sirenic


Trip Note:  Allowed to settle near the back. Began catching up late on the BS.  Sustained bid throughout while chasing a fast pace.  Overall this was a very good trip.

Race Note:  Pace seemed fast for these.

Track Bias:  Slight late running and slight outside.

7 – Fully Aware


Trip Note:  Tried for the lead but was clearly outquicked.  Five horses contested the early pace.  This one had a great trip considering what was going on up front – but given the way she was ridden, she may need to be on, or near the lead for her best and also had an excuse given the track bias.  Interesting one.

Race Note:  Race was contested throughout.  Was bet hard from 7-2 ML.

Track Bias:  Slight front running and slight inside.

8 – Duplicitous

No applicable note.  Has not sprinted on a fast track since October ’19.

9 – R Lukki Song


Trip Note:  Was bet hard from 8-1 ML.  Earned the lead and measured the next stalker.  Pace quickened when the favorite came calling for the lead but this one had plenty left and kicked away easily.  Have you ever noticed how sometimes horses that don’t switch leads don’t look bad?  This is one of those horses.  Was visually impressive despite not switching leads.

Race Note:  A ¾ length stack of 6 early.  Winner went wire to wire after being engaged by 1-1* and easily pulling away from that one.  Place finisher sucked up into 2nd after favorite tired chasing early leader and eventual winner.

Track Bias:  N/A

10 – Forty Nine Model


Trip Note:  Easily to the front.  Was actually a bit keyed up despite being several lengths clear.  This one is very fast.  A good trip overall

Race Note:  N/A

Bias Note:  N/A

11 – Lucky Quarters

No applicable note. Has never raced on fast track.

12 – Just fly

No applicable note. Long layoff.

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