Benny Southstreet’s trip notes for the Late Pick 5 at Churchill Downs on 5-24-20

Another big THANK YOU to my SoCal buddy, @bsouthstreet, for coming strong with some great content for the ITM followers. For those that have been paying attention to Benny’s trips these last couple of weeks, congratulations! This was a wise move!

So let’s get into it! Here are races 6 and 7 at CD. The remainder of the P5 sequence can be found at, where Benny also has all trips for the late Pick 5 at Santa Anita!

Churchill Downs


Late P5 Trips

Race 6

1 – How Ironic


Trip Note:  Saved ground throughout.  Was moving well in the far turn and then…I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS RIDER WAS DOING!  Did the horse get spooked?  The jock stood up for a couple of strides like he was preparing to find trouble – but nobody was near him!  Super weird.  Seemed to happened again in the lane – although this time there were foes around and she never had a chance to level out.  Continued to ease outward through the lane looking for room.  The race was BTL.  Normally I’d be taking an extra long look at such a comebacker, but this race vs 3YO seems weak relative to some of the others.  Still – would love your comments.  Hit me up at our site and let me know what you think.

Race Note:  Race was for 3YO and this one has yet to face older.  Will be interested in this one’s result.

Track Bias:  N/A

2 – Sister Hanan


Trip Note:  PP’s tell the story here.  Course might have been fast but it definitely had some ‘give’ to it.  This one was looking for a place to ease out in the far turn after a 3W trip early.  Rails at 24 feet caused an issue for this one, spinning 5-6-7-8W into the lane.  Clear shot in the lane and very nice level out.  Can’t knock.

Race Note:  Pace was slower than normal.

Track Bias:  N/A

3 – Enjoyitwhilewecan


Trip Note:  Broke 1.5 lengths slow.  Could have cleared with a better break.  Has more speed than this race showed.  Tugged a bit early.  Stalking position was good enough.  Pace was a dawdle and winner was much the best. With a better break she can make the lead or sit in the pocket. Uncertain if she is good enough, but strongly believe she’ll work out a good trip. 

Race Note:  N/A

Track Bias:  N/A

4 – Loving Moment

No applicable note.  Returning after 7 months with a different trainer.

5 – Miss Mosaic

No applicable note.  No turf racing since first time out.

6 – Puca Penny


Trip Note:  Had a ground saving trip most of the way. Trouble line is legit, but will likely be overbet from it.   Believe will need to improve.

Race Note:  Winner had run very consistent speed figures at this same level and finally got the win. 

Track Bias:  N/A

7 – Sea of Blue


Trip Note:  Pace was faster than normal and was never really threatened.  

Race Note:  Will be tested against her elders this afternoon and will need to improve for a repeat win. She looks older than 3. Physically mature for a 3YO this time of year.

Track Bias:  N/A

8 – Julia’s Ready

No applicable note.  Hasn’t run on grass or routed for more than 6 months.

9 – Sister Kitten (trip is last turf race)


Trip Note:  On hold in the back and waiting for one run.  Saved ground for most of the race. Hard ridden with a couple of lengths of open air in the turn.  Decent stretch run.  Another that’ll need improvement to get her picture taken.

Race Note:  pace was honest and field was compact with several horses within 4-5 lengths of the lead down the BS and into the FT.  Closers had an edge.

Track Bias:  N/A

10 – Appealing Audrey


Trip Note: Reserved at the back and outrun by a couple of others in here that were in the same race.  Will need a big form reversal.

Race Note:  Winner had run very consistent speed figures at this same level and finally got the win. 

Track Bias:  

11 – Zurlin


Trip Note: Reserved near the back and looked to make one run.  Seemed to have a ton in the turn and had room at rail.  Couldn’t pass at the fence and needed to get out.  Was running well, with a wall of horses in front,  had to almost take back and go around an outside foe.  When that happened she was beat to the outside spot and forced to cut back the inside.  Had no chance with this stretch run and was BTL for sure!

Race Note:  Winner had run very consistent speed figures at this same level and finall got the win. 

Track Bias:  

12 – Crystal Lake

No applicable note.  Last turf race was 7 months ago.

Track bias on 4-23-20:  Strong front running and inside bias.

Race 7

1 – Haig Point


Misc. Note:  Huge horse.  He doesn’t look like a young 3YO.  Has a huge stride and believe he will route well. 

Trip Note:  Was off 1.5L slow.  Recovered fine.  Ran fine through the turn saving ground.  Tried hard  to angle out at the TOS and had a very hard time. Full of run but fought rider who wanted to go outside.  Wasn’t good.  Never able to really level off because of the lugging in.  Very good stretch run and huge gallop out!  

