Benny Southstreet’s trip notes for the Late Pick 5 at Churchill Downs on 5-31-2020

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Churchill Downs


Late P5 Trips

Race 6

1 – My Bets

First time starter.

2 – Miss Annie


Trip Note:  Had good speed and was in front after ⅛.  In BTW after ¼ and stayed there until this one packed it in at the TOS.  Coasted from there.  Excused.  With the post, I think this one will try for the lead  today and should be tighter 2nd try off the bench.

Race Note:  Winner was 8-5* for Brad Cox.

Bias Note:  None.

3 – Zippy Ki Yay

First time starter.

4 – Annie’sgoldengirl

First time starter.

5 – Worthaprettypenny (last dirt sprint)


Trip Note:  Outrun early while asked against much better.  Connections hoping this is her level.

Race Note:  N/A

Bias Note:  N/A

6 – Cavatica


Trip Note:  Was running OK vs better and rider steadied into the far turn after being on hold.  Didn’t want to ride into an in BTW position.  I don’t blame him.  Steadied again midway on turn and that was it.

Race Note:  Was 10-1 ML and bet OK.  MDC16 for 3YO+ ran less than 2L slower than 50MDC 50’s on the same day!

Bias Note:  Slight front running and strong inside.

7 – American Values

Has not sprinted on dirt since December of ‘19 (with a different trainer).

8 – Azlynn’s Dreamer


Trip Note:  Had a great trip up the rail.  A dream trip actually, never pausing at all, a dream split and clear shot.  The problem?  This is a very fast race late which makes this one dangerous. 

Race Note:  N/A

Bias Note: None.

9 – Ready to Play

No applicable note.  Has not sprinted on dirt since Sept. ‘19.

10 – Whoville


Trip Note:  Had decent enough speed.  Ran into an in BTW position into the FT. Hard ridden and was trying despite tough spot.  Tired when TOS arrived.  Never switched leads. Believe there is more here off the drop.  Needs to find the right group.

Race Note:   MDC16 for 3YO+ ran less than 2L slower than 50MDC 50’s on the same day!

Bias Note:  Slight front running and strong inside.

11 – Every Single Day


Trip Note:  Earned a good enough spot midway down the BS with plenty of open air.  Was ridden to catch up in the turn but was easily pushed out of the way by an inside foe and gradually backed out.  Disappointing effort with no apparent excuse.

Race Note:   MDC16 for 3YO+ ran less than 2L slower than 50MDC 50’s on the same day!

Bias note:  Slight front running and strong inside.

Horse Note:  Slighter frame. 

12 – Slainte

Has not sprinted on dirt since November of ‘19.

Race 7

1 – Yamano Maker

Trip Note:  Broke out and mild bump early.  Chased a fast pace from an inside path throughout.  Looked to be going well enough but when a lane presented itself in the stretch this one was tired and couldn’t quicken through the whole.  Likely needed last and the drop doesn’t hurt, either.

Race Note:  Pace was fast and closer had a big advantage.

Bias Note:  N/A

2 – Stormin El Prado

No applicable layoff due to layoff.

3 – Deacon

No applicable layoff due to layoff.

4 – Tiz Our Turn

No applicable layoff due to layoff.

5 – K W Captain Flint

No race sprinting on dirt since October of 2019.

6 – Special Reserve


Trip Note:  Was 4W throughout while chasing a fast pace.  Tired the last ⅛.

Race Note:  Ran the same day as the ML favorite Cold Smoke and ran pretty much the same exact race from a fractions perspective – especially if you consider where they both were on the track.

Bias Note: Slight late running and outside.

7 – Coltonator


Trip Note:  Slight stumble from gate and some loss of momentum away from the stalls.  This one a 4W trip throughout and asked much of the way while playing catchup.  PP’s tell the story – but also believe this one was a first time gelding last out which doesn’t show up.  Many argue the 2nd time gelding is more valuable than being a 1st time gelding….

Race Note:  Pace was on the quicker side.  Another that needed the race off the bench and was protected last out.  Looking for his level now.

Bias Note:  Strong late running.

8 – Cold Smoke


Trip Note: Broke inward a tiny bit.  Slight loss of momentum.  Big speed to clear with very little ask.  Convincing win vs the group.

Race Note:  Pace was very fast and closers ran 2-3-4.  Pay attention to fractions from inside foe, Special Reserve.  Ran on the same day.

Bias Note:  Slight late running and outside.

9 – Reelfoot


Trip Note:  Had a very good spot with plenty of open air surrounding this one down the BS.  Moved in and looked to have a say in the outcome at the TOS but backed up the last ⅛ and dropped complete anchor late. 

Race Note:  Key race alert.  Horses that finished 2nd, 4th and 6th all came back to run big next out.

Bias Note: None.

10 – Connection


Trip Note:  Was bumped soundly at start. Was a bully.  Didn’t bother him too much. Was in a bad spot down the BS and this one pulled his way into and through an IN BTW spot.  Set out after the top 3 and massive stretch run. 

Race Note:  1-1* had perfect lone speed trip and kicked away from field, only to be outrun by massive effort from winner.  

Horse note:  Had previously been “nutty” in multiple post parades.  Last race was first try sprinting on dirt with blinkers on and ran by far his best race.  Maybe they figured him out?

Bias Note:  Slight late running and slight outside.

11 – Nashvegas (last dirt sprint on 2-2-20)


Trip Note: Cleared pretty easy on a slower than normal pace. Eyeball duel with the favorite in the turn but that one was no good and this one opened up and barely held off a late runner that has since come back to run poorly, as have several others out of this one.  

Race Note:  Might be a week race.

Bias Note:  None.

12 – Critic

No applicable layoff due to layoff.

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