Benny Southstreet’s Trip Notes for the Late P5 at Churchill Downs on 6-4-20

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Churchill Downs


Late P5 Trips

Race 5

1 – Kowboy Karma


Trip Note: Off a touch slow and mildly bumped. Back to last.  To rail. Pretty much asked throughout.  Saved ground through turn, gradually easing out in lane and was running well through the lane.  Was gaining when the wire arrived.

Race Note: Winner was W2W and outside runner on an eyeball duel.

Bias:  Slight front running.

2 – Stay Home


Trip Note: Was off 2 lengths slow but then no speed.  PP’s tell the story.

Race Note:  Winner of this one a pro and 10 for 21 lifetime.

Bias:  N/A

3 – El Asesino


Trip Note:  Stalked vs much better and faded while 3W.  Not persevered in the lane.

Race Note:  Winner was 2-1 Asmussen eyeball dueler from rail that held off the loose pocket good tripper.

Bias:  Strong inside.

4 – Spikes Shirl


Trip Note:  Moved up willingly early and paused behind eyeball duelers.  Nothing clever to offer here.

Race Note:  Early pace types dominated.  Top 4 after ½ mile all finished 1-2-3-4.

Bias:  N/A

5 – Sharp Art


Trip Note:  Ridden a touch early after not a quick start. Into a box but headon view shows open air in front.  This was a pretty good spot.  Disappointing through the lane with rider giving up and token ride the last ⅛.  Needs improvement.

Race Note: N/A

Bias:  N/A

6 – Saturday Tryst


Trip Note:  Popped the gate.  Huge advantage based on this ‘flyer.’  Was non-resistant and one-paced in lane.

Race Note:  Winner was 2nd off the claim for Diodoro that was geared down.

Bias:  N/A

7 – Silver Ride


Trip Note: A great run at the rail but was against the bias vs much better.  

Race Note:  Pace was slow early and forward horses had the advantage.

Bias:  Slight late running and outside.

8 – Lady’s Weekend

No applicable note. Has not sprinted on dirt since November of ‘19.

Race 6

1 – Super Terrific


Trip Note:  Nothing clever to offer here.  PP’s tell the story.

Race Note:  Winner won in a jog and coasted in.

Bias:  None.

2 – Channel Crossing

No applicable note.  Hasn’t sprinted on dirt since October of ‘19.

3 – Baquero Flies


Trip Note:  No quickness from stalls.  Wide through the turn and jock coasted in from the TOS.  

Race Note:  Winner was 7-5* that cleared by 2 lengths, jogged early and destroyed field.

Bias:  N/A

4 – Chapel Barn


Trip Note: Was keyed up in spot throughout the first turn and again into the FT.  Horse resented rating tactics and likely the reason he has since been gelded.  Chased a strong winner and held on well enough to run a distant 4th.  Underrated run for sure and very interested at a huge number.  

Race Note:  Seems like a good race. Pace was honest early and finished very well also.  Winner was favorite from Diodoro barn that went W2W, holding off a firing Amoss runner.

Bias:  Strong inside.

5  – Rustic Rick

No applicable note.  Long layoff.

6 – Hitthegroundrunnin


Trip Note:  PP’s tell the story.  Bobbled slightly and significant loss of momentum early.  Well back and a respectable run after start and vs a ‘slower than normal’ pace.

Race Note: Pace was on the slower side early and finished well.

Bias: Slight/strong late running.

7 – Piantagrane


Trip Note: Pace was on the slow side early. Was slightly behind leader and ask to make the lead into the FT so he wouldn’t get shuffled. Success.  All in by midway in the FT at the rail.  Ridden hard all the way to the wire.  Could be a function of an apprentice giving max effort or could be that this one needed a race off the bench.  Given trainer’s typically patient style I’d assume this one needed the race.

Race Note:  Was protected off the bench and not bet at all.  

Bias: None.

8 – Sammys Dream


Trip Note:  Was not in the best spot entering the far turn.  In BTW and 2 speeds in front a wall.  Outrun and shuffled.  Then another shuffle.  Was shuffled twice but due to getting outrun. Token ride in the stretch.  Obviously needed race but still requires huge improvement.

Race Note:  Terrible action. Throws both front outward badly and can’t imagine this one could stay sound for any significant amount of time.

Bias:  Strong front running.

9 – Botero


Misc. Note: Was a first time gelding prior to race on 3-29-20.

Trip Note:  Was not in a great spot into the far turn. In BTW and hard ask to not get shuffled.  Success.  Pretty much hard asked from here all the way to the finish.  Great finish grinding through the lane vs bias.  Was best and cannot knock this effort.

Race Note: N/A

Bias: Slight front running and strong inside.

10 – True to Dixie

No applicable note. Hasn’t raced on dirt since November of ‘19.

11 – The Sheik of Araby

No applicable note. Long layoff.

12 – Lanse Mitan


Trip Note:  Good speed to contest from the outside post with very little ask.  These top 2 went fast and were 3-4 clear of the rest entering the far turn.  Could easily say they hooked.  Ridden with confidence at TOS and jock peeking under his arm for view of competition. Good finish after going very fast early.  

Race Note:  Run-up was 20 feet – these are very legit fractions.  Same outside draw today and don’t see speed that can compete with this one early.  Searching for level vs winners.  If this is the correct level it could be lights out.

Bias:  N/A

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