Benny Southstreet’s Trip Notes for the Late Pick 5 at Churchill Downs on 5-25-20

Happy Memorial Day all! May you have a great day with friends, family and all of your loved ones.

Benny was going to take the day off, but we convinced him to offer up the trips again as this is such a great opportunity to help him get the word out for his new ‘project.’

If you haven’t already heard, Benny and his crew have begun to share their notes to the masses and we are happy to help him get the word out. The first two legs of the sequence are below and the rest can be found at the new site, In addition to that, the entire Santa Anita late P5 sequence will also be shared to anyone that has signed up.

Take it away Benny!


Churchill Downs


Late P5 Trips

Race 6

1 – Coldwater


Trip Note: In a good spot early. No resistance to the back markers and jock didn’t try to go with the others when the flow arrived.  Coasted through the turn and then ridden some in the lane.  Ridden like a workout and clearly a prep.

Race Note:  N/A

Bias: None.

2 – Be With Us


Trip Note:  Had a dream run.  Top three were clear by 5L  and this one got to spy from a clear, outside path. Rode a late running track to a the lead. One late running favorite got stopped. One of the speed horses ran against the bias and was with this one at the wire.  If this one wins I’ll definitely be making confetti out of all tickets.

Race Note:  Pace was fast and perfect tripper wins.  Place finisher was comfortably best by many.

Bias: Strong late running.

3 – Resurrection Road


Trip Note:  Was ridden for speed but not quick enough. Rider quickly realized that he had no shot to get over and began to rate.  Was wide throughout and against the track.  All in the by turn with whip urging.   Jock gave up early on the far turn.  Excused given the track bias.

Race Note: N/A

Bias:  Strong front running and strong inside.

4 – Evil Lyn ( last turf race)


Trip Note:  Hooked speed and 6 clear down the BS.  Jock ceded lead and then decided to go around.  I can imagine watching live with a bet at odds on – you’d be saying, “Toast. Crap – why did I take 4-5* on this dog.”  Then she cruised up outside to re-engage and held off closers on both sides while galloping out pretty well.  This was a “Wicked Strong” effort.

Race Note:  Pace was hot. I’d downgrade all closers and upgrade all speed.

Bias:  Slight inside.

5 – Drinkatthecreek ( last turf race)


Trip Note:  Was in a good spot throughout.  Stalked in a  loose pocket.  Patient late in the turn paying for room.  Taken to rail and had a real shot for it all, but  couldn’t quicken and a surprising 4th.  Overall this was a very, very good trip.

Race Note:  Deep closers ran 1-2, coming from last and next to last, respectively.

Bias: Strong front running and strong inside.

6 – Spinning Top

No applicable note.  Long layoff.

7 – Cirrusly 


Trip Note:  Had a dream set up while waiting at the back of the field in a hotly contested pace.  Was 4-5W late in the turn, but had a clear shot in the lane. Should have run better.  Had a hard time switching leads and then switched back to the wrong lead late.  She looked tired and didn’t even gain on W2W winner on the gallop out.

Race Note:  Pace was hot. Downgrade all closers and upgrade all speed.

Bias:  N/A

8 – Tuxedo Lemon

No applicable note.  Has never tried turf and returns from 3 month freshening.

9 – Twelve Monarchs

No applicable note.  Hasn’t run on turf for 7 months.

Bias: Slight late running on 3-20-20.

10 – Stylish Kitten


Trip Note:  Trouble line in the PP’s is just plain wrong. Almost nothing happened at the start.  In a terrible spot throughout, right behind duelers and in BTW position while these top 3 went too fast – all of this against the bias.  Pulled her way into the duel into the FT.  Fought every inch and was coming back on the winner.  Gallop out was very impressiveMore than interesting if she takes to the turf.

Race Note:  Pace was fast and perfect tripper wins.  Place finisher was comfortably best by many.

Bias: Strong late running.

Race 7

1 – Quality too Spare


Trip Note:  If you like bad form, this one is for you.  Will need a massive change in form reversal.

Race Note: None.

Bias: None.

2 – Union Maiden


Trip Note:  Terrible start.  Hesitated and broke inward, brushed gate.  The slow start was bad but it was even worse than it looked because it took her so long to get her forward momentum back. Raced 3W entering the turn and then 4-5W  for the remainder of the turn.  6-7W in the lane and shot from a cannon!  Galloped out waaaaaaaaay in front.  Was obviously tons best vs this group.

Race Note:  Chad Brown FTS much the best and gets beat at 4-5* after getting demolished at windows.

Bias: N/A

3 – Magic Motion


No applicable trip note.  Has not raced since 2YO debut from summer of ‘19.

Misc. Note:  Of the runners that had started, only one horse in the field had race experience.  Chad Brown runner wins for fun while green at 5-2.

Bias:  None.

4 – Market Rumor


Trip Note:  Off 1L slow.  Good trip thereafter, getting into the race at the rail and a clear shot.  Will need to continue to improve.

Race Note:  Top 2 choices were both up the track at 9-5* and 2-1.  Bombs away on the wet stuff.

Bias: N/A

5 – Wild Love

No applicable note.  Has not raced since Sept. of ‘19.

6 – Claudette Nonstop

No applicable note.  No fast track efforts since first time out in ‘19.

11 – Ocean Breeze


Trip Note: Off 1.5L slow.  Hard ridden early to recover, successful,  but at a price.  Gradually made up ground down the BS.  Into a box entering the far turn. Slight pause. Out and clear shot in lane.  A nice Baffert filly ran off the screen.  Interesting ride in lane.  When defeat was clear, jock hand shoved like he didn’t care about place money, as if he was protecting her a bit.  Rode harder when she began to cough up the place position.  Ride(r) tells the story.  Rode her hard like they had a plan and rode her like a protective dad in the lane.  Interesting.

Race Note:  Baffert wins in a gallop at 4-5*.  Only 2 others were underlays in the wagering.  Ocean Breeze was one of them.

Bias: Dominant inside.

For the rest of the CD Late Pick 5, take less than 30 sceonds and head to and sign up now! The Santa Anita late P5 also awaits! Happy hunting and may you win all of your photos!!

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