Benny Southstreet’s trip notes for for the Late Pick 5 on Opening Day at Belmont!

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Late P5 Trips

Race 6

1 – Passive Investing


Trip Note:  Balked at the loading. Was off 2-3 lengths slow.  Made a big early run late in the first turn while 3-4W and early BS.  4-5W in FT and clear shot in lane.  Won bob for win.  Decent effort considering bad start and early move.

Race Note:  Pace was hot and field was very strung out.  Deep closers ran 1-2-3.

Bias: None.

2 – Excess Capacity

No applicable note.  Has never raced on turf.

3 – Madita (Ger)


Trip Note:  Away ok, paused while in BTW and then bumped inward early.  Slightly keen.  Tracked in a good enough spot throughout.  Eased around the fading stalker in the FT and was empty in the lane.  Disappointing effort and possible ‘bounce’ candidate as this was her 2nd start in the US & short recovery time between starts.

Race Note:  Looks like a live race.  Winner has not run back yet, but 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishers were all next out winners.

Bias: N/A

4 – Say Hey (Fr)

No applicable note.  Foreigner.

5 – Xanthique


Trip Note:  Good spot at rail through first turn.  Eased 3W down BS and into FT.  Stalked an eye ball duel through the turn and clear shot in lane.  Overall was a pretty good trip, near a slow pace and saving ground on of the turns.

Race Note:  Same c,a,d,s ran 22.48, 46.32, 111.37, 135.20 just two races earlier.  Pace was a dawdle and winner might be a good one – an absolute follow.  Show horse also ran very well.

Bias: N/A

6 – Fashion’s Star (Ire)


Trip Note:  Was off 2 lengths slow.  Last leaving the chute and rank.  4-5-4W throughout first turn while remaining rank.  Still keyed up on BS. Finally permitted some run into FT and took aim on leader.  Dueled on the outside through the lane and beaten but a rail runner.  Was obviously best and BTL*!  Good chance she is more relaxed today given she was so fresh off the layoff and first race in US last out.

Race Note:  Pace seemed slow and field was fairly compact.

Bias: N/A

7 – Bareeqa 


Trip Note:  Ridden like the knew.  Rider could have stayed at rail but moved to the 3 path early in the first turn and 3W from that point all the way.  Good win staying on this long while 3W throughout.

Race Note:  Pace was slow.  Place horse was early stalkerand show finisher was leader.

Bias: N/A

8 – Repatriated Gem (GB)

No applicable note.  Layoff.

9 – Overheated


10 – Juluca

No applicable note.  Layoff and never raced on turf.

11 – Hungry Kitten


Trip Note:  Was saving ground in the 1st turn when she started to get clumsy.  More clumsiness late on the BS and into the FT. Jock was whipping early trying to get her to level some.  Eased 3-4W late in turn and visually was an impressive stretch run.  Was flying home.  Don’t believe this one liked the turf course at Tampa Bay and was BTL*.  More here.

Race Note:

Bias: N/A

12 – English Soul


Trip Note:  Had a good enough spot at the rail throughout.  Was the first to make a run at the tear away leader at the midway point of the FT.  Was a good third considering the pace of the race and the competition.

Race Note:  Pace was fake hot.  Runoff leader by 5-6L down the BS and rest of the pack was relatively compact.  Pace was likely ‘very fast’ or ‘fast’ to the others.

Bias: N/A

Race 7

1 – Apex Predator


Misc. Note:  Was a vet SCR on March 6 at AQU.  Is the only 4YO in the field unless the also, J’s Warrior, draws in.

Trip Note: Maintained an inside position throughout.  Tracked leaders in a very compact field – only 3L separating entire field into the FT.  Outrun when it mattered vs tougher.  Needs a drop.

Race Note: N/A

Bias: None.

2 – Macho Boy


Horse note: This one was gelded prior to his race on 12-15-19.

Trip Note: Chased a very fast pace for the level throughout.  Never switched leads and tried hard in the lane.  This one might have some underneath appeal if a huge number.

Race Note:  The only one in the field to have raced against open company. Pace was very fast and deep closers ran 1-2.  Early leader was 6-5* and tired to 3rd while trying to buck bias. 4th and 6th place finishers were both next out winners.

Bias: Strong late and strong outside.

3 – Daithi


Trip Note:  Was stuck 4W into the far turn and 5W throughout FT.  Hung around well considering the ground loss and being a FTS going 6.5F.

Race Note:

Bias: Strong outside.

4 – Bronze Lion


Trip Note: Broke best and clean.  No urging and made the lead – with a rider that likes to restrain. Obviously has good speed for the level. Engaged late on the turn and 

Race Note:  8-5* and perfect tripper wins.

Bias: N/A

5 – Our Troubadour


Trip Note: A clean trip throughout.  Was on hold and then allowed to run some, making a visually impressive move entering the FT  but flattened by the midway point of the FT.  Wide path of 5-6W throughout.  Big rider upgrade today. 

Race Note: 8-5* and perfect tripper wins.

Bias: N/A

6 – Mr. Fidget


Trip Note: Broke a touch slow and bumped soundly inward.  PP’s tell the story from there.  A good run and visually impressive stretch run trying to get to winner in lane.

Race Note:  Pace seemed on the faster side with the top two contesting early while several clear.  Winner came back to win 1st time vs winners in a state bred Optional 80CN1X.  Might be a strong race for the level

Bias: Slight inside.

7 – Brunate


Trip Note:  Broke well and was near the lead and then outquicked.  Lost ground steadily down the BS.  Slight shuffle in the turn when in BTW and lost a couple of lengths.  Good run after that – better than what the PP’s show.  Might need longer.

Race Note: N/A

Bias: Strong outside.

9 – Lorenzen


Trip Note: First time in blinkers. Shied early and bumped. In tight and hard steady shortly thereafter. Terrible beginning!  Good run to get back on track.  Early in the FT this one had to pause while he was making up big ground and jock was apprehensive about making a split. Finally split.  A good run from there in considering this one was defined as a “stop, start, stop, start” trip.  Much more here and a huge rider upgrade.  Another BTL* effort.

Race Note:  Looks like a strong race. Winner came back to place in a 103K stake. Place horse came back to win a MSW vs state breds. Show horse pulled up next out but was 6-5* in MSW state bred race.

Bias: Strong inside.

10 – Inside Info

No applicable note.  Layoff and new trainer.

11 – Forest Spirit


Trip Note: Earned a good stalking spot. Was outrun to hold that spot at the midway point of the turn and took rail to and grinded home.  Didn’t switch leads until late in stretch. Seemed like the bias helped this one home.  Drop makes sense.

Race Note:  Winner went wire to wire while riding a bias.  I measured how far this one got beat. The PP’s are wrong.  This one got beat 9 lengths at most.  Not really important other than it shows how bad even times and data can be flawed.

Bias: Strong front running and slight inside.

12 – Box of Rain


Trip Note:  Interesting in that this one wasn’t terrible considering the better class of race and a hard anchor drop at the top of the stretch.

Race Note: N/A

Bias: N/A

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