Race Note:  Favorite had a perfect spy of a contested duel while in the perfect spot throughout and got the win.

Track Bias:  N/A

2 – Oak Room


Trip Note:  Bumped mildly from both sides.  Didn’t help cause.  Back to last early,  but I think he lacks speed anyway.  Saved ground in turn. Nice slingshot to wide path in the lane. Mild encouragement early in the lane. When jock went hard and left-handed this one really took off.  Huge gallop out.  

Race Note:  4-5* won easily and geared down late.  Oak Room was bet correctly from 9-2 ML.  Pace seemed normal for these.  6 horses within 3 lengths of the lead early.

Track Bias:  Strong outside bias.

3 – Continuation


Trip Note:  Broke well to the lead. Pace was slower than norma. Entire field was within 5L down the BS.  Encouraged to maintain his lead early in the far turn. All in by the midway point of the turn. Visually unimpressive for a horse that had pace advantage.  Will need marked improvement.

Race Note:  Pace was slow. 

Track Bias:  None.

4 – Malahini


Trip Note:  Trip in the form accurate.  Broke out, hit gate and bumped.  In back. Slightly green into first turn.  4W down BS and on hold.  Asked some into the far turn.  Ran evenly.

Race Note:  Pace was slow early and a strong one late.

Track Bias:  N/A

5 – Established


Trip Note:  Was 9-2 ML and bet correctly.  Showed good speed to get a stalking spot at the rail behind this W2W winner.  Even stretch.  Ran like a router and had a very, very good gallop out.

Race Note:  2-1* for Asmussen was green early and faded readily.  Pace seemed normal throughout, although 1-2-3 early finished 1-3-2.

Track Bias:  Slight front running.

6 – Copper King


Misc. Note:  Is one of only three 4YO in the field.

Trip Note:  Good spot at the rail early.  Pace went from normal (8 horses within 4 lengths of the lead out of first turn) to spread out down the BS, when 3 moved wide early down the BS. Spot went from good to terrible, as a wall formed right in front of him and no place to go for nearly a half mile.  Finally found room and ran great from there. Passed several while around, then in BTW.  Big stretch with some brushing/bumping in lane.  Was best!

Race Note:  The sneaky trouble line has nothing to do with the traffic or bumping.  Had no place to go for a very long time and lost touch with the leaders.

Track Bias:  Slight late running and slight outside bias.

7 – Beacon Hill


8 – Backshot


Trip Note:  On hold at the rail early.  Tracker engaged the leader early in the turn and this one took advantage, eased off rail for clear shot.  Ran very well in the lane, lunging late and almost tagging the W2W winner who was not backing up.

Race Note:  Pace was strong throughout.  Seems like a fast race.  1-2-3-4 early finished 1-OUT-3-4.

Track Bias:  None.

9 – Pit Boss


Misc. Note:  For a FTS out of this barn to run this big on debut of at two turns…might be a good one.

Trip Note:  Boy was this a TERRIBLE ride.  Horse was swaying his head back and forth and not ready when the gate opened. Leapt slightly in the air.  Tyler immediately grabbed this one and was not permitted to run.  ‘Boss’ hated the resistance.  Eager and climbing into first turn.  Saved ground every inch.  Was on hold down the BS. Mild nibbling on BS and horse listened.  Was gaining and then Tyler paused again for no reason when he could have gone around!  Pitiful ride.  Horse began to lose touch again.  Stop/start, stop/start. Pitiful.  Good run the rest of the way at fence and massive gallop out.  Wow was this a crap ride!

Race Note:  4-5* for Asmussen wins.  Asmussen HOT.  Won three in a row on this card.

Track Bias:  Strong outside bias.

10 – Rogue Element


Trip Note:  Overmatched and against dominant track.  Draw a line through.

Race Note:  Impossibly wide against a better field and bias.  No shot.

Track Bias:  Strong front running and dominant inside.

11 – Old Sot

No applicable note.  Layoff for more than 18 months.

12 – Per Capita

Trip Note:  Earned best spot at rail down BS. In tight pocket, tracking a contested pace.  Eased off the rail at midway point of the FT and hard ridden all the way to the wire.  Would have likely won, but just barely and the horse that he fouled was best.  This was a very good trip overall and will likely fade.

Race Note:  Pace was fast and contested.  Place horse best.

Track Bias:  Strong front running and strong inside.

For the remainder of this P5 sequence, head to, where you’ll also receive all trips for the late Pick 5 sequence at Santa Anita!

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